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Various Artists - All My Loving: A Film Of Pop Music (DVD)

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Scan submitted/created by [aral2]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: Unknown
Reference :
Date :2004
Made In :USA
Quality :Excellent
Booklet & packaging :
Total duration: 55:00

Directed by Tony Palmer 1968
First broadcast by BBC1 in "Omnibus" 3 November 1968
DVD (PAL) taken from a 5 June 2004 BBC4 digital rebroadcast

2003 excerpted from www.lawrence.com

"I was at Cambridge University (in 1964) working for the university newspaper and I went to a press conference given by The Beatles," Palmer recalls, phoning from his home in England. "After the conference, I was poked in the back by a man who said, ‘You didn't ask any silly questions. Why not?' And it was John Lennon."

"He asked me if I would show him around Cambridge. I said, ‘No, because you're much too famous and we'll be mobbed.'"

Lennon eventually talked Palmer into giving him a tour of the city (the Beatle wore a rain coat and long beard as a disguise). When they parted, he told the young journalist to "give me a call when you next come to London."

Palmer didn't actually make it to London until two years later when he arrived there after graduation to start a new job. On a whim, he tried Lennon's number and left a message for him.

"To my astonishment, he rang me back and said, ‘Come over. Where have you been?'" Palmer says.

"We became good friends. The fallout from that is when I started to make a name for myself in the BBC, he said to me, ‘Why don't you do something serious, like a film about rock ‘n' roll?'"

Palmer says Lennon helped introduce him to the "artists that mattered" during rock's most ambitious era. The collaboration resulted in the 1968 TV documentary "All My Loving," which highlighted dozens of contemporary performers.

"There were people who until that point had never appeared on British television -- people unknown to the general public like Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Cream and so on," he says. "By chance, my reputation -- if that's the right word -- was made virtually overnight."

2004 excerpted from www.rogerwatersonline.com

Thank you Tony, for taking time to answer a few questions for us. I think I'm right in saying 'All My Loving was the first British documentary that looked at the music scene of the time?
Tony: Yes
Is it a little strange such footage is still being considered important?
Tony: No
How much were you 'part of that scene?
Tony: Not really, although one of my best friends was John Lennon.
The documentary 'All My Loving, seems very brave for the time, were the BBC worried about possible drug links?
Tony: They were worried about it generally. For contemporary reactions, however, look on my website www.tonypalmer.org
Will you be watching the BBC 4 repeat of your programme?
Tony: No. I almost never watch my old films
Was it really 36 years ago?
Tony: October 1968..Yes
The Pink Floyd song 'Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, featured in the film, was that the only song played by the Floyd that day?
Tony: Yes
What are your memories of the days' filming?
Tony: Happy. They were (and are) friends, and very easy to work with.
The footage I believe was shot at Talbot Road, Tabernacle in Notting Hill Gate, who's idea was it for the band to perform on the balcony?
Tony: No, it was filmed in a deserted power station in the East End.
Did you get any feed back from the band after the documentary had been aired?
Tony: They loved it.
Your ability to direct musicians/concert footage was soon very recognised, and you got to work with some great bands. Did Pink Floyd ever inquire about a possible film?
Tony: Yes, but we never found the time that suited both of us, and then I stopped making rock 'n' roll films.
Pink Floyd film footage of that time is very scarce. Is this something you were aware of at the time of filming?
Tony: No.
Did you ever get to see Pink Floyd live; their live shows back then are now legendary?
Tony: Frequently. At their invitation I went to their first ever live headline gig in London, at the Commonwealth Institute in 1966.
Many thanks Tony for taking time to talk to us.

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All My Loving: A Film Of Pop Music(unknown)
(date unknown)
The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, The Animals, Cream
Sordid, splendid -
it's a mad world

WITH HIDEOUS, clamorous force, Tony Palmer's film about the pop world, All My Loving, burst out of the TV screen last night - a disturbing piece of television aimed precisely at the late-night audience, a programme which no parent could afford to miss.

BBC1 took a big chance with this epic - sordid, splendid, funny, pathetic. No attempt was made to iron out the four-letter words, to dilute the corruption, to minimise the sexual titillation in this mad, mad world of despair which forces its way through the changing face of pop music.

The violence of it all was in itself a cry against a far worse form of violence, and director Palmer, a bespectacled and academic young man, backed some of the songs with agonising shots - one of a young man dying by the executioner's bullet in Saigon, another of a man ablaze with napalm writhing and shrieking through the forest.

The veil was lifted on a fantastic world from which so obviously the Beatles get so much fun, and where others make love to their guitars and smash up their instruments in a frenzy of utter bedlam. Palmer held up a mirror to a scene but made no comment.

But in his presentation of these highly paid kids who look too often as though they needed a bath, whose morals were so suspect, there was a true message of hope - "We Have Gone Wrong," they wailed as the brutality of the far-away wars were superimposed on the music. And somehow Lulu and Manfred Mann and Donovan began to bid for a place in society which must now accept their curious sense of protest.

It was certainly not a film which will die. It was a psychedelic experience which 10 years from now will be a definite document of its time. The film took 10 weeks to edit and it is one of the most splendid pieces of cutting I have ever seen on TV.

It was unique, abrasive, vulgar. But how often does TV really make you sit on the edge of your chair? There may have been despair - perhaps that is what came out of it most. But this was a visual blockbuster. It must have another screening soon, for there was too much to take in at one frantic sitting.

Daily Express, 4th November 1968
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Review by: mlucifersamOn 06 Jul 2006 at 02:35 CEST
Superb, I don't think you'll ever see a copy of this that's better quality than this version.

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Filename: allmylovingdvd
Originally filled by: the-void
Date of creation: 22 Nov 2005 00:53:11
Last filled by: Aidanymous
Last Revision Date : 21 Jun 2011 19:48:40
Online on : 22 Nov 2005
Type of media: Bootleg DVD

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