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East Of Eden

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East Of Eden
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Quick News
  [BootlegZone]    6 Jul 2003 21:10 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Scans submission
It seems that most bugs have been tracked and fixed. I can now officially declare that you have the ability to submit scans to the site. To know how all this works, see JADE's help. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.

  [BootlegZone]    6 Jul 2003 20:50 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
More sections
Because of the "Air Miami" section cleaning, I've created the following sections: Aerosmith, L7, Hole, Dead Kennedys, Matthew Sweet, Beck, Depeche Mode, Sloan, Ministry, KMFDM, Veruca Salt, Bauhaus and Prince.
Flood me with bootlegs by these artists now !

  [BootlegZone]    6 Jul 2003 00:34 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
I see scans everywhere !
Just a quick word to inform you that since last week, beta tests on the "scans upload/addition" feature have been conducted and that so far, except for a few bugs, everything has been working quite nicely. We hope to fully enable this feature in a few days. By the way, you can already see the first results as our beta-testers are uploading new scans to the site every day ! Look at the list on the lower right of this page.

In the meantime I've been adding more admin tools to JADE, as well as support for Boxsets (more on this in a few days), fixing bugs here and there etc ... so, after all, it seems I'm back for good ...

  [BootlegZone]    24 Jun 2003 00:05 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Upload complete !
As I'm writing this message, the latest scan is being uploaded on the server ... it took almost 36 hours to upload 1Gb to the server ... I hope I'll be more cautious the next time before deleting files inadvertently...

Also you'll be interested to know that I'm actually conducting beta tests for the scan upload/management feature of JADE... and while I'm doing this I'm implementing the remaining missing administration features ...

  [BootlegZone]    22 Jun 2003 15:28 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Where are the scans ?
My mistake ! I've accidentally erased all the scans on the server ...
I'm currently uploading them again ... it's a 1Gigabyte upload so it's gonne take some time but everything should be back to normal in a few hours ... Sorry for the inconvenience.

  [BootlegZone]    21 Jun 2003 16:02 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Website maintenance
The server was down today from 2pm to 4pm CET in order to improve the database structure. What's the difference ? Well, in short, the indexation scheme for the Song Versions has been recreated and now the display of tracklistings and version information should be faster.
In the next days/weeks there will be other improvements which might require a temporary unavailability of the site.

  [BootlegZone]    19 Jun 2003 23:08 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Words from the dead man ...
Hi there ! how are you doing ? it's been a long time isn't it ? well, i'm not dead yet .. (i'm not gonna die on you folks yet) .... and the site ? well ... although I'm not "there" it seems to life its own live by itself .... GREAT !

I'm not "back" (yet ?) but I'm more "around" ... as a proof, I've created two new sections in the forums ... one is to talk about bootlegs in general (how do you convert them to mp3, where to find them, etc), the other one is for your trade lists ads ....

Also I've been "kind of" working on the database structure ... not much you can see directly just by surfing here on the 'zone but I'm trying to improve the display speed of the pages .... in the next few days it's likely that the site will be unavailable for a few hours (for good reasons now, not just because of a server crash) because I'll be working on it....

About the server down times, slowdowns, crashes, "weird futuristic dates": sorry, as I said, I'm not always right there to fix the problems ... I try to visit the 'zone at least once a day but sometimes this just can't be done (well, I have a life too ... just like you ...)

I'm also looking for FORUMS MODERATORS .... what will their job be ? Basically since most of the participants are very nice (for now), it'll be a very cool job: only move the off-topics posts into the appropriate category ... but one day, who knows, maybe you'll have to ban a user for bad behaviour or simply close a topic before the participants declare war to each other...
I need only 3-4 moderators (MAX !), it would be great if they had a particular interest for the section they want to moderate (if you hate the Beatles, don't ask to moderate the Beatlegs forum) ... ... send me an email if you're interested ....

