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Paul McCartney
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Paul McCartney - The Piano Tape

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Scan submitted/created by [Beatleg Extension]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: Mistral Music
Reference :MM 9231
Date :1992
Made In :Luxembourg
Quality :EX Mono
Booklet & packaging :None
Total duration: 61:01

Originaly traded as "Home Rehearsals" on cassette. Recorded live to tape with portable recorder with Paul at the piano.

Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   
Million Miles(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Gospel-like song with these lyrics: "Oh Lord, how many million miles ?" repeated numerous times.
Mull Of Kintyre(McCartney/Laine)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Half of the song is hummed (Paul can't remember the words).
I'll Give You A Ring(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
One minute before the track ends, Paul makes mistakes on the piano, stops and starts again.
You Know It's True(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
A rock'n'roll song.
Women Kind(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Paul's having fun with this song.
Getting Closer(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
In My Dreams(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Rockestra Theme(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Letting Go(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Call Me Back Again(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Lunch Box/Odd Sox(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Treat Her Gently/Lonely Old People(McCartney)
Medley title
Version details available
Home Recording
Paul McCartney
You Gave Me The Answer(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Waiting For The Sun To Shine(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Lyrics: "Waiting for the sun to shine in the meadows, waiting for the sun to shine".
She Got It Good(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Sunshine In Your Hair(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
I Lost My Little Girl(Lennon/McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
First song Paul wrote. Paul is improvising a bit on the end of the song but gets bored.
Upon A Hill(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
A song from "Rupert The Bear".
Love Is Your Road, Love Is My Road(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Sweet Little Bird(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
Partners In Crime(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
"Heyyyy !! Well, now, we'll sing about the partners in crime".
A very basic song. Some one is singing in the background.
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
You can hear child voices in the background.
Doctor Pepper(McCartney)
Home Recording
Abt 1978
Paul McCartney
This lasts only 3 seconds. Nothing interesting.
Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   

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Review by: François Vander Linden, beatleg@infonie.beOn 21 Aug 1999
The "famous" piano tape ! Hum.

First of all, be warned that the quality here is terrible. They told you it was recorded on a portable tape recorder and you have the proof as soon as you put the CD in the tray. The tape was not remastered. Maybe it was declicked or else but the sound output is terribly high (too much trebles). Put your basses to the max. Do you remember the Beatles' "Garage Tapes" ? Yes ? Then you can understand what the quality of "The Piano Tape" is like: only slightly better.

Most of the time, Paul is singing/shouting the songs and having fun with the lyrics, produce strange noises (belches, farts etc) and sometimes plays piano correctly.

The first two tracks are a test to see what you can bear. If you succeed in listening "Million Miles" and "Mull Of Kintyre" then you're ready for the rest. The test is very difficult to pass because "Million Miles" is a gospel song with almost only one line of lyrics (shouted enthusiastically by Paul) while "Mull Of Kintyre" is played on the same tempo than the previous song and is hummed on most parts.

"I'll Give You A Ring" is a fine song available in much better quality on "All The Rest" for example. "You Know It's True" is a decent rock'n'roll but you'll forget it quickly to listen to your collection of Jerry Lee Lewis.
"Women Kind", "Getting Closer" and "In My Dreams" are a pain to listen to.
"Rockestra Theme" is surprisingly quite enjoyable: no vocals (this probably saves it) and Paul plays piano correctly for a change.
"Letting Go" is much better in his original version because here Paul is unable to play it correctly on piano and does not even remember the lyrics. Too bad for such a good song.
"Call Me Back Again" is terrible to listen to due to the sound quality.
On "Lunch Box/Odd Sox", Paul surprisingly remembers almost every part of the song. Rather interesting to listen to this piano-only arrangement.
"Treat Her Gently/Lonely Old People" is relatively well played.
"You Gave Me The Answer" is one of my favourite songs from "Venus And Mars" and despite the terrible sound quality, it is clear that Paul loves this song too.
"Waiting For The Sun To Shine" is a nice song that would deserve more elaborated lyrics.
"She Got It Good" can stay in the thrash for me. However, "Blackpool" is a promising song.
"Sunshine In Your Hair" is the jazzy kind of song you could have before WW2. Not bad but Paul is testing his vocals capabilities on it and it's hardly bearable.
"Girlfriend" has some interesting parts but at this stage, I would not release it on a regular album if I were Paul.
"I Lost My Little Girl" (Paul's very first song) is interesting because it can be compared to the other versions of this song (Paul's MTV Unplugged, soundchecks and some other live performances as well as John's Get Back Session). However, the end of the song is too long and Paul gets bored.
"Upon A Hill" sounds much like an improvisation and is too basic to be enjoyable.
"Sea" comes from "Rupert The Bear". It's not my favourite "Rupert" song but it's a classic theme from this animated film. The version here is probably the worst I've heard.
"Love Is Your Road..." is hardly bearable. Just any lyrics on any music (an improvisation ?) . Very poor. The same applies to "Sweet Little Bird".
"Partners In Crime" is rather fun. The song is very basic and the lyrics are mostly adlibbed.
"Suicide" is an excellent song. The version here is quite enjoyable. Maybe the best song on the CD.
"Doctor Pepper" is only a short excerpt (3 seconds). What can we do with that ?

