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The following items are not for sale. This is only a list of what exists. The webmaster does not know where to find them and does not own them, so please don't ask. Thanks.

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KraftwerkЯ Твой Слуга Я No LabelNone   
Kraftwerk'Tour De France' 2004 UK DVD DVD-R    
KraftwerkAcademy Theatre (Disc 1) Paper CornPC008/9   
KraftwerkAcademy Theatre (Disc 2) Paper CornPC008/9   
KraftwerkAerodynamik + La Forme Remixes M.A.D. Records   
KraftwerkAerodynamik/Expo 2000 Remix G. And P. Essential MusicGP-04ZZ0001150   
KraftwerkAkasaka Blitz (Disc 1) Kling KlangLVCD 7997 624-2   
KraftwerkAkasaka Blitz (Disc 2) Kling KlangLVCD 7997 624-2   
KraftwerkAt The Cirkus (Disc 1) Crystal Cat RecordsCC718-19  Read review
KraftwerkAt The Cirkus (Disc 2) Crystal Cat RecordsCC718-19   
KraftwerkAutobahn Takt MusicXCD 045   
KraftwerkBremen StarquakeSQ-06   
KraftwerkCoachella 08 CD-RBT760CD   
KraftwerkComplete Computer Tour Live (Disc 1) Unknown    
KraftwerkComplete Computer Tour Live (Disc 2) Unknown    
KraftwerkComputer Love (Remix)/Trans Europe Express (Remix) -Unknown Publisher_KRAFT02  
KraftwerkComputer World (TT2010 Edit) -Unknown Publisher_HOME-01  
KraftwerkComputertour (Extended) Diamonds In Your EyeDIYE56   
KraftwerkComputerwelt Takt Music037   
KraftwerkConcert Classics Ranch LifeCRANCH4   
New Order/KraftwerkCrystal/Trans Europe Express -Unknown Publisher_Crystal1  
KraftwerkDen Atelier Kling Klang ClanLVDVD 7997626   
KraftwerkDentaku World Highland   
KraftwerkDVD Activity: The Videos Kraft10   
KraftwerkDynamo Deutschland (Disc 1) Melodia Mekanika-Tontrager    
KraftwerkDynamo Deutschland (Disc 2) Melodia Mekanika-Tontrager    
KraftwerkElektroklang 2004 (Live 2004-05-1 In Indio) Aural DelightsAD 106   
KraftwerkElektrovideogramm Kling Klang ClanLVDVD 7007027   
KraftwerkEnregistrée Live į L'Olympia Unknown    
KraftwerkExpo 2000 (Abe Duque Remixes) -Unknown Publisher_000CXC8A  
KraftwerkFrankfurt 91 (Disc 1) CD-RBT490CD   
KraftwerkFrankfurt 91 (Disc 2) CD-RBT490CD   
KraftwerkFrom The Archives (Disc 1) (Live 1971-06-25 In Bremen) Highland Project    
KraftwerkFrom The Archives (Disc 2) (Live 1970 In Soest) Highland Project    
Kraftwerk/Depeche Mode/YazooGerman Kraft/Servant And Master Mix Gran RecordsGR-2318  
KraftwerkHomecomputer EMI (Fake)/Kling Klang (Fake)KLANG DJ 104  
KraftwerkHyper Cerebral Machine Men At WorkWORK 5536-2  Read review
KraftwerkInstore Sampler Kling Klang (Fake)KRAFT 001   
KraftwerkInstore Sampler Vol. 2 Kling Klang (Fake)KRAFT 002   
David BowieJohn I'm Only Dancing (KBFH 20-Jan-1980) (Disc 1) DIR Broadcasting    
KraftwerkK4 Radio Bremen 1971 No Label   Read review
KraftwerkKraftwerk (1): 1970-1981 -Unknown Publisher_    
KraftwerkKraftwerk (2): 1986-2000 + Side Projects -Unknown Publisher_    
KraftwerkKraftwerk (3): Remixes -No Obvious Label-    
KraftwerkKraftwerk (4): Live 1971-1990 -No Obvious Label-    
KraftwerkKraftwerk Megamix Global TreatGT 402   
KraftwerkKraftwerk UK 1975 Unknown    
KraftwerkKöln 12.6.1971 RUCKZUCK6305051    
KraftwerkLatitude (Live 2013-07-20 In Suffolk) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLichtgestalten (Disc 1) Kling KlangLVCD 7997 623-287   
KraftwerkLichtgestalten (Disc 2) Kling KlangLVCD 7997 623-287   
