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The Damned

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The Damned: All files sorted by publisher

The Damned
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The following items are not for sale. This is only a list of what exists. The webmaster does not know where to find them and does not own them, so please don't ask. Thanks.

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The Damned100 Club CD-RBT328CD   
The DamnedAny Night Above Ground Is A Good Night (Disc 1) CD-RBT1387CD   
The DamnedAny Night Above Ground Is A Good Night (Disc 2) CD-RBT1387CD   
The DamnedArnold Layne CD-RBT329CD   
The DamnedAt The Mayfair (Disc 1) CD-RBT830CD   
The DamnedAt The Mayfair (Disc 2) CD-RBT830CD   
The DamnedBad Time For Brighton CD-RBT829CD   
The DamnedBan The Bomb CD-RBT821CD   
The DamnedBataclan CD-RBT410CD   
The DamnedBlack Assembly (Disc 1) CD-RBT1294CD   
The DamnedBlack Assembly (Disc 2) CD-RBT1294CD   
The DoomedBones CD-RBT814CD   
The DamnedBrighton Concorde 2, 20th December 2007 (Disc 1) CD-R    
The DamnedBrighton Concorde 2, 20th December 2007 (Disc 2) CD-R    
The DamnedBrum Solo CD-RBT754CD   
The DamnedCaptain's Last Stand CD-R    
The DamnedClub C. O. D. 82 CD-RBT1193CD   
The DoomedCroydon Greyhound CD-RBT818CD   
Brian James, Rat ScabiesDamned Damned Damned CD-RBT876CD   
The DamnedDeath To Disco CD-RBT825CD   
The DamnedDurham Punk Fest (Disc 1) CD-RBT1076CD   
The DamnedDurham Punk Fest (Disc 2) CD-RBT10.76CD   
The DamnedEarly Rarities (DVD) Unknown    
The DamnedEdinburgh Friday 13th (Disc 1) CD-RBT739CD   
The DamnedEdinburgh Friday 13th (Disc 2) CD-RBT739CD   
The DamnedEven More Final Damnation CD-RBT1157CD   
The DamnedFuck Off And Die CD-RBT817CD   
The DamnedFuturama CD-RBT828CD   
The DamnedGodzilla CD-RBT827CD   
The DamnedGoldiggers CD-RBT833CD   
The DamnedGood Clean Fun CD-RBT835CD   
The DamnedHamburg CD-RBT519CD   
The DamnedHappy Fucking Christmas CD-RBT824CD   
The DamnedHigh Wycombe 1979 CD-RBT815CD   
The DamnedHouse Of Blues CD-RBT822CD  Read review
DeadShamBandIf The Kids Are United? CD-RBT1004CD   
The DamnedIs She Really Going Out With Him? (Radio 2 Documentary) DVD-Audio Unknown    
The DamnedJet Boys And Whitecats CD-RBT711CD   
The DamnedLive Unknown    
The DamnedLive 1977-06-10 Birmingham, Barbarellas Unknown    
The DoomedLive 1978-09-05 London, Electric Ballroom Unknown    
The DamnedLive 1981-03-03 London, Hammersmith Palais Unknown    
The DamnedLive 1983-03-28 Channel 4 DVD Unknown    
The DamnedLive 1983-12-27 Liverpool, Royal Court Unknown    
Captain SensibleLive 1985-09-07 London, Thamesday Unknown    
The DamnedLive 1986-03-11 Philadelphia, Trocadero (CD1) Unknown    
The DamnedLive 1986-03-11 Philadelphia, Trocadero (CD2) Unknown    
The DamnedLive 1988-10-21 Hollywood, John Anson Ford Theatre Unknown    
The DamnedLive 1988-10-22 Hollywood, John Anson Ford Theatre Unknown    
The DamnedLive 1989-07-15 New York, New Ritz Unknown    
