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Def Leppard

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Def Leppard: All files sorted alphabetically

Def Leppard
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The following items are not for sale. This is only a list of what exists. The webmaster does not know where to find them and does not own them, so please don't ask. Thanks.

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Def Leppard1983 Meltdown (Disc 1) (Live 1983-10-20 In Milan) Lost and foundLAF382   
Def Leppard1983 Meltdown (Disc 2) (Live 1983-10-20 In Milan) Lost and foundLAF383   
Def Leppard1983 Meltdown (Disc 3) (Live 1983-12-18 In Dortmund) Lost and foundLAF384   
Def LeppardAdrenalize Takt Music1784   
Def LeppardBand On The Run (Disc 1) (Live 1987-11-20 In San Diego) Lost and foundLAF920   
Def LeppardBand On The Run (Disc 2) (Live 1987-11-20 & 1987-06-25) Lost and foundLAF921   
Def LeppardBand On The Run (Disc 3) (Live 1998-08-17 In Mountain View) Lost and foundLAF922   
Def LeppardBuenos Aires 1997 (Live 1997-04-20 In Buenos Aires) Lost and foundLAF753   
Def LeppardDownload 2011 (Disc 1) (Live 2011-06-10) Lost and foundLAF283   
Def LeppardDownload 2011 (Disc 2) (Live 2011-06-10 & 2009-06-14) Lost and foundLAF284   
Def LeppardDownload 2011 (Disc 3) Lost and foundLAF285   
Def LeppardEarly Strikes (Disc 1) (Live 1979-09-16 & 1980-07-13) Lost and foundLAF1005   
Def LeppardEarly Strikes (Disc 2) (Live 1980-04-13 In London) Lost and foundLAF1006   
Def LeppardEarly Strikes (Disc 3) Lost and foundLAF1007   
Various ArtistsHeavy Festival '83 (Disc 2) (Live 1983-12-18 In Dortmund) -Unknown Publisher_    
Def LeppardInterview Picture Disc - Limited Edition BaktabakBAK 2067   
Thin LizzyKing's Call 1996 (Live 1996-01-4 In Dublin) Lost and foundLAF1247   
Def LeppardLet's Get Sparked (Live 2008-04-3, 2008-04-29 & 2008-04-30) Lost and foundLAF542   
Def LeppardLive 1979-08-22 London -Unknown Publisher_    
Def LeppardLive 1980-07-13 Landover -Unknown Publisher_    
Def LeppardLive 1981-08-08 South Fallsburg -Unknown Publisher_    
Def LeppardLive 1983-04-16 Irvine -Unknown Publisher_    
Def LeppardLive 1983-09-11 Los Angeles, The Forum (Rock Till You Drop) (DVD-Audio) Howling LegHL-094  Read review
Def LeppardLive 1983-11-07 Clermont-Ferrand -Unknown Publisher_    
Def LeppardLive 1983-12-18 Dortmund Def Leppard (Dortmund '83) Howling LegHL-069   
Def LeppardLive 1987-08-31 Sheffield -Unknown Publisher_    
Def LeppardLive 1987-09-04 Manchester -Unknown Publisher_    
Def LeppardLive 1993-06-18 Osaka -Unknown Publisher_    
Def LeppardLive 1995-11-25 Montreal (Unplugged And Unshaved) Unknown   Read review
Def LeppardLive 1996-08-29 Sacramento (FM) Unknown    
Def LeppardLive 2003-02-23 Manchester -Unknown Publisher_    
Def LeppardLive 2003-10-27 Doncaster -Unknown Publisher_    
Def LeppardLive 2014-07-22 West Palm Beach -Unknown Publisher_    
Def LeppardLive From The Sparkle Lounges (Disc 1) (Live 2008-11-5 In Sydney) Lost and foundLAF633   
Def LeppardLive From The Sparkle Lounges (Disc 2) (Live 2008-10-6 & 2008-05-8) Lost and foundLAF634   
Def LeppardLive From Vault To Slang (Disc 1) Lost and foundLAF1674   
Def LeppardLive From Vault To Slang (Disc 2) Lost and foundLAF1675   
Def LeppardMirror Ball Tour 2011 (Disc 1) (Live 2011-06-26 In Camden) Lost and foundLAF1303   
Def LeppardMirror Ball Tour 2011 (Disc 2) (Live 2011-07-5 & 2011-06-10) Lost and foundLAF1304   
Def LeppardPyromania TV Collection Lost and foundLAF 1797   
Def LeppardRock Of All Ages DVD Lost and foundLAF1524   
Def LeppardSheffield 1992 (Live 1992-06-24) DVD -No Obvious Label-    
Def LeppardSports Arena - San Diego, California - September 19, 1992 -Unknown Publisher_    
Various ArtistsThe Art Of McCartney (Disc 1) Arctic PoppyAPCDREM1402   
Various ArtistsThe Art Of McCartney (Disc 2) Arctic PoppyAPCDREM1402   
Def LeppardThey're Back (Live 1986-08-16) LangleyLANGLEY-093   
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