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Profile for abdpunz

I am interested only in CDs/CDRs in WAVE format, AND ABSOLUTLY NO MP3’s or converted to wave from MP3.

I AM ALSO ONLY interested in trading for BOOTLEGS. And please do not add anything extra to the CDs, i.e. at the end of the CD...

PLEASE PLEASE do not write on CDs and PLEASE do not put post-its or labels on CD or other tape type gum on the CDRs. Thank you.

DO NOT START A TRADE WITH ME if you are not able to do your end in a timely manner. You can always let me know that now is not a good time, and that you will get back when things are better/less busy.

Please let me know when you mail and when CDs arrive I will do the same, thanks.

I do DIRECT COPYING from my source CDs, CDRs & DVDs. Read rate is 8x writing rate is 4X (DAO). All my discs are Compared and Verified.

I do not supply inserts/artwork… I do not have a printer sorry.

I have rated what I have; they are all bootlegs no official releases. If not rated I am in progress to rate them all.

Rating *-***** (1*-5* Stars). Basically 1 and 2 s=Stars I would only play a few times, 3 Stars are OK/good would not play as much 4 & 5. 4 stars VERY GOOD. 5 stars Excellent. NOTE: + are personal favorites (again this is subjective). And a ? mark is for new arrivals, unknown. ones with no rating I have yet to sort out as to there rating.

See end of my profile as to how I am rating (save your self some time… enjoy)

Other BOOTLEG CDs that I can list that are not on my BZ trade list are:

Aerosmith, Tessas Jam '78, Texxas world music festival 7/4/78 & michigan '76, 17 tracks. CD

Atlanta Rhythm Section, the
09-03-78 atlanta, ga 1 cdr sbd a- w/ 04-30-77 pittsburgh filler

Tori Amos, Dew Drop Inn, Boulder Colorado, 12/11/96. 2 CDs

Beastie Boys, Blood and Money, Live by Digital Justice. CD *****

Electric Music For Cool People (Live In Amsterdam 7/21/1996) CDR *****

Olé (Benicassim, 4th International Festival of Indie Music 09.08.9 A- 74' CDR ***** (starts out as a *** but screamers calm down) +
Cover me (Live/Studio/Unreleased/Demos 75-9 A-/C+ 72' CDR *****
Magic, tracks 1-6 live '98, 7 & 12 tfi, 8-10 w/Jools Holland. CD

Roy Buchanan:
Evanston, IL, 12/14/74. CDR ***** +
My Father's Place, 9/27/77. CDR ***** +
Markethalle, Hamburg Germany, 2/24/85. CDR
Cabaret Metro Chicago, 7/20/85. CDR
Providence RI 8/14/76. CDR ***

Budgie (Budgies)
Live In St. Louis 12/4/76. CDR

Austin City Limits. DVD
Live at the BBC, 4/97. CDR *****
Live at Blueberry Hill, St. Louis, MO, 2/11/00. 2 CDR set *****+
Live at Disney World, Orlando, FL, 6/96 ***** (note has some commercials not much)

Kate Bush:
More Of This Woman's TV Work DVD
TV Appearances (PAL ?), Profiles In Rock, DVD. 2-3*s

Captain Beefheart
An Evening with Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart (1975 FM Broadcast) V. CDR 4-5*s
Live At Harpo’s Club Detroit, MI 12/11/80. CDR

Chemical Brothers
Beats a Westwood One live in Concert, Brixton Academy London 8/26/96. CD *****

Ry Cooder, David Lindley, Bonnie Raitt
11/15/89 Santa Monica, 3 CDRs. *****
& a DVD of Flac flies of all 3 CDrs.

Charlie Daniels Band
Live at the Hartford Civic Center, Ct. 9.1.80

Live at the Stanhope House - 05/16/99 (2CDs) *****

The Orpheum, Boston 1980 (19 songs). CDR
Recombo DNA (demos), CDr.

Bo Didley:
The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland 24 May 1982. CDR
W/Stevie Ray Vaughn at Legends Club in Chicago, 7/30/89. CDR *****

Dixie Dreg, the Russell House USC student Union, Columbia SC, 10/21/87. CDR *****

Dylan/Dead Bridge School Benefit 12/4/88. CDR *****

1973 unknown-live 1 cdr sbd a might be BBC recordings. CDR *****+

04-05-95 irving plaza, nyc. 2 CDRs (sbd) *****

Oregon State Prison, Salem, OR 5/5/82, almost solo. CDR ***** +

The Grateful Dead
Cover Dylan, CDR *****

ENYA RARE SINGLES-1 (b-sides). CDR *****

Fairport Convention:
Very Early. DVD ** would love to have better version

Herbie Hancock
02-16-77 Ivanhoe th., Chicago, Il. A headhunters material w/ jaco pastorius. CDR sbd ?

