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The Beatles - The BZ Auction Tape (Remastered)

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Scan submitted/created by [linust]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: Brown Zebra
Reference :BZCD001
Date :2006
Made In :UK
Quality :Very Good/Excellent
Booklet & packaging :
Total duration: 72:27

Note: This CD is the REMASTERED version (i.e.: EQ'd, converted to TRUE mono, speed corrected and with the P.O.B. demos split into separate tracks).

Here is a real treat. Some people from Bootleg Zone got together to bid on an original tape of The Beatles at Shea Stadium. Unfortunately, we lost that bid, but instead we were successful in bidding on this tape, presented here for the first time publicly. What we have here is a session tape of Cilla Black & Paul McCartney running through "Step Inside Love" under the direction of George Martin. The tape is unedited and unaltered. The sound is a little muffled, but I am sure some audio wizard will fix this at some point! The tape runs 24:48.

As a bonus there are three more interesting tracks. First is a tape with John Lennon playing guitar and singing with Yoko's daughter Kyoko. Second, a John Lennon demo tape featuring "God", "Yoko Ono Poem Game", "When A Boy Meets A Girl" and "Well, Well, Well". Third, there is a great sounding mix of the Beatles "Ain't She Sweet" (recorded in 1962 during the Tony Sheridan sessions) which has a much fuller and more contemporary sound than any version out there. Is this a new remix from the master tapes? Details are vague.

The following notes are from Herbert who put this disc together:

"I really would like to thank everyone who contributed to this auction.

We all made it possible to secure some unheard stuff to the Beatles fans worldwide. Wow, I really think that has a special quality. But even a higher special quality for me is the circumstance that once I announced to manage this whole thing I got money floating in via PayPal. That, in fact, was an unbelievable experience to me. Receiving money from people that I don't know!!!! So thank you all again for your confidence.

I never will forget the day the auction started. It was in the early morning hours over here in Germany (I think it was around 5 am). I asked Bernhard (KenWood) for assistance and help because I feared to fell asleep. He went to his office in those early hours and we phoned us together and we both did the actual bidding together while speaking on the phone. So thanks again for that, Bernhard. What great conversation we had, it was like long time friends were chatting, even if we knew each other just from some BZ messages. I like that !

Let me remind all of you that we were originally trying to get the 3 tapes from the Beatles' Shea Stadium concert, which were recorded via the Shea's indoor sound system. 3 tapes with the complete concert including all of the opening acts, and with the Beatles concert without any overdubs.

The auction rules were quiet strange because the auction stopped just 5 minutes after the last offer for any of the hundreds of items that were auctioned that day. The complete show went on for at least 15 hours...

The Shea tape finally went for over $ 8,000.00 and we had no chance. Our highest bid was for about 6,000.00, if I remember that correctly.

Once we realized we had no chance for the Shea tape, we switched to the Cilla tape and we succeeded."

Also, his notes on the bonus tracks:

"The Kyoko tape is pretty surely from January 1970. John & Yoko visited Yoko's ex-husband and his wife and Kyoko in Aalborg, Denmark for nearly a month. This visit and a press conference from Jan. 5th is reported in "Eight arms to hold you", but this fun recording is not.

Of course this one is not a winner music wise (for me Kyoko seems to imitate Yoko a bit... and John is just playing some guitar chords), but it is remarkable to hear how John tries to take the little girl serious and how he is giving her a good time...

This tape was not available before. We got this tape out of an e-bay auction for less than US-$ 100.00, so I think that was a great deal.

The other side of this cassette tape has some of John's 1970 home recordings. It is mentioned in "Eight arms..." (page 35 at the bottom):

"A cassette compilation dated July 28, 1970 was part and parcelled on The Lost Lennon Tapes radio series. Although the raw tape does not circulate, the running order included the following tracks: God (4 takes), Yoko Ono Poem Game, When A Boy Meets A Girl and Well, Well, Well"

All the tracks were published on Pegboy's "The Dream Is Over" without "Yoko's Poem", which can be found on The Lost Lennon Tapes (Program 91-30/4). The sound quality on this boots is better as on the complete tape we've now got, but, as was reported from howdoyousleep? earlier, the cassette tape is more complete.

Everything on the BZ auction tape CDR is taken from the original tapes and cassette without any manipulation. The tapes were transferred to DAT tape first to use the high quality DAT A/D-D/A converter instead of lower quality converters on PC sound cards. The new digital signal (now at 48 kHz) then were transferred to CD standard (44.1 kHz). All discs that were send out to the auction contributors were burned from this "original" source. This way they all are the same, not a 2nd hand copy."

And finally:

"In addition I will get a tape copy from the original master tape of the Polydor recording of “Ain’t she sweet”. Well, I'm not sure about that really, but the guy says it is the original tape he’s got and it is sounding better than the version on the “Bear Family” release"

Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   
Step Inside Love(Lennon/McCartney)
EMI Session Tape
(date unknown)
Paul McCartney
Version details available
Jamming With Kyoko
Jan 1970
The Beatles, John Lennon
John playing guitar, Kyoko singing
Version details available
(date unknown)
John Lennon
Home Recording, "Take 1"
Version details available
(date unknown)
John Lennon
Home Recording, "Take 2"
Version details available
(date unknown)
John Lennon
Home Recording, "Take 3"
Version details available
(date unknown)
John Lennon
Home Recording, "Take 4"
Yoko Ono Poem Game(Ono)
Version details available
(date unknown)
John Lennon
Home Recording
When A Boy Meets A Girl(Lennon)
Version details available
(date unknown)
John Lennon
Home Recording, "Take 1"
When A Boy Meets A Girl(Lennon)
Version details available
(date unknown)
John Lennon
Home Recording, "Take 2"
Well Well Well(Lennon)
Version details available
(date unknown)
John Lennon
Home Recording
Ain't She Sweet(Ager/Yellen)
Version details available
21 Jun 1961
The Beatles
Polydor Master Tape
Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   

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Review by: Rob BlackburnOn 06 Apr 2007 at 20:23 CEST
Ain't THIS sweet? A must have for collectors. The complete "Jammin' With Kyoko" is the Lennon gem for me, but I also found the Black EMI session material to be a real treasure.
Review by: StuartOn 16 Feb 2009 at 21:20 CEST
a great effort by the members of the BZ forum made sweeter by adding some additional tracks. the Jammin' with Kyoko reel is good knockabout fun with Kyoko taking the lead in most of the singing & John putting in some effort from time to time. of particular interest would be John playing "Sun King" licks on acoustic guitar & a bit of adlib riffing over the "Yellow Submarine" song. The Cilla session is marginally less interesting even though it features Macca it's more Cillas turn ( with a bit of interjection by George Martin ) - both the previous reels are not sound board quality but are not unlistenable at all. the Lennon Demos should be familiar to everyone who has heard the P.O.B. demos previously - they sound pretty much the same if a little brighter. an all round great effort & one CD worth hunting out a trade for.

heres to the next one!

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Filename: BZCD001
Originally filled by: linust
Date of creation: 29 Dec 2006 14:06:29
Last filled by: Aidanymous
Last Revision Date : 22 Feb 2012 05:41:56
Online on : 05 Jan 2007
Type of media: Bootleg CD-R

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