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The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night (UK Stereo) Blue Box Remaster

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Scan submitted/created by [aral2]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: Dr. Ebbetts
Reference :PCS 3058
Date :2005
Made In :
Quality :
Booklet & packaging :
Total duration: 30:57


Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   
A Hard Day's Night(Lennon/McCartney)
Stereo UK
(date unknown)
The Beatles
I Should Have Known Better(Lennon/McCartney)
Stereo UK
(date unknown)
The Beatles
If I Fell(Lennon/McCartney)
Stereo UK
(date unknown)
The Beatles
I'm Happy Just To Dance With You(Lennon/McCartney)
Stereo UK
(date unknown)
The Beatles
And I Love Her(Lennon/McCartney)
Stereo UK
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Tell Me Why(Lennon/McCartney)
Stereo UK
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Can't Buy Me Love(Lennon/McCartney)
Stereo UK
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Any Time At All(Lennon/McCartney)
Stereo UK
(date unknown)
The Beatles
I'll Cry Instead(Lennon/McCartney)
Stereo UK
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Things We Said Today(Lennon/McCartney)
Stereo UK
(date unknown)
The Beatles
When I Get Home(Lennon/McCartney)
Stereo UK
(date unknown)
The Beatles
You Can't Do That(Lennon/McCartney)
Stereo UK
(date unknown)
The Beatles
I'll Be Back(Lennon/McCartney)
Stereo UK
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   

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Review by: linustOn 13 Jan 2006 at 02:01 CEST
The Doc does it again! Beautiful crystal clear transfer and no more annoying sibilants in 'I'm Happy Just To Dance With You'! I haven't A/B'd this disc with other versions but this is excellent.

There is (apparently) a very, very slight drop-out during 'I Should Have Known Better' (appox. 49 seconds into the song - I haven't noticed it myself yet, so it must be VERY small), but the good Doc will be sending out replacements copies...

Can't wait for the next Blue Box remasters!

Very exiting update: Alright, I've spotted the drop-out (clearly heard when listening with headphones), but the new replacement transfer is perfect.
Review by: BEATLESNSTONESOn 15 Jan 2006 at 01:25 CEST
I'm sure the disc is great, but WHERE can I get Dr Ebbett discs, If you're out there good Doc, I'd prefer to deal directly with you so I know it's not a fake copy I'm buying.I've downloaded copies from the web, but never been able to buy/trade for an actual Ebbetts release. They sure look/sound great!
P.S. I'll change this to a review once I own the disc.
Review by: SilentHillOn 17 Jan 2006 at 20:39 CEST
From the Doc's announcement:

By far, THE most requested project for the Dr. Ebbetts Sound System is the remastering of the famed BLUE BOX set released in Decmeber, 1978. To many, this set offers among the best representation of the original UK stereo releases. To that end, Ebbetts has decided to begin “stagger releasing” the original UK stereo LPs from the BLUE BOX set.
The LPs from which these new masters are sourced are unplayed until now.

Now, let me explain this BLUE BOX project and how it fits into the Ebbetts catalogue..
The Ebbetts catalogue has always offered both the MOBILE FIDELITY and ORIGINAL UK STEREO versions of the British titles. Indeed, up until now, the audio used in each of these sets were identical. The only thing that differentiated, for example, the MFSL version of “Please Please Me” from the standard UK issue of the same title in the Ebbetts catalogue was the artwork. Otherwise, the two were identical. That will now change. Starting today, the MFSL audio masters will stay exactly as they have been, sourced from the actual MFSL vinyl releases. However, the standard UK stereo issues, complete with the original artwork, will slowly be phased in to have the BLUE BOX transfers used as their source material. To many, the MFSL CDs are the best sounding releases around … but to others, they are too bright with a bit too much EQ on either end of the spectrum, as applied by the geniuses who master these things. To many, the BLUE BOX releases are smoother and more natural sounding and better represent the Beatles recorded work. That’s up to you, of course, but over the next few months, the BLUE BOX will stand to represent the original stereo UK titles.

