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The Smashing Pumpkins

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The Smashing Pumpkins: All files sorted alphabetically

The Smashing Pumpkins
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The following items are not for sale. This is only a list of what exists. The webmaster does not know where to find them and does not own them, so please don't ask. Thanks.

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The Smashing Pumpkins'Unplugged' CD-Rsp321   
The Smashing Pumpkins1997 [Vancouver] (Disc 1) MoonrakerMOONRAKER 245/246   
The Smashing Pumpkins1997 [Vancouver] (Disc 2) MoonrakerMOONRAKER 245/246   
The Smashing Pumpkins2007-05-22 Paris ( Disc 1 ) Audience Recordingsp52207a   
The Smashing Pumpkins2007-05-22 Paris ( Disc 2 ) Audience Recordingsp52207b   
The Smashing Pumpkins2007-05-22 Paris ( Disc 3 ) Audience Recordingsp52207c   
The Smashing PumpkinsA Kiss Of This Rocks92123   
The Smashing PumpkinsAdoration Dancing Horsespdh1   
The Smashing PumpkinsAdore Virgin Recordsspadore  Read review
The Smashing PumpkinsAstoria '94 Gemapmcd054   
The Smashing PumpkinsBeautiful As The Sun Sumosumo05   
The Smashing PumpkinsBeautiful People Best Boot OneBB1998003   
The Smashing PumpkinsBilly's Home Demos Front Rowfrc-2a  Read review
The Smashing PumpkinsBlack Sessions Unknown    
The Smashing PumpkinsChildren Of Gotham MoonrakerMoonraker 251   
The Smashing PumpkinsDream Moonrakermr138   
The Smashing PumpkinsDrown Kiss The StoneKTSddd  Read review
The Smashing PumpkinsDusk (Disc 1) Moonraker    
The Smashing PumpkinsDusk (Disc 2) MoonrakerMOONRAKER 063/64   
The Smashing PumpkinsEarphoria Virgin RecordsSPear  Read review
The Smashing PumpkinsEarphoria 2 Fan Collectionspe2   
The Smashing PumpkinsEnter Adore ThunderballTB041   
The Smashing PumpkinsExit Mellon Collie Unknownspemc   
The Smashing PumpkinsFallin' Out Of Sleep Kobra Recordskrcd40   
The Smashing PumpkinsFeeling Like A Smashed Pumpkin FlashbackFB01940226   
The Smashing PumpkinsFestive Unknownsmfb   
The Smashing PumpkinsFrom The Vault -No Obvious Label-sp8891cd   
The Smashing PumpkinsGish Virgin Recordsspgish  Read review
The Smashing PumpkinsGlastonbury 1997 N/A    
The Smashing PumpkinsGravity Demos ( Disc 1 ) Gravitygdd1   
The Smashing PumpkinsGravity Demos ( Disc 2 ) Gravitygdd2   
The Smashing PumpkinsInsincere & Insolent Thunderballtb049   
The Smashing PumpkinsKnock On Wood Gemahj1   
Billy CorganKROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas (Live 1998-12-12 In Los Angeles) Generic Foods / PBJ ProductionGF 005   
The Smashing PumpkinsLive Divine Moonrakermoonraker142   
The Smashing PumpkinsLove Is Suicide The NetworkCONV003   
The Smashing PumpkinsMACHINA / The Machines Of God Virgin Recordsspmachina  Read review
The Smashing PumpkinsMachina II/The Friends And Enemies Of Modern Music (Disc 1) Constantinople    
The Smashing PumpkinsMachina II/The Friends And Enemies Of Modern Music (Disc 2) Constantinople    
The Smashing PumpkinsMayonaise Dream Kiss The StoneKTS 261  Read review
The Smashing PumpkinsMellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness ( Disc 1 ) Virgin Recordsspmellond1   
The Smashing PumpkinsMellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness ( Disc 2 ) Virgin Recordsspmellond2   
The Smashing PumpkinsMellon Collie At The Max Sparksp003   
The Smashing PumpkinsMellon Collie Disc 3 Unknownspmellon3   
The Smashing PumpkinsMelodies Mind The Magicmtm043   
James IhaMercury Lounge CD-RBT531CD   
The Smashing PumpkinsMoon CD-RBT198CD   
