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The Beatles
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The Beatles - Rough Notes

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Scan submitted/created by [Trevor McLaren, trevor.maclaren@north.nsis.com]
Publisher: Pod Records
Reference :SR 73941
Date :1981
Made In :USA
Quality :G-Vg-Ex
Booklet & packaging :None. Blue et white jacket
Total duration:

Some rare pieces on this album. Unbooted before or since.

Beatles tracks but also Paul and George solo.

Side 1: tracks 1-8
Side 2: tracks 2-16

Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   
Band On The Run(McCartney)
Paul McCartney
Wings from the "One Hand Clapping" film, 1974.
Announced as "Hand On The Buns take 6".
I Want You (She's So Heavy)(Lennon/McCartney)
Fake ?
Feb 1969
The Beatles
Sung by Paul ! George is not present on this take.
(Note: would the owner of this acetate please come forward for digital mastering ?).

Noted as "TAKE 1, Trident studios, acetate".

It is not clear yet whether this is a fake or not. The date is of course speculative (noted here as 22 feb 1969 although it's sometimes noted as 21 feb 1969).
Oh, I Need You(unknown)
Version validated
Version details available
Feb 1969
Beatles Related
Fake. Sounds nothing like any of the Beatles.
This is an acetate by somebody but probably not The Beatles.
The date is of course speculative (noted usually as 21 feb 1969).
The One After 909(Lennon/McCartney)
Get Back Session
Jan 1969
The Beatles
Twickenham, stunning quality
Two Of Us(Lennon/McCartney)
Get Back Session
Jan 1969
The Beatles
Twickenham, stunning quality
I'll Be On My Way(Lennon/McCartney)
Version validated
Version details available
BBC, Side By Side #03
4 Apr 1963
The Beatles
Presenter: John Dunn
Producer: Bryant Marriot
Broadcast on 24 June 1963 10.00-12.00 am
Recorded at BBC Paris Studio, London 11.00 am-2.00 pm
From BBC 'Side By Side', aired on 24 jun 1963
This Boy(Lennon/McCartney)
Version validated
Version details available
BBC, Saturday Club Christmas Show
17 Dec 1963
The Beatles
Presenter: Brian Matthew
Producers: Jimmy Grant & Bernie Andrews
Broadcast on 21 December 1963
Special Christmas edition of Saturday Club
BBC "Saturday Club", aired on 21 dec 1963, stunning quality
Please Mr. Postman(Holland/Bateman/Gorman/Dobbins/Garrett)
Version validated
Version details available
BBC, Pop Go The Beatles #07
10 Jul 1963
The Beatles
Presenter: Rodney Burke
Producer: Terry Henebery
Broadcast on 30 July 1963
Show 6 and 7 were taped on the same day
BBC "Pop Go The Beatles" (#7), aired on 30 jul 1963, stunning quality
Introduction(George Harrison Section)
Other type of track
9 Sep 1973
George Harrison
George, demo for the record company, possibly recorded on 9 sep 1973. In the preamble, George says "I want the hit meself, so don't just let David Geffen get it!"

Ding Dong Ding Dong(Harrison)
9 Sep 1973
George Harrison
George, demo for the record company, possibly recorded on 9 sep 1973. In the preamble, George says ".. I want the hit meself, so don't just let David Geffen get it!"

Dark Horse(Harrison)
Alternate Take
(date unknown)
George Harrison
Alternate take, details unknown
"Basic tracks in a quick mix"
Roll It Over(Clapton/Whitlock)
Jun 1970
George Harrison, Beatles Related, Eric Clapton
Derek & The Dominoes w/George on guitar, outtake, 1970
Rock Island Line(Ledbetter/Lomax)
Version validated
TV Rehearsal
Saturday Night Live
18 Nov 1976
George Harrison
George and Paul Simon, "Saturday Night Live", outtake
Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five(McCartney)
Paul McCartney
Excerpt from Paul piano demo
Wild Life(McCartney/McCartney)
Paul McCartney
From "One Hand Clapping" film (excerpt)
Honey Don't(Perkins)
Take 4
26 Oct 1964
The Beatles
External recording of playback.
(Note: would the owner of this tape please come forward for digital mastering ?)
From Us To You(Lennon/McCartney)
Version validated
Version details available
BBC, From Us To You #4
28 Feb 1964
The Beatles
Presenter: Don Wardell
Producer: Bryant Marriott
Broadcast on 3 August 1964

Performance from 28 February 1964 used for all broadcasts after that date.
Closing theme with voice-over, aired on 30 mar 1964, stunning quality
Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   

Song Song Studio chat Studio chat
TV/Radio chat/jingle TV/Radio chat/jingle Interview Interview
Cover by another artist Cover by another artist Film Music/Orchestral Film music/orchestral
Concert intro/announcement Concert intro/announcement Advertising Advertising
Song by another artist Song by another artist Medley title Medley title
Book chapter Book chapter
Other type of track Other