KraftwerkLive 1971 B 13B186 LP   
KraftwerkLive 1976-09-30 Paris Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 1981-08-04 New York Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 1998-06-11 Detroit Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2004-04-28 San Francisco Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2008-11-29 Brisbane Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2013-01-11 Düsseldorf (Autobahn 3D Concert) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2013-01-16 Düsseldorf (The Man Machine 3D Concert) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2013-01-17 Düsseldorf (Computer World 3D Concert) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2013-01-18 Düsseldorf (Electric Cafe 3D Concert) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2013-01-19 Düsseldorf (The Mix 3D Concert) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2013-01-20 Düsseldorf (Tour De France 3D Concert) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2013-02-14 London (Tour De France 3D Concert) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2013-05-09 Tokyo (Radioactivity 3D Concert) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2013-05-25 Sydney (The Man Machine 3D Concert) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2013-06-28 Poznan Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2013-10-18 Eindhoven Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2014-03-18 Los Angeles (Autobahn 3D Show) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2014-03-18 Los Angeles (Radioactivity 3D Show) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2014-03-19 Los Angeles (The Man Machine 3D Concert) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2014-03-19 Los Angeles (Trans-Europe Express 3D Concert) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2014-03-21 Los Angeles (The Mix) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2014-03-21 Los Angeles (Tour De France) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2014-03-24 Oakland Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2014-04-04 Washington DC Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2014-05-16 Vienna (Trans-Europe Express 3D Concert) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2014-06-28 Las Vegas Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2014-07-01 Seattle Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2014-08-15 Chiba Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive 2015-01-16 Amsterdam (Autobahn 3D Show) -Unknown Publisher_    
KraftwerkLive 2015-01-17 Amsterdam (Radioactivity 3D Show) -Unknown Publisher_    
KraftwerkLive 2015-01-18 Amsterdam (Trans Europe Express 3D Concert) -Unknown Publisher_    
KraftwerkLive 2015-01-19 Amsterdam (The Man Machine 3D Concert) -Unknown Publisher_    
KraftwerkLive 2015-01-20 Amsterdam (Computer World 3D Concert) -Unknown Publisher_    
KraftwerkLive 2015-01-21 Amsterdam (Techno Pop 3D Concert) -Unknown Publisher_    
KraftwerkLive 2015-01-22 Amsterdam (The Mix 3D Show) -Unknown Publisher_    
Karl BartosLive At The Volt Festival (Live 2006-07-7 In Sopron) Audience Recording    
KraftwerkLive At UEA, Norwich, 1992 Unknown    
KraftwerkLive In Brüssel 14.11.1991 DVD DVD-R   Read review
KraftwerkLive In Cologne 1975 Super Golden Radio ShowsSGRS10   
KraftwerkLive On Radio Bremen Philips (Fake)2561971   
