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George Harrison
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George Harrison - Beware Of ABKCO!

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Scan submitted/created by [Beatleg Extension]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: Strawberry Records
Reference :STR 001
Date :1994
Made In :
Quality :Ex stereo
Booklet & packaging :
Total duration: 50:01

George Harrison solo studio recordings of demos for "All Things Mast Pass" album for Phil Spector. Stereo, vocal one side, instrument (either electric or acoustic guitar) on other side.

Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   
Run Of The Mill(Harrison)
Acoustic Demo
(date unknown)
George Harrison
The Art Of Dying(Harrison)
Acoustic Demo
(date unknown)
George Harrison
Everybody, Nobody(Harrison)
Acoustic Demo
(date unknown)
George Harrison
Wah Wah(Harrison)
(date unknown)
George Harrison
Window, Window(Harrison)
Acoustic Demo
(date unknown)
George Harrison
Beautiful Girl(Harrison)
Core collection
Version validated
Version details available
Participants list available
Acoustic Demo
May 1970
George Harrison
Then untitled, this song would not emerge before 1976 on George's "33 & 1/3" album.
Beware Of Darkness(Harrison)
Acoustic Demo
(date unknown)
George Harrison
Let It Down(Harrison)
Acoustic Demo
(date unknown)
George Harrison
Tell Me What Has Happened To You(Harrison)
Acoustic Demo
(date unknown)
George Harrison
Hear Me Lord(Harrison)
(date unknown)
George Harrison
Nowhere To Go(Harrison/Dylan)
(date unknown)
George Harrison
Dylan/Harrison composition
Cosmic Empire(Harrison)
Acoustic Demo
(date unknown)
George Harrison
Mother Divine(Harrison)
Acoustic Demo
(date unknown)
George Harrison
I Don't Want To Do It(Dylan)
Acoustic Demo
(date unknown)
George Harrison
If Not For You(Dylan)
Acoustic Demo
(date unknown)
George Harrison
Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   

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Review by: François Vander Linden, beatleg@infonie.beOn 14 Jun 1999
This bootleg proposes very common material but if, like me, you think that "All Things Must Pass" was George's best album, then you can't miss this bootleg !
The main interest of this bootleg are, of course, the demos of unreleased songs like "Window, Window" and "Beautiful Girl".
George shows his composer skills and gives us really beautiful songs. All versions are demos, that is, without arrangement and most of them are acoustic.

The only black points I see are:
* The CD length: too bad that this CD lasts only 50 minutes...
* There are also long gaps between the tracks...

But the music is excellent... buy/trade/stole it now !
Review by: Jason Peterson, Presence@navix.netOn 04 Jul 2000
Any Harrison fan absolutely MUST have this album. The long gaps between the tracks are actually George tuning up his instrument or shuffling through papers for the lyrics to the next song, all part of the reels. MUST HAVE.
Review by: Maarten, gfrer@luna.nlOn 22 Jul 2000
One of the best bootleg ever especially the songs: Every body Noboby ( wich is infact an early version of Ballad of sir frankie crisp ( let it roll), Art of Dying and Nowhere to go (wich could have been a great song) are very good. Window, Window is as George says himself on this CD a bit silly but that doesn't matter. GREAT CD BUY IT!
Review by: Ron, rseifire@optonline.netOn 10 Sep 2000
If I could give this cd more than 10 out of 10, I would. A MUST HAVE! An incredibly intimate version of some of the tracks from ATMP and future recordings. Mother Divine alone is worth the price of this cd. If you see it, grab it. AMAZING!!!
Review by: Rich,On 17 Feb 2001
It really doesn't get aany better than this. When George Harrison entered the studio in 1970 with Phil Spector, he had an enormous amount of material that he could not squeeze on to the Beatles albums. When one looks at this body of work, it is easier to understand why the group needed to break up. For those that have listened to numerous bootleg sessions from 1969 of George being needled by John and Paul for playing the song "All things must Pass" to them, then one can clearly see why George needed a break.

His three album release in 1970 is by far his most ambitious and enjoyable. Many would argue that it is the best solo effort of all for members since the split. Although arguable, nevertheless, most agree "All things must Pass" is a pop rock classic.

The refreshing part in listening to "Beware of ABCKO" is that most of the songs George Demos are for the most part, finished works. They are terrific "unplugged" versions of this album, with only one or two throw aways. ("Window, Window" is weak lyrically, and "Nowhere to Go" is George whining about how hard it is to be a mop top.)

Nevertheless, this by no means ruins the overall feel of the cd. "Hear me Lord" has terrific stinging rhythm guitar licks and I found myself singing "Cosmic Empire"to myself long after listening to it. I was also pleasantly surprised to hear "Beautiful Girl" in acoustic form, which of course did not resurface till nine years later on his self titled album.

