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So you want to expand your bootleg collection ?
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Welcome to Bootlegzone !

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BootlegZone Registration Process

Why register ?

Any visitor can open a free account on BootlegZone.

The main purpose of being a BootlegZone member is to allow anyone to have a trade/want list on the web.
  • Your trade/want lists are viewable by any visitor of BootlegZone, assuring you a worldwide vision and giving you high chances to find the trader you need !
  • Using BootlegZone Trade Center, you can easily list bootlegs you own and bootlegs you'd like !
  • You can specify what type of media you own (original cd, cdr, mp3, etc) or you'd like !
  • You can add comments for each item in your trade/list ! (e.g. "My copy has no scratch")
  • You can define your own trading rules !
  • If the album you own/want is not in the BootlegZone database, you can create a draft file to add it !
  • The BootlegZone Sentry will automatically warn you (by email) when an item you're looking for is added to another member's trade list.
    The Sentry will also warn you when another member adds in his want list an item you own. It's then up to you to contact that potential trader.
  • The Sentry can be enabled/disabled independantly for any item in your want/trade list.
  • Members don't need email addresses to communicate. BootlegZone proposes a simple message box that allows to establish first contact with any other member.
  • You can have up to 50 messages in your inbox and 50 messages in your outbox !
  • As a member you decide who can see your email address:
    • any visitor
    • only other members
    • only authorized members (for example, traders you trust)
    • nobody
  • Using the Core Collection or the Completist's Collection features of BootlegZone, you can easily add to your want list the bootlegs you need to complete your collection.
  • BootlegZone members can rate other members, so other visitors can easily see which trader is reliable.
  • Another feature is that being a member allows you to post reviews of albums
  • And there is more ...

BootlegZone Registration Agreement

  1. BootlegZone provides a totally free system to facilitate trading of bootlegs.
  2. BootlegZone and François Vander Linden are not responsible for those tradings.
  3. Only bootlegs tradings are allowed. It is forbidden to trade official releases. Only bootlegs. Always.
  4. It is forbidden to use BootlegZone to sell items (bootlegs, official releases, etc). No selling. Never.
  5. Any abuse of the services proposed (this includes but is not limited to: spamming, advertisements for your own business, harassment, flaming, rude language, etc) is forbidden and may result in the account cancellation. This particularly applies to the Message Box feature and the Trader Ratings feature.
  6. BootlegZone reserves the right to cancel any account without prior notice.
  7. Email addresses will not be sold to anyone.
  8. BootlegZone will not use these email addresses for any other purpose than authentification and for the BootlegZone Sentry.

If you have read and accept the above agreement, please provide us with the following information :
User Name
It is recommended you set your cookies on
so you'll be automatically logged each time you connect to BootlegZone

Your password will be sent to you using the email address you provide us.
Please note: your email will be used only for authentication on this site and by the BootlegZone Sentry.
We will not send you any junk/spam mails.
Your email will NOT be sold nor given to anyone.

Copyright © 1996-2020 BootlegZone & François Vander Linden
It is forbidden to use anything present on these pages for ANY KIND of project without appropriate permission.

These pages require a minimum resolution of 800x600. A higher resolution is highly recommended for a better browsing experience.

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