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The Beatles - John Barrett Cassette Dubs Vol. 2 - Los Paranoias

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Trade Lists

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177 entrie(s) found.

Location filter:
MemberRatingLocationHis copy is Comments
perthblue (5 votes)AustraliaCD-R
PC31 (2 votes)Wahiawa, Hawaii Homemade CD-R
AZ (18 votes)California, USACD-R
aral2 (44 votes)Europe, Germany, MoenchengladbachCD
eclipsed (21 votes)Alaska, USACD-R
emse (3 votes)USA - OhioHomemade CD-R
joryk (15 votes)Europe, PolandCD-R
maltese3 (23 votes)Europe, The NetherlandsCD-R
daddywhite (5 votes)Lancashire, England, UKCD-R
Billy Shears (3 votes)Toulouse, FranceCD-R
TheBeatles (7 votes)GermanyCD-R
addsfsds (18 votes)Europe, Italy, Venezia.CD-R
joguema (42 votes)EarthCD-R
joeribt (15 votes)Europe, Bulgaria, SofiaCD
gutheraNo votes yetCD-R
I. M. He (15 votes)Waterloo, Ontario, CanadaCD-R
childofnature (30 votes)Florida, USACD-R
Arby (1 votes)Europe, Germany, Munich/MünchenMP3 CD
TerminusJThrenody (11 votes)USACD
Jerry Pace (56 votes)Original CD
moptop (8 votes)England, UK , Great BritainMinidisc
nyjoe (21 votes)omaha ne.in the beautiful U.S.of A.CD-R
stan (38 votes)homeCD-R
joe flanagan (28 votes)Honolulu, Hawaii USACD-R
estranged4life (17 votes)Oklahoma-U.S.A.CD-R
feroli (1 votes)Rio de Janeiro, BrazilCD
Gilles (88 votes)Quebec, CanadaHomemade CD-R
DannyBhoy (33 votes)Bonnie ScotlandCD
Jim Karustis (54 votes)Beautiful Chester County, PA, USACD
clintl (31 votes)CaliforniaCD
Tomcat1964 (50 votes)EuropeCD-R
Rapillard (32 votes)France (Annecy - Haute-Savoie)CD-R
BeatlePete (16 votes)Swindon. England.CD-RSourced from MP3
hkb (49 votes)Europe, Netherlands,Den HelderOriginal CD-R
ghb (28 votes)CD-R
Andrey (49 votes)Europe, Russia, Veliky NovgorodCD
cdrtrade (51 votes)Facebook name bzonedemonCD
Shears64 (126 votes)New England, USACD-R
perci96 (54 votes)CD-R
Brian Dill (46 votes)New York, USACD-R
Thiago Arantes MangiaNo votes yetBrazilCD-R
lapidis2001 (2 votes)GermanyCD-R
Rene_Rotterdam (31 votes)Europe, The NetherlandsCD-R
junius (37 votes)CD-R
rudyve (52 votes)EuropeCD
tigsnort (14 votes)Tacoma, WACD-R
siveld (1 votes)Brisbane, AustraliaCD-R
pommy (22 votes)South AustraliaCD-R
Mike8403 (31 votes)DenmarkCD-R
Garyg (37 votes)Central Connecticut USAOriginal CD
mikebarron (13 votes)Newfoundland, CanadaCD
Jetfighter (14 votes)SwedenCD-R
rcohen (43 votes)Massachusetts, USACD-R
Andre Steijns (50 votes)HollandCD-R
crw006 (6 votes)Knoxville, TN, USACD-R
Adolfo (14 votes)Madrid, Spain, EuropeCD-R
FRJOYCE (67 votes)Tornado Alley USACD-R
sweden (14 votes)swedenHomemade CD-R
janaja (1 votes)South of San Diego, CA - USACD
marvdog (32 votes)CD-R
Sgt_McKenzie (2 votes)Córdoba, Veracruz, MexicoCD-R
foolonthepill (15 votes)Denmark, EuropeCD-R
ronps (44 votes)TennesseeCD-R
Rob Blackburn (75 votes)USAHomemade CD-R
sandman (24 votes)Buffalo, NYCD-R
Noexit (62 votes)M'town, TennesseeHomemade CD-R
PeterWMK (7 votes)Limburg, NederlandCD
The Fool (23 votes)FLA, USACD-R
dr_beatle (49 votes)The NetherlandsCD-R
winteree (48 votes)south east of englandCD-R
sillywalkerjpNo votes yetJapanOriginal CD
agentx16 (31 votes)Germany, Old EuropeCD
beatlesong (22 votes)Laie, HICD
sam004 (17 votes)Chicagoland, IL , USACD
loveless (3 votes)ChicagoCD
Jukka L. (12 votes)Helsinki, Finland, EuropeCD-R
robincee (17 votes)North Platte, NEHomemade CD-R
arnak (33 votes)USACD-R
SnortGlurber (3 votes)Dayton, OhioCD-R
Coverdale (10 votes)Poland / McCartney DVD Trades CD
MoJo (18 votes)Adelaide, South AustraliaHomemade CD-R
pinkedgeddaisy (1 votes)East Coast, USACD-R
warrennewton (24 votes)victoria australiaCD-R
MrBeatleg (10 votes)USACD-R
bootlist (30 votes) NEW JERSEY, U.S.A.CD-R
dinsdalep (12 votes)Sharon, VT, USACD-R
dboots (7 votes)Union, OhioCD