Review by: bob r, bric@ix.netcom.comOn 20 Aug 1999 at 21:38 CEST
Yep. A very good boot and not duped over the years with rare tracks.
Quality varies from real great stereo to" rough note".
Mono at times but is basically fairly decent.
Review by: Pasadena,On 25 Feb 2000 at 21:38 CEST
An over-rated album. first of all, it has a lot of inaccurate information, such as listing this boy as an alternate remixed version when it is in fact a bbc recording. and if i want you she's so heavy and i need you are the beatles then i'm George Martin. these are obvious fakes. the i want you is obviously not paul on vocals but someone doing a lousy imitation. and the i need you (NOT THE GEORGE TUNE) claims on the album to be sung by john sounds absolutley nothing like lennon. One after 909 and 2 of us are hardly stunning quality. pretty good but not "stunning". the paul and george solo stuff is pretty good quality and fairly interesting, but when i look for beatle boots, I'm looking for beatles as a group recordings, not solo stuff.I think the most interesting track is the obviously different recording of honey dont but again the quality is pretty good but not excellent. this is a little better than average album at best.
Review by: Michael Ivanovs, mikefet@hotmail.comOn 23 Jun 2000 at 21:38 CEST
This is a great bootleg in my opinion it was one of the first i ever got (my second)and the quality varies.My favourites on the album are :Dark Horse,This Boy and Ding,Dong,Ding,Dong.So i think this bootleg is a classic and is worth owning:)
Review by: halfjapaneseOn 19 Jan 2002 at 07:12 CEST
This may be a "classic" as one previous reviewer notes, but that's not necessarily always a compliment. This is truly representative of the underhanded practices prevalent at the time of the release of Rough Notes. Bootleggers routinely recycled the lowest fidelity recordings available, deliberately mislabeled the tracks, offered crap by unknown bands, added fakes and tried to pass them for genuine Beatles recordings, and basically tried to swindle those who hungered for 'new' material from the Fab Four. Tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, and 15 amply and audibly illustrate these points. Despite what's written above, Honey Don't is a very obvious forgery.

I think this record provided my first listen to the few BBC cuts. But I still felt cheated.

BTW, the CD-R transcription that I have is from very noisy vinyl. That's a problem that I didn't touch on above. Even when you took vinyl boots out of their sleeves for the first time, these discs tended to be noisy. The plants that mastered bootlegs used the crappiest slags of vinyl that wasn't suitable for commercial releases and employed stamping equipment that no longer met professional specifications. This is one noisy, low-fi sucker.
Review by: TenniruOn 22 Dec 2005 at 05:50 CEST
Ouch. Noisy, badly mastered. Typical 70s bootleg. As usual, a smattering of random things comprising whatever was around (not much). Everything here has emerged more complete and in better quality since this bootleg.
Generally, it's crap.

By the way, tracks two and three are VERY CERTAINLY not the Beatles. However, I'd really love to know who these guys are and if these are available in better quality; the songs themselves are pretty nice, if you can hear through the rediculous amount of acetate noise.
Review by: tomcoenOn 27 Dec 2005 at 18:46 CEST
My copy has the same cover with B&W photo on blue background but the lettering is yellow.
Review by: procul xOn 10 Jul 2006 at 00:36 CEST
My 2 cents:
I'm surprised by all this talk of "fake" regarding the "She's So Heavy" track. It is so typically McCartney! And if there's someone out there who could do this kind of a McCartney imitation, right down to the "basso-profundo" inflections in the chorus, which he so often (and so idiosyncratically) used (Besame Me Mucho from Let It Be or some of the Oh! Darling takes, to name but a few, come to mind) and the somewhat self-conscious tone of the verses, then he certainly wouldn't have hidden in the shadows all these years. Macca has/had one of the most unique voices in rock history, and I'll believe it's a fake when I've seen scientific voice-print analysis backing that up. And tell me again how that's not McCartney's tone, McCartney's touch on the bass!!?
I've always wondered if were not in fact ALL Paul, not untypically playing bass, drums & guitar in a little Macca-demo.
Well everybody gets an opinion and that's mine. I love the track and I think the entire album is very enjoyable!
I have this on very good, heavy vinyl on the POD label (aqua lettering on white), with a four-color cover. I had a cassette copy for almost twenty years before locating an original disc and I jumped at the chance to add it to my collection (over 75 on vinyl dating from the late 70's plus many CDs from recent years). Sound quality is excellent throughout considering the sources. I recommend keeping your eyes out for a good vinyl copy.
Review by: keymaestroOn 25 Aug 2007 at 21:00 CEST
An excerpt from Mark Lewisohn's "The Beatles Recordings"

"Saturday 22 February"
"Trident Studios..." "...:time unknown. Recording: 'I Want You..." "...(takes 1-35), P: Glyn Johns. E: Barry Sheffield..."

"There was, at best, a fine dividing line between the end of Get Back and the beginning of sessions for what was to become Abbey Road. Although work on the latter did not begin in earnest until July, a number of that album's songs were well under way by that time."

"One was 'I Want You', a fine John Lennon song begun now with 35 takes of the basic track and John's guide vocal (one experimental take was sung by Paul McCartney), almost completed in April and finally finished in August..."

Not sure what to believe, but I thought I'd drop that in.
Review by: polarworsksstudioOn 11 Dec 2007 at 20:10 CEST
Este si que es un bootleg viejo inicio de los 80's nada mal la calidad pues.....pero igual vale la paena y es de coleccion y de una fuente clasica en vinilo.

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Filename: sr73941
Originally filled by: François Vander Linden, tilleul@compuserve.com
Date of creation: 06 Oct 2001 23:59:59
Last filled by: Aidanymous
Last Revision Date : 29 Dec 2011 09:26:12
Online on : 31 Dec 2001
Type of media: Bootleg Vinyl
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