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The Beatles
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The Beatles - Acetate Collection

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Scan submitted/created by [derha-dun]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: Unicorn Records
Reference :UC-087
Date :2001
Made In :
Quality :
Booklet & packaging :Unicorn Records
Total duration:

From the Booklet:
This CD brings together a collection of Acetates from 1961-69, some you may have seen before on previous releases, but some discs here make their debut to CD and have remained previously unreleased until now.

Firstly an MGM/Verve Acetate of The Beatles June 24, 1961 recording of "Ain't She Sweet". This is followed by two 7", 1 sided Emidisc Mono Acetates of "She's A Woman". The first being take 6, the released take, but the second compiles a false start and take 7, these acetates were probably cut the same day as the mono mixing for "She's A Woman" on October 12, 1964. This is followed by an 8" stereo Capitol Acetate of "Paperback Writer", take 2, the same as the released take.

The third of three mono remixes for "Strawberry Fields Forever" Take 7, was chosen for acetate cutting on November 29, 1966. These rough mixes were later scrapped in favour of a re-make of the recording, takes 9-24 on December 9, 1966.

We have also included a white label Emidisc with hand written notes, of "Blue Jay Way", this is quite a bazaar (sic) stereo mix, which is totally different to the disc that appeared on Yellow Dog's 'Acetates' CD in 1991.

What follows is the infamous "Intervista" acetate, a Kenny Everett interview with John, Paul, and Ringo for inclusion on this radio show aired that Sunday, the 9th of June. This was recorded at EMI Studio Two on June 6, 1968. This is a 1 sided 10" Emidisc which clocks in at over 14 Minutes.

Continuing on the Everett madness, we have included a rare 2 sided 8" Apple acetate, "Kenny Everett Musical Workshop" which contains various jingles from his radio program, some of which were used in his Beatles broadcasts.

"Across The Universe" was originally recorded as early as February 1968 for inclusion as a single release (in which "Lady Madonna" was chosen instead) this was later used on a charity compilation album "No One's Gonna Change Our World" in December 1969, then released on the "Let It Be" album with an orchestra accompaniment and new overdubs. Presented here is an Emidisc acetate of the original 1968 recording, take 8 with no overdubs or speed variants. This disc was cut on February 8, 1968 from one of two mono mixes made that day.

"Revolution 9" was mixed for stereo on June 21 & 25, 1968. Track 10 is an Apple Mono 2 Sided Acetate, this also appeared on Vigotone's 'Revolution' CD in 1994, but sounds a little cleaner here. The following two Apple acetates, "Let It Be" & "The Long And Winding Road" are the released takes, but sound like uncompressed mixes, with high dynamics opposed to the official versions.

The last three tracks have been taken from a 'Cutting Room Inc.' 1 sided stereo acetate. The first two recordings from this disc have appeared on previous Bootlegs over the years, most notably on "What A Shame, Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party", a 12" Bootleg E.P released in 1979 on a fake EMI label. For some unknown reason the third song was not included here and has remained unreleased. Here for the first time on CD, we have included that 'Edit-Version' of "What's The New Mary Jane".

Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   
Ain't She Sweet(Ager/Yellen)
(date unknown)
The Beatles
She's A Woman(Lennon/McCartney)
(date unknown)
The Beatles
She's A Woman(Lennon/McCartney)
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Paperback Writer(Lennon/McCartney)
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Strawberry Fields Forever(Lennon/McCartney)
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Blue Jay Way(Harrison)
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Interview(The Beatles Section)
TV/Radio chat/jingle
Version validated
The Beatles
London - Kenny Everett (BBC Radio, The Kenny Everett Show)
6 Jun 1968
The Beatles
Listed as "Intervista"
Kenny Everett interview with John, Paul, and Ringo.
Goodbye Jingle(Lennon/McCartney)
TV/Radio chat/jingle
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Various radio jingles: listed as "Kenny Everett Musical Workshop"
Continuing on the Everett madness, we have included a rare 2 sided 8" Apple acetate, "Kenny Everett Musical Workshop" which contains various jingles from his radio programme, some of which were used in his Beatles broadcasts.
Across The Universe(Lennon/McCartney)
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Revolution 9(Lennon/McCartney)
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Let It Be(Lennon/McCartney)
(date unknown)
The Beatles
The Long And Winding Road(Lennon/McCartney)
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Listed as Long & Winding Road.
What's The New Mary Jane?(Lennon/McCartney)
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Listed as Mary Jane.
What's The New Mary Jane?(Lennon/McCartney)
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Listed as Mary Jane.
What's The New Mary Jane?(Lennon/McCartney)
(date unknown)
The Beatles
Listed as Mary Jane.
Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   

