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The Beatles
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The Beatles - Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7 (1962-1969)

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Scan submitted/created by [Beatleg Extension]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: Yellow Dog Records
Reference :YD 013
Date :1991
Made In :Luxembourg
Quality :
Booklet & packaging :
Total duration: 61:14

A few tracks are a little too slow, but most in excellent quality.

Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   
Do You Want To Know A Secret(Lennon/McCartney)
Take 7
11 Feb 1963
The Beatles
This one too slow.

Pitch correction: +4.6%
Version validated
Take 1
11 Feb 1963
The Beatles
Take One - Engineer Norman Smith announces, "Mis-er-y Take One" as the four Beatles ready themselves to record yet another song on what is amounting to be quite a busy day of recording. It is an original composition, penned by the foursome's songsmiths, John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Take one begins with a simple guitar strum from John's guitar. George Martin would eventually overdub piano over the intro. The familiar piano phrases after the line "I'll remember all the little things we've done" is, at this point, being played by George Harrison on electric guitar.
This first take is complete, and not unlike the released version.

Pitch correction: +4.2%
The One After 909(Lennon/McCartney)
Alternate Mix
5 Mar 1963
The Beatles
Mono (this is one out of three existing mono mixes).

Alternate edit of Takes 4&5. Pitch: [+4.3]. This is an
undocumented mono mix of the same edit which was done for "Anthology 1". It differs from the edit of Takes 4&5 done for "Sessions" by how much of the guitar solo from Take 4 is included rather than the one from Take 5.

Pitch correction: +4.3%
Hold Me Tight(Lennon/McCartney)
Take 25, 26
12 Sep 1963
The Beatles
On this day, The Beatles attempted a remake of the Paul McCartney composition "Hold Me Tight." The song was originally attempted on 11 February 1963 during the sessions for their first LP "Please Please Me." On that day, thirteen takes were recorded, two of them being complete. Yet, this early version was never used. This version, the "remake," would be included on their second album "With The Beatles." The first take attempted was given a round number, take 20, and the recording proceeded from that point.

Take Twenty-Five (track 2) - This take will be overdubbing onto take 24. Additional vocals as well as handclaps are in order. Beatle handclapping is heard just prior to the take playback. This overdub breaks down early on. To begin with, the vocals are slightly ill-timed, and a little out of key. Secondly, John appears to be questioning something related to the recording of the handclaps.

Take Twenty-Six (track 2) - This overdub is complete.

Pitch correction: +3.3%
Can't Buy Me Love(Lennon/McCartney)
Take 2, 3
29 Jan 1964
The Beatles
Recorded in Pathe Marconi Studios, Paris.

Pitch correction: +3.3%

I'm A Loser(Lennon/McCartney)
Take 3
14 Aug 1964
The Beatles
Take Three - Ringo: "Here we go, quiet. ."
John: "Okay, George. ."
As the instruments are readied for the start of Take 3, Paul prompts John as to how they will start singing the song, singing "I'm a Loser. .And I've lost someone. ."
John continues singing the second line "I'm a Loser, and I'm not what da-da da-da-da. . ."
Meanwhile, Ringo is attempting to silence the group so that they might continue: "Shh. .now. . .Shutup. ."
John, ready now: "Okay."
Take 3 starts off like the commercially releasd version, beginning with the harmonized line "I'm A loo-oo-ser." At this point, these lines are sung ever-so-slightly slower. This take is complete (assuming that a fade-out for the song was
already determined). As the take ends, John announces: "It didn't work out the same because-" (at this point the session tape cuts out).

Pitch correction: +3.4%
I Feel Fine(Lennon/McCartney)
Take 5
18 Oct 1964
The Beatles
Take Five - By this take, the fifth one, the guitar phrasing is cleaner. John is again delivering his vocal, but it is growing clear that playing such an involved guitar line while singing may not the best thing. Lennon's vocal phrasings are at times limited. Overdubbing onto a completed backing track may be best. This take is nearly complete, abruptly cutting off at the ending.

Pitch correction: +3.2%
Yes It Is(Lennon/McCartney)
Take 14
16 Feb 1965
The Beatles
Take Fourteen - It is this version that is used for the overdubbing of the exquisite three part harmony sung by John, Paul and George.

Pitch correction: +3.9%
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)(Lennon/McCartney)
Version validated
Lyrics available
Version details available
Take 4
21 Oct 1965
The Beatles
The right channel only, in noisy mono. A waste of disc space.

Pitch correction: -1.9%
Penny Lane(Lennon/McCartney)
Take 9
17 Jan 1967
The Beatles
RM9, 17 jan 1967

This is NOT the released mono promo mix. This is an alternate mix, which was later improved upon for shipping to the US.

Pitch correction: -3.1%
Lady Madonna(Lennon/McCartney)
Take 4
6 Feb 1968
The Beatles
The version with the laughter at the beginning.

Pitch correction: +3.7%
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da(Lennon/McCartney)
Take 5
5 Jul 1968
The Beatles
Early stage of take 5.

This is NOT the "Sessions" mix (see UM6). It's an outtake from the master tape of Take 5, featuring much sparser instrumentation. At the end, someone from the control room says over the talkback, "Woo! (pause) You've done it!"

Pitch correction: -2.8%
Not Guilty(Harrison)
Take 102
Unedited Stereo Mix
12 Aug 1968
The Beatles
This is NOT the "Sessions" mix. It is the unedited stereo master tape.