Talking about emails, I've been answering emails lately .... strange isn't it ? ... yes, that's true, something must be going on ... something weird is happening ... maybe I'm back into business ... well, honestly, not quite yet ... but this might the beginning of something no ? And I'm also thinking about maybe moving the site to a whole new server ... faster, with more memory, less crashes (let's hope so !) .... nothing is settled yet ... just wandering thoughts flowing in my mind ....

About the donations: many thanks to all the people who helped with this ... 3 months ago, in only 2 weeks I've received $350 ... which is great ! But since then: NOTHING .... please if you like this site, consider sending $5 ... just once ... if you don't have a credit card, ask another member to pay for you ... there's always a way ...

Take care everybody


  [BootlegZone]    11 Nov 2002 19:57 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
OK ... Time for another "Where's Tilleul again ?" quick news ...
Well, I'm not really in a hurry am I ?
You'll be happy to know that I'm working on the Scans Upload feature, although development is slow. The feature has been tested locally on my test server but not yet live on Bootlegzone. This should happen shortly.
Also the admin features are on their way too ... but as you can see I take my time ...

Another thing you'll like is that I've opened a special section on the forums. The Free Boots section will explain you a new way to get free boots. Go there for more details. NOTE THAT IS NOT A SERVICE OF BOOTLEGZONE !

  [BootlegZone]    29 Sep 2002 11:15 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Beatleg Manager Software
I'm receiving a lot of requests about the Beatleg Manager software. Please notice that for now the support of this very old piece of code (junk ?) is discontinued.
I'm putting all my efforts into the website and it's impossible for me to do both the website and the software support.
So please do not ask me for software registration, new beatleg files and do not send me beatleg files because I won't be able to help.

I hope you understand. Thanks.

  [BootlegZone]    28 Sep 2002 08:46 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
What's gonna happen now ...
After several days of crash disks on my system at home and several problems with the bootlegzone server, I'll finally be able to continue work on JADE.
I have tested some interesting solutions for uploading scans directly on the server. All I have to do now is write the code so you can manage scans in JADE.
I'll also continue work on the FAQ.
After that, I'll have to simplify the database structure a little bit (you should not see any change on your side, except, I hope, improved speed).
Then I'll continue the development of the admin part of JADE so I can elect sections leaders who'll be in charge of artists sections on bootlegzone.

  [BootlegZone]    22 Aug 2002 19:31 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
All Is Well
I've been contacted by Rackshack. The whole thing was a mistake on their side ... Whew ! All is well in the end ... the scans are now back online.

Well, since I've been forced by some unexpected events to break my 4-months silence, here are some news.

As you might now, I'm a bit tired of running the bootlegzone website. It is a lot of work and it is clear I can't do this all by myself. This is something I know from the very beginning I started bootlegzone: this is too much work for one person alone and the website was built so it could have different co-webmasters.
The JADE tool was a big part of it and 95% of the common user interface was ready. I still had to build the admin part of the tool when, back in April, there were a lot of pressure in my private life (some were painful and other were very joyful) and I lost interest in the whole thing.
Now that you know the reason, you might wonder if there will be a future for Bootlegzone ... I think it is yet too early to know for sure. I have no intention to delete all this work (that's why the site is still online and that's why I'm still paying $100 monthly to keep the server alive) but you never know what might happen.
The thing I'd like to do is complete the admin interface so the site can really live all by itself but I need time to do it and more importantly I need to be enthusiastic about it. This is not the case right now as I'm writing this. However, recently I've been thinking more and more about the website, about what could be improved ... no real project but it tends to prove there is hope. But I simply cannot promise I will do it.

I'll be on vacation on the first two weeks of September (real vacation I mean) ... I'll decide what to do after that.

In the meantime, I ask you to be patient: I'll most certainly NOT answer e-mails (particularly emails about loggin in on the site), etc. Don't take it bad, it's just that I don't feel like answering trivial questions. Also, I've heard about that "Other Artist Section" established in the "Air Miami" section. Please stop it right now, you're doing more harm on the database than what you might think and I'm not sure I could fix it easily later.

Be patient. Thanks.

