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The Beatles
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The Beatles - Let It Be

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Scan submitted/created by [Beatleg Extension]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: EMI/Parlophone
Reference :CDP 7 46447 2
Date :1987
Made In :UK
Quality :stereo
Booklet & packaging :4 page booklet, Photos, track list.
Total duration: 35:10

CD-Version of Vinyl-Album 1970

Digitally re-mastered 1987

Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   
Two Of Us(Lennon/McCartney)
Lyrics available
31 Jan 1969
The Beatles
Album version mixed from take 12

working title:
" On Our Way Home "

John's spoken words are pasted (from 22 Jan 1969)
Dig A Pony(Lennon/McCartney)
Lyrics available
RS? - Phil Spector's Mix
30 Jan 1969
The Beatles
Album version mixed from take 1
Across The Universe(Lennon/McCartney)
Lyrics available
Take 9 RS? (Phil Spector Mix)
4 Feb 1968
The Beatles
Album version mixed from take 9 (8+OVD)
I Me Mine(Harrison)
Lyrics available
3 Jan 1970
The Beatles
Album version mixed from take 16
Dig It(Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey)
Lyrics available
26 Jan 1969
The Beatles
Album version mixed from take ?
Let It Be(Lennon/McCartney)
Lyrics available
31 Jan 1969
The Beatles
Album version mixed from take 27
Maggie Mae(Trad. Arr Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey)
Lyrics available
24 Jan 1969
The Beatles
Album version mixed from take 1
I've Got A Feeling(Lennon/McCartney)
Lyrics available
30 Jan 1969
The Beatles
Album version mixed from take 1
The One After 909(Lennon/McCartney)
Lyrics available
30 Jan 1969
The Beatles
Album version mixed from take 1
The Long And Winding Road(Lennon/McCartney)
Lyrics available
31 Jan 1969
The Beatles
Album version mixed from take 18
For You Blue(Harrison)
Lyrics available
25 Jan 1969
The Beatles
Album version mixed from take 6
Get Back(Lennon/McCartney)
Lyrics available
27 Jan 1969
The Beatles
Album version mixed from take 9
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Review by: Claude Defer, cdefer@voila.frOn 18 Nov 1999
In France, back in 1970, this album was released in two versions:
First, a normal vinyl disc (Apple C 062 04433). Second, for some more franks, you could have a cardboard box containing a luxuous book of photographies by Ethan Russel taken during the sessions. The cardboard box cover was identical to the cover of the album. This cardboard box had no reference number.
This second version is very hard to find today even among collectors because the cardboard and the book were very fragile.

En 1970, cet album est paru en France sous 2 formes différentes.
D'une part, l'album vinyl simple sous la référence APPLE C 062 04433.
D'autre part, pour quelques francs de plus, on pouvait acquérir le même album vinyl dans un coffret en carton avec un luxueux livre de photographies d'Ethan Russel prises pendant les sessions. La présentation du coffret était identique à la pochette de l'album et il ne possédait pas de référence propre.

Ce second objet est aujourd'hui très recherché et très difficile à trouver en bon état car le coffret était en carton léger, donc fragile, et le livre avait la regrettable particularité de perdre ses pages au fur et à mesure qu'on le feuilletait !
Review by: Bryan k. felfoldy nava, kaiobit@latinmail.comOn 26 Nov 1999
This album is great
It has most of the best beatles songs

I could hear this album for the rest of my life and never get sick of it
Review by: Alan, flutieseven@hotmail.comOn 05 Mar 2000
One of my favorite albums. Gets back to real rock and roll. Many great songs.
Review by: mrlemonOn 28 Apr 2003 at 04:28 CET
I can't decide whether I like Phil Spectors Let It Be album more than Glyn Johns Get Back compliations. Johns vesions sounds "as nature intended", but too much like a rehersal tape rather than an official release. Spectors album is undoubtley the most commercial of the two albums.

Spector raped The Long And Winding Road and Across The Universe, but did a good edit job on Get Back, Dig A Pony and I Me Mine. But why did he left one of the best Get Back Session tracks, Don't Let Me Down, off the album? I just don't understand. Hope we get a new millennium version soon - the material deserves a better compliation than Johns and Spectors offers.
Review by: joolsOn 30 Jun 2003 at 00:34 CET
This is a great album i dont know why everyone says its not the sons are briliant and i think spector did a good job trying to edit a lot of poar recordins highlights of the album for me are songs like iv got a fealing poul and john together singing was fantastic to hear and let it be is one of the best beatles tracks ever. and there was a lot of great blues on this album.
a bit of a let down was dig it being editid to only one minute i'v nether herd the full version of that song.

id have to rate this album 8/10
Review by: Dan RyanOn 30 Nov 2005 at 06:19 CET
I think Phil Spector was the wrong producer for the Beatles and he shouldn't have added a choir to Long and Winding Road and Across the Universe. That said, the album version of George's guitar solo on Let It Be kills the single version and I Me Mine sounds better with the added chorus and verse as well as the tasteful orchestration.
Review by: grandegiOn 29 Apr 2006 at 12:27 CET
Not amongst the best albums but a very good one, it flows well and most of the songs are great (my favourite ones being 'I've Got A Feeling' and 'One After 909', both performed live).
Some of Spector's choices are debatable: the orchestra and choir added to 'The Long And Winding Road' are self-indulgent and, had I been in his place, I would've added 'Don't Let Me Down' and removed 'Dig It' and 'Maggie Mae'. On the other hand I think the Spector's work is good on the remaining tracks, especially on 'Two Of Use' and 'I Me Mine'.
In my opinion this album is way better than the Glyn Johns's 'Get Back' compilations.
Review by: renshenOn 24 Sep 2008 at 08:02 CET
Let It Be was the least beloved Album by the Beatles.

