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The Velvet Underground

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The Velvet Underground
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The Velvet Underground - Live At End Cole Ave (Disc 2)

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Scan submitted/created by [ditkocat1964]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: Aulica - Never End
Reference :a11112ne3-1B
Date :1994
Made In :
Quality :Excellent
Booklet & packaging :Double clamshell jewelcase with four panel foldout booklet. Original limited edition pressing came in stickered, numbered violet velvet bag.
Total duration: 56:49

Disc 2 of 2CD Set.
"End of Cole Avenue" was a club in Dallas, Texas owned by a rich guy who only asked bands he like to play there. He booked the Velvet Underground for two nights, 27 and 28 October 1969.
For the pleasure of future collectors, a professional sound engineer was in Dallas on those days, working on a movie production down the street. He got to "End of Cole Avenue" on the 27th and set up his rig at the back of the club. After the first set the VU's roadies noticed him, and talked to the band. The band invited him to come up front and set up.
So the engineer set up one of his mikes on Lou's mike and the other was a stage mike. The second set of the first night was recorded this way, as were both sets the next night.
After the gig he stayed out with the band and had a great time.
Following the second night's show there was a general jam session with the roadies, Moe, Doug and Lou all joining in.
As well, two songs were performed for the tape; Moe and Doug alone did "Rock And Roll" and Lou led a mass choir of "Lisa Says".
Sometime later Lou asked for a copy of the tape and was sent a duplicate copy of the two sets from the second night, which was in part used for official LP "1969 Live".
The sound engineer got nothing for it, not even recognition, just an impersonal note from Steve Seznick saying "Thank you for your interest in the Velvets".
This set is mastered from the original tape.

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Sister Ray(Reed/Cale/Morrison/Tucker)
End Of Cole Avenue
27 Oct 1969
The Velvet Underground
Lisa Says(Reed)
Version details available
End Of Cole Avenue
28 Oct 1969
The Velvet Underground
Lou Reed with massed choir.
Version details available
End Of Cole Avenue
28 Oct 1969
The Velvet Underground
Doug Yule and Mo Tucker acoustic version.
Blue Velvet Jazz Jam(Reed/Morrison/Tucker/Yule)
Version details available
End Of Cole Avenue
28 Oct 1969
The Velvet Underground
Afterhours jam session with roadies.
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Review by: Sneaky PeteOn 10 Oct 2002 at 15:18 CEST
Arguably the greatest VU boot ever. Song after song of sheer class & sound quality (except the dubious jam at the end)!! This kicks the official "Live 1969" into the ground

How on earth did bootleggers in 1969 get hold of such high quality stereo recording equipment ???
Review by: TraceElementOn 16 Jan 2003 at 14:15 CEST
How this was recorded, was that a film was being made in Austin, and the SOUNDMAN, a VU fan, came down to the bar, and set up his professional reel to reel in the back of the bar. He recorded the first nights first set, and the VU members saw him, was impressed with his equipment, and asked him to move to the front of the hall. HE set up there, putting a mic on LOU's vocal mic, and then using the other microphone to gather the sound of the rest of the band, I believe by hanging it over the stage. So the second set of the first night, and the second night (which is most of the collection) was recorded. This second volumn, has that BLUE VELVET JAZZ JAM, that isnt the VU, but perhaps one or two members,(i.e. DOUG YULE, maybe STERLING) jamming simplistic blues, with the roadies. It isnt terrible, but it isnt much of anything. Maybe just DOUG"s desire to practice his lead guitar playing, I suppose, on BLUES vamps. The LOU REED singalongs are funny. LOU, MOE, and STERLING gather under the mike, and sing LISA SAYS, ROCK AND ROLL (still embryonic at that point) and Afterhours, i believe.
Review by: mdb0987On 12 Sep 2004 at 22:28 CEST
very good, probally my favorite VU boot, must have

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Filename: a11112ne3-1B
Originally filled by: ditkocat1964
Date of creation: 16 Feb 2004 22:20:18
Last filled by: ditkocat1964
Last Revision Date : 16 Feb 2004 22:54:43
Online on : 16 Feb 2004
Type of media: Bootleg CD

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