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Artists associated to the album

What's the use of this ?

Each album must be listed on BootlegZone in at least one Artist Section.
One album can belong to several sections. Many artists have collaborated together to record songs, demos or simply play live.
One famous example is the Traveling Wilburys. The Traveling Wilburys were Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne & Roy Orbison. Each Traveling Wilburys album should belong to all these sections.
But it's not that simple. What if we have a bootleg that has no Roy Orbison involvment ? Yes, you're beginning to see what I mean. In this case it should not be listed in Roy Orbison section.

It is important to link each album with the appropriate Artist Section because after that, you'll have to do the same for each track and on the Tracks view, only the artists sections you select here will be listed.

How do I know which artists sections this album should belong to ?

Have a look at the tracklisting and see which artists are involved for each track.

Should Beatles albums also belong to Lennon, McCartney, Harrison & Starr sections ?

No, of course not. Each Artist Section on BootlegZone is devoted to one artist (or band) at a particular time of their carreer.
Lennon, Harrison, McCartney & Starr sections are all devoted to post-Beatles years. The same goes for Police & Sting, etc.

But what about post-Beatles collaborations for example ?

Well, a track like the commercial release of "I'm The Greatest" has involvment by John, George and Ringo but is really a Ringo track, so the album it's on belongs to Ringo section only.
If an album features an obscure McCartney song were Paul has some musical involvment, it should be listed in McCartney section although the type of the track should be set to "Song by another artist".

OK, what are my options ?

The frame presents a list of all the Artists Sections on BootlegZone. Simply select one you'd like to add to the current album and press the Add button. On the opposite, if you want to remove an artist section, click the Remove button.

One last word

Remember that each album must belong to at least one Artist Section. If not, it'll not be displayed on BootlegZone (see album validation).

Do you have more questions ? Send me a mail.

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