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Paul McCartney
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George Harrison & Paul McCartney - The Little Girl Tape July, 1967

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Scan submitted/created by [aral2]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: Unknown
Reference :LG-001
Date :1967
Made In :London, England
Quality :Low-fi!
Booklet & packaging :
Total duration: 56:19

Artwork Notes:
In the summer of 1967, two young girls visited London and set out to meet the Beatles. One afternoon - possibly July 31st - they lucked out. Both Paul McCartney and George Harrison were not only at home and open to a visit, but allowed the girls to run a tape. The result is unusual in that it shows McCartney and Harrison (who was also entertaining Klaus Voorman at his home) in a more casual mood than is typically heard on recordings of press conferences and formal interviews.
- - - - -

In July of 1967, two teenagers from the United States, convinced their parents to send them to Oxford for a summer course on Britain Today. The girls had other plans, however, and after spending one morning (maybe) in class, they headed for London and wound up on Paul's doorstep. One girl is burdened with pictures from her friends, what seem to be millions of gifts for the Beatles, and most importantly for us all these years later, a tape recorder.

She has pictures of the Beatles that her many friends and pen pals back in the States want autographed. One has a note attached, "Here is my fave pic of George. Please ask him to sign it or breathe on it, whatever...." Paul and George both read the inscription and the "little girl," not knowing that she will later meet George, has Paul sign it first.

She also has gifts for them, some of which are sort of Pepper-related buttons that say "All you need is love" or something similar. Apparently she had sent some to the boys by mail, they'd worn them, and she got a photographer to send her pictures with "youse all wearing them."

Anyway, she must have tons of stuff because the tape sounds like the microphone is bouncing off of a kitchen's worth of pots and pans and she's continually pulling stuff out to ask them about or show them. "Were George and John at Monterey?" "Did you get the thing from Al Brodax?" The girl has some article from International Times she asks both Paul and George about. "You're deep!"

In chatting with Paul, she asks him lots of questions about the meaning of Sgt. Pepper, the inspiration for "She's Leaving Home," the difference between the Parlophone recordings versus the Capitol recordings and where to find Radio Caroline on the dial. Jane Asher, "the local farm maid," serves them lemonade. The Little Girl has Paul say hello to about 100 of her friends by name and Paul introduces her to his cat's new kittens. She has a recording that she has just picked up in Paris after hearing Murray the K insist that Lord Sitar is George using an alias. She asks Paul about it, and he says, no, he doesn't think it's George. The girl later asks George himself, and he says, "Oh, it's sitar. No, that's not me." She says, "It's not very good and you wouldn't do that," to which George mimics, "I wouldn't DO that."

From Paul's house, they head to George's and find him at home with Klaus Voorman. George graciously entertains them as well, even recognizing The Little Girl's name, apparently from the enormous amount of mail she sends him. "Please, stop sending so much paper, there's only so much the dustbin can handle!" When asked, George tells them about his new song, a rocker, "It's All Too Much" and they chat about his passion for the sitar, why he hasn't quit smoking, ("I was off it for a while and now I'm back on again."), and the new paint job on his house.

Our Little Girl kept her wits and she must have had a list of questions for them a mile long. No music, just a curiousity piece, but very interesting to hear how accessible Paul and George were to these two girls who just wandered by on a summer's day.

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Paul McCartney(unknown)
Jul 1967
George Harrison(unknown)
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Jul 1967
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Review by: Carla LaneOn 29 Jun 2002 at 06:06 CEST
Read the terrific liner notes and decide for yourself whether you want this. Then see if you can find an MP3 version online somewhere. Once you have it, set aside your pretensions and expectations, relax and don't tense up each time the microphone pings. It's a beautiful summer day in swinging '60s London...

I think you'll be absolutely charmed by what you hear. It's incredible that this tape survives. I love it.
Review by: StevenVOn 01 Jul 2003 at 12:45 CEST
Although the sound is terrible (not as terrible as Paul's infamous "Lawyer tape", though), this is a nice recording, showcasing two Beatles in a relaxed frame of mind.
Review by: StuartOn 17 May 2004 at 00:49 CEST
Definatley!I really can't add to Carla's review.Except to say it's the most astonishing, funny & bewitching piece of material I've heard for a LONG time.
BTW .. It's been said a better 'upgrade' will be shortley arriving of this CDR. but if you still want to hear a real Beatles curio before that time pick this up NOW!!!
Review by: oxowhitneyOn 31 Jan 2005 at 20:37 CEST
This is a nice look at an afternoon in the Beatles lives. They are both very patient & charming with these fans who show up at the gates of their house. Sound quality wise, it's two teenaged girls with what is probably a hand-held reel to reel tape recorder. The mic makes noise when it's moved. But the meetings are silly, funny, and insightful. A unique type of recording. I don't know where the date comes from, though. The date of the 31st, Paul had that day returned from Greece & he never mentions it. He keeps referring to a television show the Beatles are soon to do which is clearly the Our World brdcst of June 25th. He also talks about going that night to record with his brother Michael which he did on June 18th. I'd give this as a more likely date.
Review by: PattieOn 07 Feb 2008 at 04:06 CEST
Great liner notes. This is a really fun listen. Don't expect great quality and you won't be disappointed. The girls are actually quite charming and ask intelligent questions. Too bad they didn't find John and Ringo!
Review by: BeatleTripperOn 14 Dec 2013 at 04:24 CEST
I am The Little Girl, hope you enjoyed my escaped in the wonderful summer of 1967!!! I am very thankful now that I carried a very heavy "portable" tape recorder across the pond, then when I traveled all over England meeting my Beatles! I look back and can hardly believe the amazing times I spent with these wonderful young men, at the height of their popularity. Still crazy after all these years, as Mr Simon says.

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Filename: LG001
Originally filled by: Reed Pigman
Date of creation: 28 Jun 2002 22:08:20
Last filled by: aral2
Last Revision Date : 05 Jun 2006 18:18:24
Online on : 05 Jun 2006
Type of media: Bootleg Homemade CD-R

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