Most people critique Let It Be in context of Get Back Recordings(which ever Glyns John's version) or even later years in context of Let It Be naked. If you didn't have these references points, then how would you judge this Album?

You would do as my sister and I did in May 1970. You'd listen to the Album and judged it on its merits.

You purchased Let It Be for 3 reasons in 1970: one, it was a Beatles Album;, two, you saw the Movie and wanted the songs (however, living in farm town, LIB never played in the Movie Theaters there); or three, it was going to be the Beatles's last Album.

As far as we knew it was their last Album recorded. People lived a more insular life in the 1970's, the global village's fast communication wouldn't be available for quite some time. My sister (an avid Beatles Fan from the beginning in the US) purchased the album the day it was released in America. Living on the West Coast in 1970, we hadn't heard of or had benefit of hearing an East Coast Radio Show playing the Get Back Acetate. We had no frame of reference.

My first impression back then was the album was different from the "previous" released album, Abbey Road, and the album prior to Abbey Road, the White Album.

Many Beatles Fans had come to expect a change on each new Beatles LP. Each new LP different from one another, starting with Rubber Soul onward(Yesterday and Today was a Capitol pastiche). Each Album showed a new and different facet of the Fab Four limitless talent.

Let It Be was different from the White Album, four separate solo artists supported by "a backing band." Abbey Road was a more cohesive effort on the boys part, crafted in the studio as a unified group.

Pros, Let It Be

Some of their songs were among the finest works the Beatles ever produced: Let it Be, Across the Universe, and Get Back.

The Live songs were also The Beatles at their best.

A new "Fifth Beatle" Billy Preston who added some fresh blood and ideas to the mix.

John's joking around gave the album a more intimate nature.

The Orchestra and Choir arrangement in the Long and Winding Road was something new for the Fab Four. I thought this was a nice touch and very beautifully arranged. I didn't see this as over produced, just a new sound for the Beatles, a Symphonic effect.

Cons Let It Be:

Let It Be is rather short, about 15 minutes less than Abbey Road. It left the impression they had run out material (I hadn't seen the movie.)

There wasn't a feature song for Ringo (Okay, I was a Ringo fan.)

Dig It, to me it was filler just to take up space, and somewhat silly, an unfinished fragment pasted between I Me Mine and Across the Universe. The weakest cut in the Album.

The album is a mishmash of Live in the Studio with overdubs, Live on the Rooftop.

Let It Be felt disjunct, more of a random collection of Songs. An Album that couldn't make up its mind. Let It Be wasn't a live concert album, wasn't a recording studio as composition tool album, and wasn't a conventional soundtrack Album by Beatles standards (Hard Day's Night, Help, Yellow Submarine, or Magical Mystery Tour), either.

The Placement of the songs on the album in General and on side two in particular could have been better chosen or thought out. The Long and Winding Road would have been a perfect climax to the album. (It was the biggest production in terms of orchestration). Or Let It Be would have equally had the same impact as the last song on Side Two.

Yes, Get Back is the Song in the Movie in which the Bobbys come to shut down the concert, and makes sense for a soundtrack, however, why not have the songs in the same order as the Film?

Although we did not perceive it as a "pig's ear" it wasn't as good as the earlier released (but later recorded) Abbey Road.

Thirty 38 years later:

The songs as recorded in the album have held up well as they are recorded on the Album.

After you listen to Let Be Naked, Get Back, and the Rooftop Concert, you wonder why Phil Spector was allowed to produce the record. The Originals stand very well on their own two feet (I would have yanked Dig It).

The album is a collection of music by brothers happy when playing/jamming together in the studio live or on the roof top, but only barely civil otherwise.

Phil Spector's Wall of Sound large orchestra, obliterated some lovely music in The Long and Winding Rode and elsewhere.

Like the Tony Sheridan/Beatles backed song, Let It Be was "Nobody's" Child, unloved, rejected, and pawned off on another after everyone lost interest in the project.
Review by: drrobert61On 16 Oct 2009 at 01:40 CET
Can someone start on the new Remastered albums? I just bought the LIB Apple remasters & I was very impressed with the sound & packaging of the cd. 1st the sound quality is excellent, Two of us comes right out at ya, The long & winding road is superb, but the 2 best are I me mine & for u blue. you can here a presence in the instruments you couldnt here on your best boots of this album. also Let it be sounds like it was recorded yesterday. Now the packaging is quite something ,a booklet with recording notes & rare photos along with a 3 panel cover ,very beautiful work, THEY GOT IT RIGHT!! Also a mini documentry of the album / movie. I thought this would be a good start because there were so many problems with the album I figured this would tell me if they did a good job or not. Well its about time EMI , thank you!.....rob!

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