Friendly yours,

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

  [BootlegZone]    22 Aug 2002 17:14 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates


Hi all,

According to the server's owner (Rackshack.net), the bandwidth for Bootlegzone has been exceeded by over 1500Gb. Rackshack might charge me $1.50 per exceeded gigabyte. The monthly limit is 400Gb. I don't understand how it is possible that in one month, there is an excess of over 1500Gb. We are in August and most people are on holydays. I will try to have more information from Rackshack about this problem.

In the meantime, I have forbidden access to all scans on the server.

Stay tuned...

  [BootlegZone]    21 Apr 2002 17:53 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
QUICK EDIT: another JADE tool
QUICK EDIT works almost the same way as QUICK ADD. It allows you to edit basic information of a tracklisting EXCEPT track titles.

I've not written help for this feature yet but it's almost like QUICK ADD except you may only use the "[Details]" section.

  [BootlegZone]    14 Apr 2002 16:25 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Old Draft Files
I encourage everyone who has created "old format" draft files, to update them to the new format. You now have several improved tools (the Quick Add tool, the speed of JADE which has been bettered, etc). This leaves not much place for weak excuses ...
If I can use these tools every day to fix errors here and there and add new tracklistings, you can too !

  [BootlegZone]    14 Apr 2002 16:21 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Site improvements
JADE system has been improved (again !): when you're in the TRACKS section (with the tracklist on the left), the SONGLIST, which was very slow to load for Beatles & solo, now only loads once. As long as you stay in that TRACKS section, the songlist is not refreshed. Except when you insert a song not in the database yet. Try it, you should see a big difference in speed.

Member's list: you now have the ability to sort the members list by member name, number of trade items, date of last logging, etc. Only 200 members are displayed at a time. Also, if you're in an artist section, clicking on the "members list" link will display ONLY members interested in trading the current artist.

  [BootlegZone]    11 Apr 2002 16:04 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
JADE's new tool
JADE is now the definitive name for that "draft file editor". JADE means "Just Another Draft Editor"
I've added a new tool to JADE. It will allow you to input tracklistings in a very very quick way. I know it was discouraging going from one screen to another only to be able to input a simple tracklisting. This new tool, named "Quick Add", will allow you to do it very simply.

I think that this new tool should allow members to add a lot of new tracklistings in a very short time.

For more details, and before doing anything, I suggest you read the help for this new feature: here.

Enjoy !

  [BootlegZone]    6 Apr 2002 19:12 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
BootlegZone Forums
I've set up a new message board.
You'll find it here.

To use this forum, you'll have to register. This registration is independant of the "BootlegZone registration" and only applies to the forums.

I hope you'll like this new board. More user friendly, easier to use, lots of features...

  [BootlegZone]    24 Mar 2002 00:52 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Please please please ....
If you're using the draft file editor for the first time, READ THE HELP !
It is needed to fully understand what you may and may not type in the appropriate fields.

Today I hoped I could continue the development of the advanced features (reserved for the section leaders/helpers) but unfortunately I've spent my day fixing errors made by members who obviously have not read much of the help.
I encourage you to read very carefully at least the following help sections: Thanks.

  [BootlegZone]    16 Mar 2002 10:09 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
New artists sections
Added on request, the following artists sections:
  • Allman Brothers Band
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Patti Smith
  • Tom Petty
  • Roy Orbison
  • Jethro Tull
  • Stevie Wonder
  • The Band
  • Unrest
  • Air Miami
  • Mark Robinson
  • Joy Division
  • New Order
  • The Fall
  • The Smiths
  • Morrissey
  • Jeff Buckley
  • The Ramones
  • Alanis Morissette
  • Dead Can Dance
  • Frank Zappa
  • Metallica
  • Elvis Costello
There are now 70+ artists sections on BootlegZone !

  [BootlegZone]    3 Mar 2002 20:53 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Now this is serious ...
The new Draft File Editor System is online.
Only one word: read the help before doing anything else. It is much more powerful than the old system and I want to make sure you understand every single option.
If you have questions, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

About questions, you may have noticed that a FAQ was in build. A part of it is online and I'll continue to add more and more frequently asked questions to the list.

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