The Smashing PumpkinsOberhausen 2000 ( Disc 1 ) Unknownspob00a   
The Smashing PumpkinsOberhausen 2000 ( Disc 2 ) Unknownspob00b   
The Smashing PumpkinsOnce In Lifetime noneLC7419   
The Smashing PumpkinsOut Of Focus Hawkhawk043   
The Smashing PumpkinsPisces Iscariot Virgin Recordssppisces   
The Smashing PumpkinsPumpkin Seeds Sponge Recordsspseeds   
The Smashing PumpkinsRawk */Unknown   Read review
The Smashing PumpkinsRedrum DPPDPP018777217323   
The Smashing PumpkinsRock AM Ring (DVD) ( Disc 1 ) 13spramrdvda   
The Smashing PumpkinsRock AM Ring (DVD) ( Disc 2 ) 13spramrdvdb   
The Smashing PumpkinsRocknight Electric40034   
The Smashing PumpkinsRoskilde Festival 1997 (DVD) Fan Collectionsprfdvd   
The Smashing PumpkinsSecret Destroyers Oxygen Recordsoxy076   
The Smashing PumpkinsShine Bullseyecdeye05   
The Smashing PumpkinsSiamese Dream Virgin Recordsspdream   
The Smashing PumpkinsSoul Sacrifice WBRWBR949600   
The Smashing PumpkinsSpaceboy Live Stormlscd51517  Read review
The Smashing PumpkinsSquashed Zucchini RupertRUP9688   
The Smashing PumpkinsStarlight ( Disc 1 ) MoonrakerMR028   
The Smashing PumpkinsStarlight ( Disc 2 ) MoonrakerMR029   
The Smashing PumpkinsStuttgart 1996 -No Obvious Label-spst41996   
The Smashing PumpkinsSummersault 2000 Montreal Unknown    
Uli Jon RothSymphonic Rock For Europe 1993 (Live 1993-04-23 In Liege) Lost and foundLAF758   
David BowieTaratata (DVD) DVD-R    
The Smashing PumpkinsTears In University Green MintGM027   
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Aeroplane Flies High (1979) Virgin Recordssps1979  
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Aeroplane Flies High (Bullet With Butterfly Wings) Virgin Recordsspsbullet  
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Aeroplane Flies High (Thirty-Three) Virgin Recordssps33  
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Aeroplane Flies High (Tonight, Tonight) Virgin Recordsspstonight  
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Aeroplane Flies High (Zero) Virgin Recordsspszero   
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Berlin Bullet ( Disc 1 ) Moonrakerspbulletd1   
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Berlin Bullet ( Disc 2 ) Moonrakerspbulletd2   
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Greatest Day HawkHawk037   
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Second To Last Gig Ever! ( Disc 1 ) SPKsp20001129a   
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Second To Last Gig Ever! ( Disc 2 ) SPKsp20001129b   
The Smashing PumpkinsThere Is No God Unknownww4   
The Smashing PumpkinsTivoli ( Disc 1 ) Sumosumo10   
The Smashing PumpkinsTivoli ( Disc 2 ) Sumosumo11   
The Smashing PumpkinsTune In, Turn On, Rawk Out Moonrakermoonraker115   
The Smashing PumpkinsTurpintine Kisses Kiss The StoneKTS531  Read review
The Smashing PumpkinsTwilight Moonrakersptwi   
The Smashing PumpkinsUltra Rare Trax Unknownspultra   
The Smashing PumpkinsUnder The Covers Smashing Pumpkins RecordingsSP9000CD  Read review
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - Have You Got It Yet? Disc 18 - The Covers (Tracks 51-65) MP3    
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - Santa's Boots (Disc 2) -Unknown Publisher_    
The Smashing PumpkinsWe Salute You Naked Man Oxygen MonadaOXY068   
James IhaWorld Café CD-RBT672CD   
The Smashing PumpkinsWrapped Up In The Pleasures Of The World Kiss The Stonekts542   
The Smashing PumpkinsWZRD Radio Show Smashing Pumpkins Recordingswzrd89   
The Smashing PumpkinsZeitgeist Martha's Music/Reprise138620-2   
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