Song Song Studio chat Studio chat
TV/Radio chat/jingle TV/Radio chat/jingle Interview Interview
Cover by another artist Cover by another artist Film Music/Orchestral Film music/orchestral
Concert intro/announcement Concert intro/announcement Advertising Advertising
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Book chapter Book chapter
Other type of track Other


Review by: StanisOn 27 Jun 2003 at 11:46 CEST
Very nice version of Blue Jay Way
Review by: RedOn 18 Jun 2004 at 15:28 CEST
Aside from the questionable inclusion of acetates with official mixes, this is a great collection of Beatles acetates. Worth it, especially for the SBF and BJW mixes.
6. Blue Jay Way - Great version. This one's same take as the officially released version, but it's an early stereo mix, with interesting results. Very cool!
9. Across the Universe - A bare, overdub-less take 8. Much better and more powerful than the subsequent remixes. Plus: no bird sounds, sitar all throughout the song (it's cut to ribbons on most versions), and the original female vocals excised from other versions. Beautiful, and my favorite version of ACTU thus far (yes, that includes the version on "Naked"... why is the sitar track always butchered, even on the so called "definitive version"?).
10. Revolution 9 - Not one of my favorite songs, but it's still interesting to hear it in a different way.
11. Let it Be - Offical take, official mix, but much better-sounding than the official version. It sounds fully-dimensional as opposed to the rather flat CD mix.
12. The Long and Winding Road - Same as 11, very cool.
1. Ain't She Sweet - Same as Anthology, but off-pitch.
4. Paperback Writer - Same as the released version, but in low fidelity.
2. She's a Woman (Take 6) - I'm not much of a fan of this song, but it's nice to have a raw mix.
3. She's a Woman (Takes 7-8) - Again, I'm not that much into this song, but it's nice to have some alternate takes.
5. Strawberry Fields (Take 7 RM3) - Same as Pegboy/Vigotone's "It's Not Too Bad" CD, but in lower quality. I'm not exactly sure if it's the same mix though, so I can't embrace it or condemn it.
7-8. Interviews - I'm not much for interviews, but alot of fans are. So here they are!
13-15. What's the New Mary Jane? - Extremely irritating song, but it's nice to have all these versions.
Overall: Worth a trade! A much better listen than YD's "ACETATES" collection. Some true gems are on this compilation.
Review by: BootmanOn 01 Feb 2005 at 02:54 CEST
Blue Jay Way is simply a fake, and I think most people should be able to see that. All the author did was record the vocal section into one track (left channel) and the remixed background music (no doubt 'touched' by the author of this disc) in the other channel and played a second off-beat of the right channel. There is no way this is what the beatles intended the song to be like, nor would they have said they needed a acetate copy of it. The other tracks are quite good, but I had such high hopes for BJW that weren't worth caring about.
Review by: David KrinerOn 28 May 2005 at 04:54 CEST
Review by: easyriderOn 17 Oct 2006 at 11:01 CEST
Review by: ReginaldoOn 27 Jun 2007 at 19:33 CEST

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Filename: uc087
Originally filled by: halfjapanese
Date of creation: 28 Dec 2001 07:25:22
Last filled by: Aidanymous
Last Revision Date : 25 Aug 2011 07:28:10
Online on : 12 Apr 2002
Type of media: Bootleg CD

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