Pitch correction: +2.2%
Take 15
Reduction Mix
10 Jul 1968
The Beatles
Reduction mix take 15.

Sourced from Lost Lennon Tapes, this has the record's intro spliced on (in stereo) to cover Elliot Mintz' voiceover. Just before the first line, it edits and goes mono.

Pitch correction: -4.6%
While My Guitar Gently Weeps(Harrison)
Version validated
Version details available
Take 1
25 Jul 1968
The Beatles
Unedited take 1.
Acoustic demo take 1.

This is NOT the "Sessions" mix, it is the stereo master tape. Unfortunately, it is faded up after George has started playing, and stops right before he calls up to the control room, "Let's hear that back!". (See "Abbey Road Show 1983" to hear this comment.)

Pitch correction: +3.9%
Come And Get It(McCartney)
24 Jul 1969
The Beatles
Paul's demo.

Fades in after playing has started. This IS the "Sessions" mix.

Pitch correction: -0.3%
Think For Yourself(Harrison)
Version validated
Lyrics available
Vocal Rehearsal
8 Nov 1965
The Beatles
Studio talk.

Listed as "Think for yourself". On the box containing this tape, George Martin wrote "Beatle Speech", and that's how it is described in Lewisohn, so that is the title by which this piece ought to go. It was recorded during the vocal overdubbing session for "Think For Yourself". The section of "Have you got time to rectify..." that was
used in the "Yellow Submarine" film is located between 11:15 and 11:21 of this track. A further section of this tape was issued on "The Ultimate Collection Vol. 1" (YD)/"Hodge Podge Vol. 2" (BD).

Pitch correction: -2.6%
Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   

Song Song Studio chat Studio chat
TV/Radio chat/jingle TV/Radio chat/jingle Interview Interview
Cover by another artist Cover by another artist Film Music/Orchestral Film music/orchestral
Concert intro/announcement Concert intro/announcement Advertising Advertising
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Other type of track Other


Review by: Maitland, maitland@cybrtyme.comOn 10 Aug 1999
I don't know what it is, but this is one of my favorite Beatles CDs. I think it is because it is just a nice mix of songs from throughout The Beatles' history. It's very listenable. I hate bootlegs that have take after take of the same song. It just gets boring.

I don't really have that much to say about the individual tracks. Most of them don't vary too much from what's out there on commercial discs. One notable exception is Ob-la-di Ob-la-da. It is my favorite of any version of any I have heard. It's really laid back.

One complaint I do have is that I think they should have included the song "Think for Yourself" in with the dialog. It gets you thinking about it, and then you have to stick in another disc to hear it. ;) Also, the sound quality on the later tracks isn't as good as on the earlier ones. None of it is bad though, except maybe Norwegian Wood.

Overall, this is well worth purchasing if you get the chance.
Review by: joe flanaganOn 24 May 2002 at 09:46 CEST
Fantastic...of course, and you must have it. Just wanted to add a note about track #6. I believe Ringo is saying "Mal, Shurrup". Speaking to Mal Evans, their roadie/bodyguard. Y'know, the guy who's swimming under the ice in HELP! The gentle giant who was gunned down by the L.A.P.D. in Jan '76.
Review by: CalicoSkiesNCOn 03 Dec 2003 at 21:11 CEST
I really like this cd and the entire Unsurpassed set. For those looking for studio chat amongst the Fabs, check out track 17 for 15 min or so of that. Other boots have this "Beatle Speech" too, this is just where I heard it first and its not cut into smaller tracks. Sound quality is excellent, great disc to hear all the way thru without looking for your skip button.
Review by: mojofilterOn 25 Nov 2004 at 08:27 CEST
i think vol 6 and 7 should have been combined in a two disc set. But this is still one of my favorites
Review by: The BeaTlesOn 21 Nov 2007 at 02:36 CEST
Review by: polarworsksstudioOn 15 Jul 2009 at 19:07 CEST
Este es mi 2do CD bootlegs del Sello Yellow Dog (Perrito Amarillo), es el ultimo de esta mitica colecion de 7 discos publicada en el ańo 1991, muy buscada por los coleccionistas bootlegs y Beatles, el sonido es bueno algunos si algo bajo pero aceptable, vale la pena comprarlo por si lo ven por alli aqui les dejo este links para ver videos de Bootlegs


dejen comentarios
Review by: henrythehorseOn 26 Sep 2011 at 13:00 CEST
Review by: TheProGamer1991On 17 Dec 2017 at 18:09 CEST
Great bootleg... in fact great series and even great label. These guys were the champs of bootlegs. I love these outtakes to death!!!

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Filename: yd013
Originally filled by: Francois VDL 100260.2504@compuserve.com
Date of creation: 06 Oct 2001 23:59:59
Last filled by: Aidanymous
Last Revision Date : 13 Sep 2011 11:10:46
Online on : 15 Nov 2001
Type of media: Bootleg CD
Unsurpassed Masters

Revision history
ver 4 (8 oct 1998)
Added comments/pitch corrections thanks to Ken Smith (mojofilter01@yahoo.com)

Ver 3 (May 1997)
added comments. Thanks to Andy Roman revolver@bright.net.

Ver 2 (24 Nov 1996): Added complete Beatles dialogue on Think for Yourself (FVDL)

Ver 1 (21 apr 1996)
Needs comments, track dates/Comments/vocals.

FVDL 100260.2504@compuserve.com

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