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Brian Wilson

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The Beach Boys
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Brian Wilson - A&E Biography - Brian Wilson: A Beach Boy's Tale DVD

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Scan submitted/created by [Rob G.]
Publisher: A and E Home Video
Reference :
Date :1999
Made In :USA
Quality :VHS Transfer
Booklet & packaging :Artwork needed
Total duration: 90 min

This edition of Biography chronicles the life of one of America's foremost boys of summer, Brian WIlson. Brian Wilson was the leader of the singing/instrumental group the Beach Boys, formed in California in 1961. The group consisted originally of the Wilson brothers Brian, Carl and Dennis with cousin Mike Love and Alan Al Jardine. They found fame in the 1960s with Brian's cheerful songs and falsetto vocals of teenage West Coast life, surfing, fast cars and motorcycles, and all-American girls, including I Get Around, California Girls, and Good Vibrations. Ironically, the only Beach Boy who actually lived the surfing lifestyle they sang about was Dennis. In 1966, with the technically innovative album Pet Sounds Brian Wilson emulated the Beatles' imaginative use of recording techniques, and produced a masterpiece of popular music. Brian became increasing reclusive as the Beach Boys fame grew and stopped touring with the group all together while they were reaching the height of their popularity. Addicted to drugs, Brian remained in seclusion for over a decade coming out to reunite with the Beach Boys during the 1980s. Brian is still recognized as one of the best pop songwriters for his unique use of complex vocal harmonies and catchy melodies. ~ John Patrick Sheehan

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Brian Wilson: A Beach Boy's Tale(Brian Wilson Section)
Film Music/Orchestral
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A&E Biography
26 Oct 1999
The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson
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Review by: Rob G.On 24 Feb 2015 at 07:20 CEST
Found this review on beachboys.com. I don't think I could have said it any better:

"A&E's Biography on Brian Wilson is, in my mind, the best overall introduction to the Beach Boys, and to its founder. It is a slim, 90-minute production that manages to touch all of the bases in the band's career, but also illuminates the life of the shy and reclusive Mr. Wilson, and shows him to be a funny, gentle soul. Biography has done a masterful job of obtaining vintage, rare home video of the Wilsons, both of Brian and his brothers, and wound it together with the obligatory interviews with close friends and family, who all put their spin on the hard-to define Brian. The treatment here works, and I put the credit mostly on the finely-tuned script (narrated by Jeff Bridges), which is succinct and pointed, and on the previously-mentioned home video segments, which show the true side of Brian: a funny, disarming man, always wanting to bring a smile to his friend's faces. some of those interviewed (David Leaf, Bruce Johnston) don't add much of anything new here, and still others seem to have an axe to grind, but overall, I can highly recommend this film to all."

This biography aired on A&E and was released on VHS in 1999. It has never been released on DVD. I wish the folks at A&E would make another biography on Brian covering 1999 to the present. Then release a double DVD with both bios.
As for this film, there's a lot of rare footage of the Beach Boys that makes this worth getting.
Review by: leandro verdealOn 10 Oct 2017 at 04:43 CEST

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Filename: ae-bw1999
Originally filled by: Rob G.
Date of creation: 24 Feb 2015 07:31:09
Last filled by: Rob G.
Last Revision Date : 24 Feb 2015 08:04:09
Online on : 24 Feb 2015
Type of media: Bootleg DVD-R

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