These new BLUE BOX releases replicate with FAR MORE accuracy, the artwork of the original releases, right down to the EMITEX logo on the back. Many of you have older version of the artwork and will need these. Even if you do have the new artwork, the audio is brand new.
Review by: adamicOn 26 Apr 2006 at 09:37 CEST
I have this. I'm not sure why beatlesnstones can't be happy with what you have got or check ebay. I am so happy to have a copy of all the blue box's I could care less. I think this is the best version I have heard (Stereo). What a wonderful effort.
Review by: Orange_RoverOn 27 Apr 2006 at 02:25 CEST
Review by: addsfsdsOn 27 Apr 2007 at 18:33 CEST
Great! Another perfect work from the good Doc. Got the original disc today....Wow! Amazing stereo quality..Learn from him, Emi!
Review by: m18r18On 24 Mar 2008 at 06:40 CEST
Until Apple officially releases this album in stereo, this is the one to get.
Review by: bigbasspaOn 13 Aug 2008 at 03:57 CEST
This is my favorite Beatles album and the good Doc has done wonders with it. I can't see how an official remaster could produce a sound any better than this. I saw A Hard Days Night four times in the first week of its release in the UK and only now, 44 years later, have I been able to hear the music in all its purity and wonder. The good Doc has done wonders with so many Beatles remasters but his work on AHDN is, for me, his greatest triumph. No one who loves The Beatles and especially AHDN could possibly be disappointed with this version of it. Sheer magic.
Review by: majomorOn 18 Sep 2009 at 14:24 CEST
absolutely superb-just another example of the good doctor's work BLOWING AWAY the 2009 remasters...
Review by: L. SHALDERSOn 24 Sep 2009 at 23:12 CEST
If you all listen to the original UK first edition stereo vinyl (Parlophone black label and yellow lettering), I'm sure you'll find all these versions useless.
Apple did use the original tapes to do their own stereo version on the recently released "Stereo Box", but these magnetic tapes have aged at least 45 years, they don't sound the same after all this time, besides that they were "remixed" and altered (arghh).It's amazing that each generation listen to different records each ten years. Only vinyl can do it, folks !
Review by: loboOn 25 Sep 2009 at 11:59 CEST
This is another of the Doc's great transfers. The Blue box vinyl sounds a bit muffled in comparison to the mfsl, but that's not the Doc's fault.

Majomor and L. Shalders: I would not say that this transfer blows the 2009 remasters out off the water... Doc's needle-drops are quite good and the inherent warmth of the vinyl is appealing to some (me included), but the 2009 remasters are direct transfers from the mastertapes (stored in excellent conditions without any detectable deterioration)and hence at least one generation nearer to the source.

BTW, the 2009 remasters were "remastered" not "remixed", get it folks! The remasters I heard so far (mono box and some stereos) sound excellent. I only wish they had also released the remixed catalogue...
Review by: marvdogOn 26 Sep 2009 at 19:53 CEST
To lobo:

Listen to the beginning of "A Hard Day's Night" on the 2009 Stereo Remaster, right when John start's singing "It's Been A Hard Day's Night" after the strike of the crashing beginning chord. When the band comes in, you'll noticed a slight volume increase on Ringo's hi-hat on the left channel. the hi hat is on the lower volume and slowly increases. That's an indication that the tape was SLIGHTLY damaged. Overall, the remasters (Stereo and Mono) sounds excellent but they will NOT replace Dr. Ebbetts work on my ipod. However, The 09.09.09 sampler will remain on my ipod.
Review by: noahOn 06 Aug 2013 at 18:57 CEST
Yet another unbiased opinion/review of a Dr Ebbetts pirate disc.

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Originally filled by: MrBeatleg
Date of creation: 24 Dec 2005 16:59:58
Last filled by: MrBeatleg
Last Revision Date : 24 Dec 2005 17:07:29
Online on : 24 Dec 2005
Type of media: Bootleg CD

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