Maybe the "Piano Tape" can be compared to what Paul was playing early in the morning (err... around 10:00 AM) during the "Get Back Sessions" while waiting the other Beatles to arrive. Paul plays everything comes in his mind and is having fun. "The Piano Tape" deserves a remasterization to lower the sound output and improve piano vs voice output. Until this is done, it only deserves one star. If the sound quality had been better I would have given it a 3 star.
Review by: AppleCorp3, AppleCorp3@aol.comOn 11 Dec 1999
A very interesting bootleg indeed! This is a demo, made by Paul for his ears only (supposedly it was stolen from his car) on a small mono tape recorder. Fine. Knowing this, I'm not expecting hi-fi sound, which is good 'cause thats not what you get! But anyone who collects bootlegs knows that for the source, the quality isn't important.

My guess is this tape was recorded sometime in 1973, because a lot of the songs would later end up on "Venus and Mars" (Call Me Back Again etc), and a few would go to "London Town" (Mull of Kintyre), and "Back to the Egg" (Million Miles).

This bootleg is quite enjoyable. The bottom line is, when you're buying a bootleg, you don't expect Sgt. Pepper. Yes, there is going to be bad singing, bad playing, and goofing off...but this makes it more real, and a fun disk to listen to.

"Waiting for the Sun to Shine" later became part of "Love Mix" from the Beautiful Night singles. "Sea" later went on to be on Rupert.

If you like McCartney, and are looking for a behind the scenes, "Paul at home" type recording - get this bootleg. If you're expecting crystal-clear sound, excellent songs, perfect playing, and complete seriousness - do not buy this disc.
Review by: Eric, sink0014@tc.umn.eduOn 16 Apr 2000
Somewhat interesting. The sound quality is fair at times but is mostly good. Basically, this is a CD of Paul at the Piano for almost an hour or so non-stop! Personally, I enjoy the tracks he chose to play on this CD and this bootleg kind of reminds me of the home recording that John Lennon did on the bootleg CLOCK. Purchase this if you find it (if your into home demos and that sort of thing....)
Review by: SLY xOn 22 Jan 2003 at 22:06 CEST
This is a very special boot. Anyone who has dabbled in songwriting but doesn't "write or read" music has done this exact thing and it's fun hearing a genius like Paul do the same thing. Kinda makes him seem more human.

Review by: Gary xOn 22 Jun 2003 at 07:01 CEST
I love this CD,but collecting demo songs of the Fabs is my favorite catagory of Beatleg collecting. Of course the sound is not studio quality,but it isn't as bad as François states above. This is a home tape of Paul just sitting at the piano going through whatever songs come into his mind and improvising as he goes along.I think this is a great disc,and if the sound was a little better I'd give it a 9,but am giving it a 7 due to sound quality,not because of content.
Review by: shanemOn 30 Dec 2004 at 04:00 CEST
I agree with Gary. As the title suggests this is a piano tape ,ie Paul at the piano at home, not Paul at a 24 track recording studio. If you only enjoy bootlegs which are of studio quality or thereabouts then do not track this one down. However, if you wish to hear McCartney at the piano tinkering around in his lounge then this is a fascinating cd.It is not often the general public audience gets to hear the raw initial versions of artists tracks. Personally I enjoy listening to primative demo versions of well known tracks.
Review by: MarcegolOn 06 Apr 2005 at 14:26 CEST
This is a very interesting bootleg - the boy of the first review i think he needed (in that time) a clue about what boots are. You have an intimate Paul here, the sound is not THAT terrible, i thought it was unhereable when i read the first review. Well, it´s not. You have DEMOS here. You have a bootleg with several unrealeased songs and other known songs in their genesis. Yes, Paul sings and makes jokes, sometimes he can push the wrong key. This is a bootleg, its not this new studio album.

Muy interesante disco - me parece que el muchacho de la primer review necesitaba en ese tiempo una pista acerca de lo que es un bootleg. Acá tenés un Paul íntimo y el sonido no es tan malo como pensé que era cuando leí la reseña del primero. Aquí hay DEMOS. Es un bootleg con varias canciones inéditas y otras más conocidas en su genesis. Sí, es cierto que a veces Paul bromea cuando canta y a veces le erra a la tecla correcta. Pero esto es un bootleg , no su nuevo disco de estudio.
Review by: TenniruOn 02 Jun 2005 at 03:51 CEST
This is the best recorded hour in the history of pianos. Paul is creating some great stuff right there. His very alternate version of the Rockestra Theme, Mull of Kintyre, Suicide, another attempt at the ill-fated "Blackpool" (but I like the dog version better).

Is it the best hour in audio quality? Absolutely not.
Review by: cb70On 18 Apr 2007 at 20:44 CEST
These demos are from late (possibly Nov./Dec.) 1973 not '78 or '74 that's been previously reported.
Review by: ginopinoOn 20 Nov 2007 at 19:31 CEST
the audio quality is excellent
Review by: roger400On 01 Jul 2009 at 18:22 CEST
After reading Francois' review I almost passed on this. But I decided to check this out and I am glad that I did. The sound quality is actually not too bad for a tape recording. It is actually quite enjoyable listening to Sir Paul clowning around and having fun on the piano. I would recommend this as a nice addition to your McCartney bootleg collection. I rate it 8 out of 10.
Review by: hkbOn 01 Oct 2011 at 16:27 CEST
Remastered Edition
Remasters Workshop
RMW 052 (1999)

Pitch, phase and levels corrected at Remasters Workshop 1999 from the 1992 CD on Mistral Music MM 9231.

here is Paul's infamous tape of piano demos. To the best of my knowledge, the remastered edition has never been in more than limited circulation.
Review by: saoshiOn 22 Jan 2017 at 12:36 CEST

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