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Pat Metheny

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Pat Metheny
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Quick News
  [BootlegZone]    06 Jul 2012 11:00 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Upload Scans feature back online !
The Scans Upload feature has been re-enabled ! Sorry for the delay ...

  [BootlegZone]    27 May 2012 10:30 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Welcome to BZ new server !
If you're reading this then it means BZ migration is over !
Everything should be back to normal EXCEPT FOR the Upload Scans feature. This feature is disabled for now. It's only temporary, I just need some time to reset it. I might even propose a completely different solution than anonymous FTP. Maybe something more in the lines of a drag'n'drop feature. We'll see. In the meantime, thanks for your patience and enjoy Bootlegzone & its forums !

  [BootlegZone]    25 May 2012 07:45 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
IMPORTANT NEWS: Bootlegzone is gonna move to a new server (again)
Hi everybody !
It's been a long time but as you can see I'm still around (in fact I'm there all the time, you just don't see me).
This is a short message to tell you that Bootlegzone is so successfull that its storage space is almost full ! I'll have to move the whole website to a new server. This operation will occur this weekend.
During the move, the Bootlegzone site & Forums will be unavailable !.
Thanks for your fidelity and your patience !


  [BootlegZone]    24 Jun 2007 13:15 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
BZ was forced to move to another server
As you have noticed, BZ was down since Saturday. A crash disk happened. With the help of the support team in Houston (where the server was located), I spent the whole Saturday trying to salvage any data that was on this disk but it was un-readable. A new server was ready for me but I had to re-configure it entirely. So, since the BeatlesWiki server was meant to store BZ as well and was already configured to do so, the decision was taken to move BZ to the BeatlesWiki server.

Unfortunately, because of the crash we have lost some data. The BZ database was restored with a backup made one week ago, on June 17. The forums were restored from a June 16 backup. The scans however were restored from a May 22 backup (this includes the forums avatars).
It means that every change made to the BZ database between June 17 and June 24 is lost. This includes new/updated files, trades, reviews, memberships (so if you registered in that time, please re-register).
Also, all the messages on the forums created between June 16 and June 24 are lost as well.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. The crash happened at the worst time (when I discovered it crashed I was just going to backup the site AND scans). Now that we're on a new server, I have new backup possibilities included in the price of the server. I have yet to activate them though.

One last word: as I had to restore BZ as soon as possible, what you're seeing right now has not been tested intensively. It means that because we're on a new server some stuff might not work (yet). Of course it'll be fixed asap.

  [BootlegZone]    27 Mar 2007 18:00 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
BootlegZone is not dead after all
Well it seems after all that BootlegZone is not dead ..
If you want to know what happened, you can check this post on the forums.
As a last news, I'm planning to begin a whole new Beatles project. It's a Beatles Wiki. If you want to know more, simply read this post.

  [BootlegZone]    21 Dec 2003 10:10 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Merry Xmas & Happy New Year
From now on until early January, I won't be around much anymore because I'm moving to my new appartment. I'll pay a visit from time to time to make sure the server has not crashed (something he hasn't done anymore since the server upgrade ! ) but I won't have time to answer messages, requests and mails.
OK. Be nice while I'm away and by the way, merry Xmas and Happy New Year !

  [BootlegZone]    29 Nov 2003 17:35 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
New feature
Here's a new feature you'll certainly enjoy: it is now possible to filter album lists. The first sort criteria is either alphabetical or "by publisher" (as always) but now you may choose a second criteria.
Simply click on any icon in the "legend" and you'll list only having that criteria. For instance, if you want to list only "bootleg" release, you'll click on the icon in the legend. You may also lists files with HQ scans or not, vinyls only, CDs only, etc.

You'll also notice that aral2 is very busy cleaning the Scans+ section. Thanks aral2 !
I'm planning to write a new feature that would allow you to ask the BZ sentry to warn you when new scans are added ... this is not for tomorrow but it's planned ... patience ...

  [BootlegZone]    16 Nov 2003 17:00 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
JADE's Flash Tutorials and more features
I'm pleased to announce you that I've created the first two Flash Tutorials about JADE.
As you know, JADE is the Album Editor here on BootlegZone and because it's very powerful, it may look intimidating to create your own album entries.
Fear no more, these two tutorials, will show you in less than 15 minutes, how to create step-by-step a new entry using JADE.
Simply go here: http://www.bootlegzone.com/drafthelp.php?topic=flash
More tutorials will come.

I've added another feature: while you're listing albums (either by name or by publisher) you can now easily know if the album is in your trade/want/in-process list. I've simply replaced the old "hand-shaking" icon you all know with appropriate icons indicating if you have the item in your lists.

If you want to see more features on BZ, there's a topic on the forum to officially request features: http://www.bootlegzone.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2519
I think that's all for this weekend, more to come during the week I guess ...

  [BootlegZone]    11 Nov 2003 15:45 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
More work on new features
I've added the ability to print your trade list (at least format the page in a "printer-friendly" way).
The "Potential Traders" list is now sorted by the number of items potentially tradeable.
I've made a big FAQ update. Although it is not complete yet, it has detailed answers (w/ screenshots) to common questions like "My password doesn't work", "I've forgotten my password", "How do I add items to my trade list", etc.
No more excuses !

