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U2 - Salome (The Achtung Baby Outtakes) (Disc 1)

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Scan submitted/created by [Rob G.]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: Jewels
Reference :277 110
Date :
Made In :1990 - 1991
Quality :Soundboard
Booklet & packaging :
Total duration: 51:02

In the winter of 1990, U2 were hard at work in Hansa Ton Recording Studios in Berlin, Germany. The ultimate result of this effort would be the November '91 release of their next album, "Achtung Baby". However, in December 1990 that album was a great ways off, because U2 (unlike most other bands) entered the studio with very few lyric or song ideas. Instead, U2 came into the studio to create as well as record. Here they sought inspirations for songs from playing together. They would 'etch' out ideas while improvising around some basic idea, or riff. Since all this 'jamming'
was taking place in a recording studio, even the simplest of ideas was captured on tape. The highlights of these tapes were then edited down and compiled into 'working tapes'. Tapes of this nature were used to hold possible song ideas, as well as a means for Brian Eno (and others) to hear the band's progress and make suggestions about the music.
In April of 1991, it was announced that such tapes had found their way into the hand's of bootleggers.

"The only thing that can piss you off is if people are charging a lot of money for something that isn't very good. It [the Achtung Baby working tapes] got bootlegged in Berlin and it was just like having your notebook read out. That's the bit I didn't like about it. There were no undiscovered works of genius, unfortunately, it was more just gobbledy-gook..."

But he admits going out and buying a copy of that bootleg anyway!

Note: The songs listed here are working titles.

Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   
Studio Session
(date unknown)
This song must have been most painful to evolve, since there are more takes of it than any other on SALOME. You can virtually sing the words to Salome' (from the CD single of Even Better Than The Real Thing) to this take. The bassline leads one to believe this is an early form of ZOO STATION. Later takes also support this theory.
Where Did It All Go Wrong?(U2)
Studio Session
(date unknown)
Here, all 4 members of U2 keep up a frantic pace resulting in a fast, hard driving song that sounds GREAT! It's very repetitive, but that's the hook. It's all 4 members of U2 moving pretty fast. The music "skips" at 2:23.
Where Did It All Go Wrong?(U2)
Studio Session
(date unknown)
A much more catchy version with a cool, albeit out of place, bridge.
Heaven And Hell(U2)
Studio Session
(date unknown)
U2 playing the same instrumental backing as DOCTOR DOCTOR, but with Bono singing completely different words. A great slow song with a nice "fat" organ sound.
Doctor Doctor(U2)
Studio Session
(date unknown)
U2 playing the same instrumental backing as HEAVEN AND HELL, but Bono singing completely different words. The music "skips" at 1:47, Fades out at 1:53, and back in at 1:57.
Jitterbug Baby(U2)
Studio Session
(date unknown)
This song fades in with a bouncy guitar riff and Bono singing in a low voice. There's plenty of reverb on Bono and plenty of Edge "cutting" to ensure this song being scrapped early on. The words are quite lost in the mix.
Studio Session
(date unknown)
A real bridge take. You can hear U2 take a song that wasn't working for them and change it drastically to try and make something out of it. The change was for a slower "less crowded" sound which results in a bored sounding band. Towards the end of the take you can hear the familiar ZOO STATION-ish sounds coming forth in bursts. At 7:00 Bono re-introduces lyrics from the beginning of the song (why?), but soon calls out "We're going into the F, going down to the F" which brings them into some place completely different. "E minor" from Bono changes the sound of things even further. It seems something happens on the spur of the moment that changes the song more than the simple chord changes. At 7:37 things really start coming together, so much as to prompt Bono to say (at 7:56) "That's really great stuff, Larry Mullen." Further toying with the song ultimately wears them own, and at 9:10 the steam runs out very suddenly.
Medley title
Studio Session
(date unknown)
Not really a medley but more like two different songs on one track.
Sunset In Colors(U2)
Studio Session
(date unknown)
A loose melody, mostly instrumental with a very bright sound. A very good song consisting mainly of The Edge on lead guitar. This song ends at 8:49.
Chances Away(U2)
Studio Session
(date unknown)
This song starts at 8:53. Demo sounding with only few words from Bono (though he seems to know the music!). Bono sings bits of TAKE YOU DOWN, another song from these sessions. This is an early form of UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD. The familiar riff is heard at the end of the choruses (10:22).
Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   

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Review by: bonomauOn 25 Jun 2006 at 23:22 CEST
the only instance (i know) where the artist's work goes into the open before the album itself is released. audio and content are as GOOD as can be: dat sourced. for folks like me who enjoy studio banter and the creation of songs, this compilation (i have a 7 disc collection of this) is a MUST HAVE.

shows bono as the mastermind and musical director of the group in a definitive way.


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Filename: u2277110-1
Originally filled by: Rob G.
Date of creation: 06 Dec 2004 20:51:28
Last filled by: Rob G.
Last Revision Date : 08 Dec 2004 13:27:03
Online on : 08 Dec 2004
Type of media: Bootleg CD

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