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Profile for Vintage Season

** ** -= NOTICE: I am not currently accepting any new trades; my schedule is simply too hectic to allow the time! Sorry. Should you still want to write, I'll respond whenever possible... but if you are looking for a good trade, please try any of the folks who have left feedback on my "ratings" page, or feel free to check my list again later. =- ** **

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hello, and thank you for stopping by to glance at my list. Although a number of items are shown below, they are an incomplete representation of what I own; I have spent the past decade collecting any number of artists (with a strong emphasis on the Beatles), and am slowly listing my collection as relevant files are added to BootlegZone. If you see something you would like to trade for, or would be willing to offer something from my want list, please feel free to send me a private message. I'll try to respond soon, even if for some reason I am unable to trade at the moment.

My rules for audio trading are simple:

1) Always use Exact Audio Copy to extract and burn your discs. You can get it here: http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/

2) Always burn your discs DAO (Disc-At-Once). This ensures there are NOT any two-second gaps between the tracks!

3) Use quality blanks. FujiFilm (if they are made in Japan) or Sony are my preferences, but if you prefer to use something else please mention that when you write me. I'll accept other brands as long as we agree about them before sending any discs.

4) Don't even think about sending (or offering!) me a disc that has been sourced from MP3 - or any other lossy codec (such as WMA, Vorbis, AAC or MP4).

5) I actually prefer, whenever possible, to trade lossless files (SHN, FLAC, APE, or any other format that expands to the ORIGINAL, JUST-AS-IT-WAS-RIPPED-FROM-THE-MASTER-DISC WAV sources), so if you have a lossless collection please mention this in your message.

One more thing: A few folks have asked me about 2:1 trades. Look, I think 1:1 is a fair ratio... for both of us. I am not interested in sending someone double what I'd receive, nor do I believe anyone else ought to have to send me two albums just to get a single. "Trade" should mean just that, and should be fair. There are plenty of honest folks here on BootlegZone, and lots of them have similar collections... so if someone asks you for two discs just to get one, try asking someone else.

- M.

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LocationKnoxville, Tennessee (USA)
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Member since03 Jan 2004
Last logged on23 Nov 2018

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