KraftwerkN1 To Zürich UnknownCHAM 1-9300   
KraftwerkNeue Kraft Kling Klang MuzikKKMS 24/1091-1   
KraftwerkNeue Symphonien Teil 1 -Unknown Publisher_EMR 181097-1  
KraftwerkNeue Symphonien Teil 2 -Unknown Publisher_EMR 181091-2  
KraftwerkNippon Numbers Smurf    
KraftwerkNon Stop (Disc 1) Mixing RecordsMX7003   
KraftwerkNon Stop (Disc 2) Mixing RecordsMX7003   
KraftwerkNumbers EMI (Fake)/Kling Klang (Fake)KLANG DJ 102  
KraftwerkOriental Computer JapanKW-1981-OR   
KraftwerkParadiso (Disc 1) CD-RBT491CD   
KraftwerkParadiso (Disc 2) CD-RBT491CD   
KraftwerkPocket Calculator DDB RecordsNEWB 10  
KraftwerkPowerwork Megamix TeknorecordsK 316  
KraftwerkRaritäten '73-'00 GenkaGen 005   
KraftwerkRe-Werked Remix -No Obvious Label-KKP 128   
KraftwerkReturn Of The Mensch-Maschine (20th Anniversary Tour) Magazzini Criminali Ltd1009   
KraftwerkRimini Rimini (Disc 1) Love And MoneyLM04-2   
KraftwerkRimini Rimini (Disc 2) Love And MoneyLM04-2   
KraftwerkRock City 81 (Disc 1) CD-RBT1228CD  Read review
KraftwerkRock City 81 (Disc 2) CD-RBT1228CD   
KraftwerkRoskilde 1998 Pigeonhole    
KraftwerkSecurity Device Tring Trang Records435 K   
KraftwerkShowroom Dummies/The Model Toshiba/EMI (Fake)ECR-20658  
KraftwerkThe Man Machine Takt MusicXCD 038   
KraftwerkThe Man Machine Recreated -Unknown Publisher_    
KraftwerkThe Mix Takt Music1430   
KraftwerkThe Mix Live In Copenhagen (Disc 1) (Live 1991-10-24 Copenhagen) -Unknown Publisher_    
KraftwerkThe Mix Live In Copenhagen (Disc 2) (Live 1991-10-24 Copenhagen) -Unknown Publisher_    
KraftwerkThe Mix Live In Leicester 1992 DVD DVD-R    
KraftwerkThe Remix SmurfSMURFCD92-05   
KraftwerkThe Warfield Theater Soundboard (Disc 1) Kling KlangLVCD 7997 625-2   
KraftwerkThe Warfield Theater Soundboard (Disc 2) Kling KlangLVCD 7997 625-2   
KraftwerkTHX 1138 Red DevilRD016-1   
KraftwerkToccata Electronica -Unknown Publisher_TOC 01   
Kraftwerk ~ OrganisationTone Float No Label941000   
KraftwerkTour De France, Numbers, Music Non Stop -Unknown Publisher_ER 001  
KraftwerkTour De Trance The Real Master MixesTRMM 001   
KraftwerkTraffic Jam On Autobahn (Disc 1) HeinzHEINZ1/2   
KraftwerkTraffic Jam On Autobahn (Disc 2) HeinzHEINZ1/2   
KraftwerkTrans Europa Express Takt MusicXCD 049   
KraftwerkTrans Europe Express EMI (Fake)/Kling Klang (Fake)KLANG DJ 101  
KraftwerkTribal Gathering UnknownKTG-0011999   
KraftwerkTribal Gathering 1997 Tribal Radio Phonics   
KraftwerkUltra Rare Trax -Unknown Publisher_CD123   
KraftwerkUltra Rare Trax Volume 2 -Unknown Publisher_CD124   
KraftwerkUltra Rare Traxx PNC RecordsKFT001  
KraftwerkUltra Rare Traxx 2 PNC RecordsKFT002  
KraftwerkUltra Rare Traxx 3 PNC RecordsKFT003   
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - Beat Club - Progressive Times Volume 5 - 1971/1972 -Unknown Publisher_    
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - Na Sowas! - Best Videos Volume 1 (1982-1984) -Unknown Publisher_    
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - RockPop 1978-1981 - Volume 1 -Unknown Publisher_    
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - Sounds Of The 70s - Vol. 2 DVD Mark Jonesmjdvd23  Read review
KraftwerkVideos Collection home    
KraftwerkVirtu Ex Machina Deutsch-Japanische Freundsch.KLON1992001  Read review
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