  [BootlegZone]    10 Nov 2003 0:45 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
New features
I've added the ability to display little smileys in your user messages. Only basic smileys like or or are available. The smiley codes are the same as on the forums.
Also you now have the ability to really quote messages which is slightly more appropriate than the old ">" signs ... simply use "[quote]" and "[/quote]" as in the forums.

Well those were two aesthetic new features but here's a very interesting one. Bootlegzone members can now discover potential traders. The object is simple: you want bootlegs and some other users have these bootlegs. But they probably won't trade with you if you don't have something interesting for them. What this new tool does is list all the users owning items you want and wanting items you own. Potential traders. Simple. Thanks to Warren for the suggestion It's just so cool !

Follow the Potential Traders link in the upper left corner of this page to see the new feature in action !

  [BootlegZone]    9 Nov 2003 9:13 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Welcome back !
If you can read this message, it means you're actually on the brand new server.
I'm pretty sure the move went smoothly and everything works as before but who knows ? If you find something weird or unusual, don't hesitate to tell me.

Let's talk a little about what's going to happen in the next few weeks. I've not been around much these days (again) because I'm actually moving to a new appartment and that it takes most of my free time, plus I have to work like hell at the office and I'm too tired to do any good to Bootlegzone. That's why the "Beatles Versions Accuracy Project" is on hold. That's why I've not had the time to complete some more scripts here and there. That's why I've not had the time to answer much of my mail, nominate new sections leaders, helpers, etc etc.
Until I'm actually in my new appartment, I'm afraid this situation will not change. I should move in around early January 2004. Give me then one or two weeks to put myself at ease and I should be "really" back around mid-January 2004.

  [BootlegZone]    2 Nov 2003 23:40 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
We're moving !
A long silence for you but I think it was worth the wait ...
Bootlegzone is going to move to a new server. This means more speed, more disk space, more stability, less downtimes, etc ... I've been testing that new server for several weeks now (so you see I was busy working for bootlegzone and you didn't know it) and I think it's ready to accept BZ at last ! The move will occur next weekend. So, from Saturday, November 8th, early in the morning (CET) the site will be unavailable for a few days. This is the time I need to make sure everything works perfectly.
Sorry for the inconvenience but you'll appreciate it in the end, I'm sure ...

  [BootlegZone]    23 Aug 2003 13:04 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Back from holidays but back to too much (non-bootlegzone) work
Well, I'm back from holidays since 2 weeks but also back to my regular (non-bootlegzone) work and these days it's heavy ... so I don't have much time to be around right now ...
However, you probably have noticed that the website is much faster .... it's the proof I'm improving it every day ...
In early September, I'll be able to answer my mail more regularly and be back in charge of the Beatles section ...

  [BootlegZone]    25 Jul 2003 18:29 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
I'll be on holidays from July 26th till August 9th and so I won't be available during that time. A friend of mine will check the server regularly and make sure everything is up and running.

  [BootlegZone]    16 Jul 2003 18:49 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
New section and server slow downs
I know one of the reasons why the server is slow sometimes: Google-like bots. These little pieces of code visit BZ in order to build their "search" database. They scan the pages and visit every link on BZ. The problem is that they're very fast and send maybe 20 queries to the server at once. As soon as they've received the server's answer, they send another bunch of 20 queries and so on ... Since the server has many many pages, this takes hours ... the server allocates memory to try to answer as fast as possible but since the load never drops there comes a time when the server finally crashes ... The decision I've taken is to say "go to hell Google !" ... now when Google tries to connect, the only thing he receives is a page with no link and a short explanation of what's BZ. It is possible that some other services try to scan the site as well ... if I'm there when it happens, I'll add their IP to my blacklist ... so this is not the end of all server slowdowns but it's a good start !
Something completely different: I've added a "Richard Thompson" section.

  [BootlegZone]    13 Jul 2003 0:06 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
I really have to apologize ... in a news message dated June 12th, 2003, I've stated that I had not received any donations in 3 months ... I just realized that Paypal had a problem with their email notification of payment system and so IT IS NOT true ! I've received several donations in the last weeks ... sorry for the misunderstanding. Thanks to everyone who donated ! Thanks a lot !

  [BootlegZone]    13 Jul 2003 00:02 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Even more sections
Added the following sections: T.Rex, Traffic, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek & The Dominoes ... enjoy !

  [BootlegZone]    11 Jul 2003 08:36 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
SL/SH jobs
Sorry to all who write me to apply for a SL/SH job, I was very busy these days with something not-related to BZ and I haven't had the time to answer all of you yet. I'm currently writing the documentation for the SL/SH features ...
BTW, there are still a lot of jobs available, don't hesitate to ask !

  [BootlegZone]    7 Jul 2003 11:30 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
More sections
I've added the following sections: Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Cranberries, Corrs, Duran Duran

  [BootlegZone]    7 Jul 2003 06:40 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
BootlegZone Jobs - First Call !
Although the admin tools are not completely finished, I've decided it's time to make a first call for jobs on BootlegZone. Before you ask, those jobs are not paid of course. This first call is for me to know who'd be interested in having a more important role on this site. You'll find a list of typical jobs here. If you're interested, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

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