The sound quality is A -. It is obvious that the master tapes were used to produce this recording. The overall listening experience gives the listener a fresh perspective as if you are hearing the songs for the first time, which is exactly why people search out bootlegs in the first place. If one is lucky enough to find a copy, grab it. Unlike many bootlegs, you will find yourself listening to it often.
Review by: Aaron Hadsock, thewalrus@popstar.comOn 05 Mar 2001
This is a must have for anyone who absolutely loves George's "All Things Must Pass". It really shows the promise of what some of the later Beatles albums might have been had George been allowed to record them. I've always been a fan of acoustic and raw music demos recorded by The Beatles, both solo and together, but this album surpasses all.
Review by: Dauber, dauber@wallnet.comOn 07 Nov 2001
I'm not at all a fan of George Harrison's post-Beatles albums, and I'm ESPECIALLY not a fan of Phil Spector. But this is an INCREDIBLE bootleg! George's minimal performances are spot-on, and you'll never hear a better sounding boot. A MUST.
Review by: Kevin Lee, cavein@hotmail.comOn 09 Dec 2001
The minimalist approach and charm of the songs and performance of these tunes make this one of my favourite Beatle/Ex beatle recordings EVER, (along with John's Menlove Avenue). Pete Townshend of the WHO issued two double albums of demos (Scoop and Another Scoop) which were interesting, why don't the ex beatles do more of that as well?
Review by: sexycherylOn 05 Jan 2002 at 09:39 CEST
Bewareof ABKCO has to be one of the very best bootlegs I have ever heard. It is everything that you could ask of a bootleg the sound quality is spot on the performances sound very intimate turn of the lights and just imagine you are there with George.The only complaint is that why isnt every bootleg this good and its a shame it only lasts fifty minutes. If you come across this CD do not let it pass!
Review by: Robert WheelerOn 03 Feb 2002 at 02:41 CEST
This is the business. I wonder if it really is the unedited master reel? Are there more songs to come from it? It could be a second generation collation from session. Rather than being a demo for Phil Spector, the annoucement of "Take One" at the beginning of "Run Of The Mill" suggests this was a genuine recording session, very very early All Things Must Pass session takes. The sound is better than any other bootleg I've heard. I wonder if there is a another reel of demos from this period, seeing as George only actually recorded 8 of these 15 songs on All Things Must Pass. Incidently, there is a bass player on "Wah Wah", but it is obviously a very early, prehaps the first, rehearsal of the song.
Review by: beatlelennon65On 25 Jun 2002 at 05:15 CEST
I'm sure we don't need another review of this disc, but it is great. I never considered myself a big post Beatles fan until summer 2001 when I picked up All Things Must Pass for the first time. It was great, but this is better. The sparse Phil Spector-less recordings are incredible. Run of The Mill, Art of Dying, Everybody Nobody, and Wah-Wah are all as good as it gets. Great sound quality, fly on the wall perspective. This is the only George boot I have, and I am almost afraid to pick up another one, because it couldn't be as good as this one.
Review by: pepperstoolOn 18 Nov 2002 at 14:10 CEST
I only have one complaint with this CD and that is that every version of this album that I have heard has terrible panning. The guitar is singled out on the right channel and the voice on the left. It makes it sound as though the guitarist and singer are two different people and therefore less intimate than was perhaps intended.

This must have something to do with the bootleggers source tape as George's people issued the version of 'Let It Down' as heard on this album on the 'My Sweet Lord single' in 2002. This single version has an additional acoustic guitar overdubb added by George in 1997 and the panning is centralised. It is a shame George did not see to release a remastered version of this album completely rather than adding selections to the All Things Must Pass 2001 edition. Still, we live in hope that something may come of it one day in the future.

Well worth the investment if you can find a copy.
Review by: SLY xOn 22 Jan 2003 at 22:12 CEST
Review by: Gary xOn 22 Jan 2003 at 22:55 CEST
This is a wonderful CD.One of the great things about the Beatles,either as a group,or solo,they could produce great music just with a guitar or piano.The under production of the songs is what makes you realize how strong the material really is.Someday capital should gather up alot of the demos of the Beatles and release an "unplugged" box set.

"Beware of Abkco" is wonderful because it features the demos of "All things must Pass" before Phil Spector could lay his heavy handed wall of sound on these tracks.Some of my favorite tracks from this CD include:

Run of the mill


Beware of darkness

Hear me lord

Cosmic empire

Mother devine

If not for you

and I don't want to do it

"I don't want to do it" is wonderful in just this acoustic guitar version.It was a song George returned to,as it appears in three versions on "12 Arnold Glove".I don't feel any of those versions top this straight acoustic demo,it is great,and is my favorite version of this song,also my favorite song on this entire CD.

If you want to have an interesting listen,get John's "the Dream is Over" bootleg and listen to the "GOD" and "I found out" demos,then put this on and play "Hear me Lord","Art of Dying","Beware of darkness" & "Everybody,Nobody".You will see how different,the directions these two Beatles took right after the breakup.Both produced two very powerful works of art,approaching it from two opposite view points.Through the years,John mellowed abit in his view,of "imagining no Heaven".The line,"say a little prayer,before you go to sleep" on the Double Fantasy Album is proof of that.George however never strayed from his conviction in seeking a higher power.

