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Paul Simon
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The following items are not for sale. This is only a list of what exists. The webmaster does not know where to find them and does not own them, so please don't ask. Thanks.

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Pete Townshend10th September 1995 - Paramount Theatre, New York, NY, USA -Unknown Publisher_    
Bob Dylan1999-06-05 Denver (DVD) DVDylan VideoD811.su   
Bob Dylan & Paul Simon1999-06-19 Mountain View (Disc 2) Unknown    
Bob Dylan & Paul Simon1999-06-19 Mountain View (Disc 3) Unknown    
Bob Dylan & Paul Simon1999-07-30 Wantagh ( DVD ) DVDylan VideodvddylanD082su   
George HarrisonA Dark Horse On A Dark Race Course (DVD) UnknownGH-2001   
Paul McCartneyAdopt A Minefield Live CD1 Birthday RecordsBR 110   
Paul McCartneyAdopt A Minefield Live CD2 Birthday RecordsBR 111   
Paul McCartneyAdopt-A-Minefield Rehearsals Unknownnlaall20010614   
George HarrisonAnthology (Disc 1) Invasion UnlimitedIU 9749-4-1   
George HarrisonArchives 1974-1988 (DVD) Fab Productions    
Paul SimonBBC Session (DVD) DVD-RBT221DVD  Read review
Paul SimonBlossom And Falls (Disc 1) (Live 1984-08-1 In Ohio) Midnight DreamerMD-592A   
Paul SimonBlossom And Falls (Disc 2) (Live 1984-08-1 In Ohio) Midnight DreamerMD-592B   
Paul SimonCareer Retrospective (Live 1993-10-01 New York) -Unknown Publisher_    
Carl PerkinsCARL PERKINS - Go Cat Go Dinosaur Music76401-84508-2   
George HarrisonCompleted Rarities Vol. 2 PolyphonePH 1302  Read review
George HarrisonCovers By George Harrison Vol. 1 Unknown    
Bob DylanDylan 75 Volume 3 - It Takes Two To Tango (Disc 2) Blindwilly    
Bob DylanDylan 75 Volume 7 - Rock Me Mama (Disc 1) Blindwilly    
George Harrison & Ravi ShankarEast & West, Yin & Yang Yellow Cat RecordsYC 074  Read review
George HarrisonFar East Man - Live Rarities Living LegendLLRCD 088  Read review
Paul SimonGood Time In New York (Disc 1) (Live 1980-10-25 In New York) Midnight DreamerMD-603A   
Paul SimonGood Time In New York (Disc 2) (Live 1980-10-25 In New York) Midnight DreamerMD-603B   
Paul SimonGraceland (1986/2004) (5.1 DTS Upmix) HomeMade    
Paul SimonGraceland In Africa (Disc 1) Unknown    
Paul SimonGraceland In Africa (Disc 2) Unknown    
Paul SimonGraceland In Italy (Disc 1) (Live 1987-02-7 In Milan) Midnight DreamerMD-600A   
Paul SimonGraceland In Italy (Disc 2) (Live 1987-02-7 In Milan) Midnight DreamerMD-600B   
George HarrisonHari Unreleased Studio Sessions & TV Spots RMG Records    
George HarrisonI Could Wait Forever, I've Got Time - Songs From The Gardener (DVD) HomeMade    
George HarrisonLegend Of A Leg End Vol. 2 Disc 1 BMWBMW-011A  Read review
Paul SimonLive Mainline MusicSW 77   
Simon & GarfunkelLive 1967/Chéz Small Talk Records67chez  Read review
The BeatlesLive From New York It's George, Paul And Ringo! Golden WalrusGW1998   
Paul SimonLive In Japan 10-10-1991 (1 CD) MP3    
Paul SimonLive Rhymin' Columbia    
Simon & GarfunkelMagical Mystery Mixes TJT ProductionsTJT-017  Read review
Bob DylanNo More Alibis (Disc 3) RattlesnakeRS 005   
Various ArtistsNobody's Child - Romanian Angel Appeal Warner Bros.WB-7599-26280-2  Read review
Paul Simon & StingOn Stage Together - Dallas Texas 2014 (Disc 1) (Live 2014-02-9 In Dallas) Midnight DreamerMD-640A   
Paul Simon & StingOn Stage Together - Dallas Texas 2014 (Disc 2) (Live 2014-02-9 In Dallas) Midnight DreamerMD-640B   
Paul Simon & StingOn Stage Together - Dallas Texas 2014 (Disc 3) (Live 2014-02-8 In Houston) Midnight DreamerMD-640C  Read review
Sting & Paul SimonOn Stage Together - Hershey + Washington DC 2014 (Disc 1) Midnight DreamerMD-644A   
Sting & Paul SimonOn Stage Together - Hershey + Washington DC 2014 (Disc 2) Midnight DreamerMD-644B   
Sting & Paul SimonOn Stage Together - Hershey + Washington DC 2014 (Disc 3) Midnight DreamerMD-644C   
Sting & Paul SimonOn Stage Together - Hershey + Washington DC 2014 (Disc 4) Midnight DreamerMD-644D   
Paul Simon & StingOn Stage Together - Seattle 2014 (Disc 1) (Live 2014-02-19 In Seattle) Midnight DreamerMD-642   
Paul Simon & StingOn Stage Together - Seattle 2014 (Disc 2) (Live 2014-02-19 In Seattle) Midnight DreamerMD-624B   
Paul SimonPaul Simon ColumbiaKC 30750   
Paul SimonPaul Simon 'Solo' Live In Illinois 1984-08-18 (2 CD Set) MP3    
Paul SimonPaul Simon - MTV Unplugged Unknown    
George HarrisonPresenting SirDannone   
George HarrisonRadio And TV Bootleg Unknown    
George HarrisonRadio One's 'Nobody's Child' Small Bogey RecordsSBR-003  Read review
George HarrisonRare & TV Volume 1 (DVD) UnknownBGL04   
George HarrisonRemembered 2014 Fab Productions    
Bob Dylan & Paul SimonSomething Is Happening On Mr. Jones' Beach (Disk 1) RattlesnakeRS029  Read review
Bob Dylan & Paul SimonSomething Is Happening On Mr. Jones' Beach (Disk 2) RattlesnakeRS030   
Bob Dylan & Paul SimonSomething Is Happening On Mr. Jones' Beach (Disk 3) RattlesnakeRS 031   
George HarrisonSomewhere In Utopia (Double LP) Luka ProductionsWX-124CD1/2  Read review
George HarrisonSwedish Fan Club Tape Unicorn RecordsUC-085   
VariousThe Legends Live Mainline MusicSW 103   
Paul SimonThe Paul Simon Songbook Columbia/Legacy5154212   
Bob DylanThe Pyramid 1999 ( Disc 2 ) Dylanvinebdtpd2   
George HarrisonThe Video Collection 1974-1988 (DVD) Capitol (Fake)   Read review
Paul SimonThere Goes Rhymin' Simon Warner Bros9 25589-2   
George HarrisonToday N/A   Read review
The BeatlesUnbootlegged 47 - Eh, Eh I Didn't Know I Could Whistle No Head RecordsNHR 1501   
Various ArtistsVARIOUS - Flabby Road III Yellow FishYF-3  Read review
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - Sounds Of The 70s - Vol. 2 DVD Mark Jonesmjdvd23  Read review
Various ArtistsVarious Artists - The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour - Groovy Tunes (DVD) Mark Jonesmjdvd24  Read review
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