JSchaef00 (38 votes)Southern California. USACD-R
juanell (20 votes)Orlando AKA QueeLandOOriginal CD-R
Dave Nichols (2 votes)Music City, USACD
renato (11 votes)Santiago, ChileCD-R
lazlo1968 (27 votes)SpainCD-R
hubertus68 (4 votes)Germany, AachenCD
ryan_long_01 (1 votes)Speedway, Indiana, USAMP3 CD
m18r18 (47 votes)OK, USACD-R
SaraFan (4 votes)CD-R
robob (81 votes)CONNECTICUT, U.S.A.CD-R
Robianconeri (11 votes)LiverpoolHomemade CD-RAll CDRs in my collection are burnt from lossless files and are therefore identical to the original disc
GeoRam2005 (11 votes)Germany, EuropeCD-R
TheNomadicSoulNo votes yetChicago, IllinoisHomemade CD-R
john_frogg (15 votes)USACD-R
joshr (2 votes)Massachusetts, USAMP3 CD
aaronNo votes yetatlantaMP3 CD
woodstock69 (12 votes)Germany, BavariaHomemade CD-R
cliftdean74 (14 votes)USAOriginal CD
tiklady (59 votes)NVCD
idbarton34No votes yetHomemade CD-R
johnsonm (49 votes)Tennessee, USACD-R
jerrycornelius (8 votes)Europe, way down in France, NīmesCD-R
kghydro (9 votes)Oslo, NorwayOriginal CD
fourstroke (18 votes)SwedenHomemade CD-R
sub_atomic (3 votes)Chicago, ILCD-R
DolphinNo votes yetAmiens, France, Old EuropeCD
andy57 (6 votes)Connecticut, USAMP3 CD
MisterKite (25 votes)DenmarkCD-R
beatlebren66 (55 votes)Marina Del Rey, CaliforniaCD
TMQ (1 votes)SeattleOriginal CD-R
Yankee8156 (5 votes)USMP3 CD
wishdiak (1 votes)Deep in the jungle where the mightyOtherFLAC
scottzzzNo votes yetNortheast/Central PACD
bootsharer (2 votes)ItalyOther
Pamela A. Barban (31 votes)Motherwell Scotland,UKCD
Vintage Season (9 votes)Knoxville, Tennessee (USA)Original Homemade CD-R
jspacemanNo votes yetCD-R
ltpepper (33 votes)New Jersey, USACD-R
Firefox (1 votes)UKCD-R
Pops (59 votes)AustraliaCD-R
JoJo_Lennon2002 (34 votes)Melbourne,Australia CD
Keld Jensen (6 votes)Copenhagen, DenmarkCD-R
Muffin Man (11 votes)St.-Petersburg, RussiaMP3 CD
Laaromba (5 votes)Amsterdam (Netherlands)MP3 CD
tomorrowneverknows1966 (15 votes)Europe, GermanyCD-R
limbolimboNo votes yetLeicester, UKCD-R
beatletull (43 votes)Wisconsin, USACD-R
jefft19 (1 votes)Oregon, USAHomemade CD-R
Garfield (10 votes)GermanyCD
wood4003 (22 votes)Homemade CD-R
pierre benoit (46 votes)montreal-canadaCD-R
sparkiesdad (34 votes)Apple Valley, CACD-R
Billy741 (58 votes)New YorkCD-R
thewalrus1359 (40 votes)PITTSBURGH, PA.Homemade CD-R
bipbop13 (21 votes)U.S.A., Maine, BangorHomemade CD-R
tguerr (16 votes)Mesa, Arizona U.S.A.CD-R
invi235 (1 votes)Homemade CD-R
THEFOOLONTHEHILLNo votes yetSan Jose, Costa RicaCD
Aidanymous (67 votes)Woop Woop, Western AustraliaOriginal Homemade CD-R
suzy parker (13 votes)CD-R
beatlegKingNo votes yetJapanOriginal CD
poorotterted (16 votes)USACD-R
beatle_john15No votes yetVancouverOriginal CD
beatleg69 (12 votes)Sacramento, California USACD
beatleross (186 votes)New ZealandHomemade CD-R
papashuraNo votes yetLatviaLossless copy
RgiraudiNo votes yetLossless copy
ximente (23 votes)AMERICA - PERU - LIMACD
macho (21 votes)Europe, PolandCD-R
Ruthie3840 (3 votes)No Longer TradingCD
Mr Postman (17 votes)Active Trader - Seattle WashingtonLossless copy
chrisshanks84No votes yetDoncaster, United KingdomCD-R
r willis (53 votes)CD-R
Matty06PNo votes yetUSCD
razmataz (67 votes)USA - Any traders?CD-R
taperfriendman (2 votes)CD
The BeaTles (73 votes)One of the 26 AtlantasCD
SkeetNo votes yetCD-R
beatlesbootlegs (1 votes)UKLossless copy
50SafOverNo votes yetPennsylvania, USAMP3 CD
reikor (3 votes)Europe, Germany, CologneCD-R
yrekajohnNo votes yetCD
DantasyNo votes yetMelbourne, AustraliaLossless copy
BentBack9 (48 votes)USACD-R
reivaxNo votes yetBarcelona SPAINCD-R
EddieMannNo votes yetGeneva IL. USAHomemade CD-R
jedi_gleeNo votes yetContra Costa County, California, USCD-R
stevemiller122467No votes yetCD
RobertRigby (1 votes)The NetherlandsCD

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