So get this wonderful CD by George,and while you are at it,pick up Lennon's "The Dream is over" and listen to two Beatles taking thier views and ideas in opposite,though equally creative,directions.

Review by: ranchonmarsOn 30 Dec 2003 at 09:33 CEST
What can you say that hasn't already been said. If you only get one Harrison bootleg, make it this one.
Review by: orecaOn 24 Feb 2004 at 23:21 CEST
Simply great!
Review by: liverpaulOn 29 May 2004 at 23:48 CEST

This is my favorite bootleg of all!! Get it, you understand?

Man! This guy could carry an acoustic tune!
Review by: BixxOn 29 Aug 2004 at 19:46 CEST
Fanschmabulous! One of my most Favorite people in the world (Jeann) gave this to me years ago. If only these mixes were used instead of the OVER produced Spector stuff. Get this if you find it.
Review by: GABRIEL xOn 15 Oct 2004 at 20:32 CEST
An intimate view of Harrison´s work! Thanks for the music!
Review by: kill4uOn 16 Oct 2004 at 06:04 CEST
Got this in a recent trade and 100% satisfied! GH at his best! Great addition to my small but growing collection!!
Review by: ChuckyarlaOn 18 Nov 2004 at 00:46 CEST
Hare Krishna,Hare Krishna,Hare Rama,Rama Rama,Krishna Krishna,Hare Hare - Thank You George,I wish you were still around.I think we need your love in this Fucked - up world.There is so much that has changed and I don`t think it was all for the good,But hearing this has made me miss you and all the joy which you gave us, Peace Chucky
Review by: shanemOn 30 Dec 2004 at 04:19 CEST
Magnificent cd. George doing all things must pass album tracks unplugged, with some unreleased numbers.If you like this also get the esher demos by the beatles ie the white album unplugged.
Review by: vmm xOn 30 Apr 2005 at 22:46 CEST
This is a terrific bootleg, thanks george
Review by: brungtoeweOn 03 Jul 2005 at 23:32 CEST
In regards to Gary's comment.. . I agree this is a good bootleg, but I'm sorry.. . Would ATMP have been what it was without spector? Hmm, I can imagine Jeff producing it and putting synths all over "art of darkness", that would have been fantastic! Quality product. These are fine compositions but ATMP would not have been the album it was without spector, people can't forget the importance of good production when it comes to an album like this. George was very talented but he and spector made the album together and had they not worked together for most of it we wouldn't have had the fine album we did, it could have been wrecked with crappy production. Also, Spector got george's voice in shape, is everyone listening to the same thing here? Wah Wah? What the heck?
Review by: dinsdalepOn 07 Nov 2005 at 06:13 CEST
A true classic. My favorite solo Beatleg of all time!
Review by: mike hilliardOn 10 Nov 2005 at 02:44 CEST
The best George available-including official releases!!
Review by: keithmccullochOn 12 Feb 2006 at 02:27 CEST
I have this on tape but have listened to it so many times it is falling apart! Does anyone know where to get it on CD?
Review by: mlucifersamOn 12 Feb 2006 at 16:37 CEST
I'm not a massive solo George fan but his CD really took me by surprise. I was given a tape of it first and liked it so much I found a CD of it (one of the last bootleg cds I was able to buy) at a record fair a few years back. It's the nearest thing you can have to George sitting in your front room with his acoustic singing to ya! Crystal clear too!
Review by: easyriderOn 18 Apr 2006 at 09:54 CEST
Really great cd!!!!!!!!!
Review by: Burnttoast45On 03 Feb 2008 at 05:08 CEST
I am no expert, but this is one of the greatest Bootlegs by anyone. Ever. "Cosmic Empire," "Beautiful Girl," "Mother Divine," "I Don't Want To Do It," and "Nowhere To Go" could have been finished up and included on ALL THINGS MUST PASS easily. And, honestly, "Run of the Mill" sounds SO much better here than on the offical album. The meldoy is just so perfect on acoustic without the Spector production...the words are clear and the singing is amazing. Get this as soon as possible.
Review by: TeranOn 05 Feb 2008 at 01:06 CEST
This is the very very classic bootleg. Essential. Thanks. Cláudio Teran...
Review by: nowhere_man_lpOn 15 May 2008 at 03:59 CEST
Hermosa coleccion de demos, con un gran sonido, y a pesar de la despreocupacion de George por momentos (tose un par de veces) aqui se pueden encontrar algunas versiones mas interesantes que las publicadas oficialmente...por ejomplo Run of the Mill, Beware Of Darkness y especialmente la hermosa y suave version de Art of Dying. Realmente esencial para todo fan de George o The Beatles.
Review by: Kevin IslesOn 26 Apr 2010 at 17:18 CEST
This is the first bootleg I ever owned and ithink it is my favorite. This is basically All Things unplugged and I love it. It's great hearing all these songs in their raw, infant form as well as all the unreleased songs. These were all recorded at Abbey Road Studiosin 1970. George is sitting with Phil Spector showing him each of the new songs. It is simply a must have and if you don't have it, GET IT!

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Online on : 27 Apr 2015
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