Captain SensibleLive 1991-08-25 Reading Festival, Mean Fiddler Stage Unknown    
The DamnedLive 2000-10-30 Los Angeles, Roxy Theatre Unknown    
The DamnedLive 2001-10-07 Denver Unknown    
The DamnedLive At Ashton Metro CD-RBT834CD   
Naz Nomad And The NightmaresLive At Finsbury Park CD-RBT1100CD   
The Damned With Special Guest Joey RamoneLive At Milton Keynes Bowl 19.6.88 CD-R    
The DamnedLive At The Whiskey A Go-Go CD-RBT831CD   
The DamnedLive In Boston CD-RBT520CD   
The DamnedLive In Oxford 1984 CD-RBT724CD   
The DamnedLive In Philadelphia 1983 CD-RCD318CD   
The DamnedLive To Fight, Another Day (Disc 1) CD-RBT1391CD   
The DamnedLive To Fight, Another Day (Disc 2) CD-RBT1391CD   
The DamnedLive To Fight, Another Day (Disc 3) CD-RBT1391CD   
The DamnedMachine Gun Etiqette Demos CD-RBT879CD   
The DamnedMayflower CD-RBT820CD   
The DamnedMoličre CD-RBT823CD   
The DamnedMonte De Marsan CD-RBT327CD   
The DamnedMusic For Zeroes CD-RBT836CD   
The DamnedNeat Demos CD-RBT813CD   
The DamnedNever Mind The Sex Pistols, Here's The Damned CD-RBT330CD   
The DamnedNew Boy CD-RBT707CD   
The DamnedNightshift Unknown    
The DamnedNottingham University CD-RBT518CD   
The DamnedParr Hall, Warrington 5 May 2012 (Disc 1) CD-RBT1295CD   
The DamnedParr Hall, Warrington 5 May 2012 (Disc 2) CD-RBT1295CD   
The DamnedPhantasmagoria CD-RBT1229CD   
The DamnedPlay Something We Like (Disc 1) CD-RBT1371CD   
The DamnedPlay Something We Like (Disc 2) CD-RBT1371CD   
The DamnedPortsmouth 1982 CD-RBT593CD   
The Sex PistolsPunk And The Pistols (VCD1) Unknown    
The Sex PistolsPunk And The Pistols (VCD2) Unknown    
The DamnedRare TV Collection (DVD) Unknown    
The DamnedRehearsals 26-27 November 1978 CD-RBT816CD   
The DamnedReturn To The Roadmenders (Disc 1) CD-RBT1013CD  Read review
The DamnedReturn To The Roadmenders (Disc 2) VCD CD-RBT1013CD   
The DamnedRoadmenders (Disc 1) CD-RBT677CD   
The DamnedRoadmenders (Disc 2) CD-RBT677CD   
The DamnedRoadmorons (Disc 1) CD-RBT1160CD   
The DamnedRoadmorons (Disc 2) CD-RBT1160CD   
The DamnedSheffield July 1980 CD-RBT331CD   
The DamnedSheffield Top Rank, 11th June 1979 CD-RBT521CD   
The DamnedSummer Nights CD-RBT753CD   
The DamnedThe Best Of The Damned Volume Four DVD UnknownBT1040DVD  Read review
The DamnedThe Black Album Demos CD-RBT878CD   
The DamnedThe Brook (Disc 1) CD-RBT522CD   
The DamnedThe Brook (Disc 2) CD-RBT522CD   
The DamnedThe Clarendon Hotel, London CD-R    
The DamnedThe Damned Re-Union CD-RBT1183CD   
The DamnedThe Doomed RCA 1978 UnknownAE20547/8   
The Damned (With Robert Fripp)The Monster (Disc 1) CD-RBT1231CD   
The Damned (With Robert Fripp)The Monster (Disc 2) CD-RBT1231CD   
The DamnedThe Phoenix CD-RBT826CD   
The DamnedTilburg 16-4-80 CD-RBT1020CD  Read review
The DamnedVillage Of The Damned Trade Mark Of Quality/Unknown    
The DamnedWay Out CD-RBT819CD   
The DamnedXmas Be Damned CD-RBT1075CD   
The DamnedXmas Be Damned Glasgow CD-RBT1303CD   
The DamnedYou've Got Some Goddesses Up Here CD-RBT832CD   
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