The James Gang
Live in Central Park, N.Y.C. (Audience recording, weak) 6.17.74
(might have Tommy Bolin with them). CDR 2-3*s

Jefferson Airplane, Make at Baxter's, studio rehearsal '67 live at Winterland 9/5/67. CD

Jimi Hendrix
2 CD set “Smashing The Amps” Rattle Snake RS 055/56. Recorded live at Albert Hall, London England 2/24/69. CDR ***** + except tracks 3 and 5 on disc 1

Hersh, Kristen
1994 various-live 1 cdr sbd a “sparkle” hips & makers tour. kts 310. CDR *****

Johnny Cash
Five Minutes To Live 1961 The Night Rider 1962 on the same DVD. Both have Merle Travis in them. Both are movies not live performances…

Junior Brown
Guit-Steel God 2 DVD set. Disc one TV Appearances 95-2003. Disc two Live in Burlington KS 7/27/05 *****+

New Orleans, Louisiana 3/23/76. CDR *****+
Providence RI 4/3/76. CDR ****

Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughn
In Session, 12/6/83, CDR. ***** & DVD of the same show *****

King Crimson
"Lament" Great Dane Records (90) made in Italy. Live at Concertbouw Amsterdam 11/23/73. CD *****

Return of the Man-Machine (live) Unofficial Release 2cds. CDRs *****
Tokio, 81. CDR *****
Werking Holiday, Live at Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo, 6/5/98. 2 CD set 4-5*s

Led Zeppelin:
III outtake, CD 4-5*stars BUT is really for the Die Hard Zep fan...
Hallen Stadium, Zurich, Switzerland, 6/29/80 (2 discs). CDRs *****

Woodstock Opera House, Woodstock, IL - 11/30/96 (2CDs). CDR *****

Marilyn Manson:
Monkey Massacre, live Cambridge MA 2/9/95. CD *****
Dead in Chicago 95, Flim Flam Records, plus five songs from Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids (89). CD *****
Mr. Manson’s Home Demos, late 80s-90, Front Row Center show# MHD, SBC028. CD*****

Mark Knopfler
Saenger Theater, 05/24/05, 2 cd's. CDR 2-5* starts, when not hearing the audience screaming better as show goes on. Clean audience recording *****

6/6/76 Olympia, Paris, France (Exc. Snbd), Highlights, not complete, TAO. CDR
6/9/85 (?) (Heart Housed In Thorn-Bush) Montreux Jazz Festival (Exc Snbd). CDR

Lynyrd Skynyrd:
Santa Monica Civic Center, CA, 5/20/74. CDR 2-3* stars, tinty sound in recording.
Winterland Arena/San Francisco, 3/7/76. CDR *****

Bob Marley
Portland OR, 7/14/78. CDR *****
The Legend Live 11/25/79

Joni Mitchell:
PBS 1969. CDR
The Posall & The Mosalm (3CD live 1966-196) I only have CD 1 and CD3 currently missing CD 2. All CDRs
Saturdays Songs (BBC 1972). CDR
& Elton John BBC London, 70'. DVD ***

Live in Germany 2000 (Darmstadt, Germany, 2/2/00) CDR **** has audience sound in between songs taken out some it is abrupt. Otherwise very good. Actual sound *****
LIve in Pinkpop 2000. Recirded at the pinkpop festival in langraff Holand. CD

Wild Tales, Rockdreams S.A.R.L. Luxembourg rocks 92002, 92. CD *****
Live 1994, Acoustika live, tracks 1-10 acoustic, 11-19 electric, 7&8 special guests Meat Puppets. recorded live in the USA made in Italy. CD *****

ORBITAL: (note these are the only mp3 I have)
Oribital LIVE Shows mp3 files/folders on CDR: Dance Valley Holland 8/4/01, Homelands Winchester 5/26/01, Maida Vale London 7/28/04, One Nation 10/29/06, on Breezeblock FM 5/13/02, on Breezeblock FM 6/15/04, on Radio 1 6 Mix 8/8/09, on Radio 1 6 Mix 5/24/08). CDR 3-5 stars
Orbital Old School Live Shows mp3 files/folders on CDR: Alexandria Palace London 12/31/98, Austin Music Hall TX 7/15/99, Glastonbury Festival 6/26/99, Palladium Worcester 7/10/99, Tribal Gathering Leeds 97, Birmingham 6/26/93, Studio Techno Set 7/7/99. CDR 3-5 stars

Pink Floyd:
Sapporo, Nakanoshima Sports Center, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan 3/13/72. CDR ?
Black Hole In The Sky (not to be confused with Black Holes in the Sky) 6 tracks total. 2 CDRs 5*s

Prince & The N.P.G
Paisly Park 2/13/94. DVD
Mouth (demos Vol.3) studio outtakes, Ghost Records, 1991.CD

The Pretenders
Live In Detroit - MTV 1984. DVD
VH-1 Storytellers, acustic & interviews. CDR *****

Kings (Genova, 1992, audience recording)*****+

Rolling Stones
"A few hearts broken, a few strings busted" live Houston TX 6/25/72. This show is the early show one day later than the one on BZ list. CDR *****
The Ultimate TV Masters Vol.1. CDR *****

The Replacements:
Punch Drunk, 25 tracks 1980-86 sessions and outtakes. CD *****
Get Outta My Way I'm Drunk, Paul Westeberg solo & Sorry Ma Out-takes. CD

Montreal 75. CDR ****
Swiss Chocolate, Zurick Switterland 5/8/83,Zipper Deke zip003. CD

The Extremist Tour live (Hammersmith Apollo, London, 2/5/93. CDR *****+
Live in Paris: I just wanna rock; 2cd *****+

1991- Sept 27: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, 2 CDR *****

Simon & Garfunkle
Rare TV Collection. DVD 2-3*s

Sly & Family Stone
Don Kirshner Rock Concert show, 73. DVD ***

Siouxie & The Banshees
Hallowed House - Cologne (19-07-1981) CDR ***** +

Patti Smith
“Coming Back” Flashback label 96? Orpheum Theater Boston 12/9/95 (1-10) 5/5/96. CD *****

Sonic Youth
100% live somewhere in the US, 92, Patty Boom Music. CD *****+
29/03/1989. CDR 4-5*s

Steely Dan:
Live at record plant In LA 3/20/74. CDR *****
Memphis Blues Again May 74 *****

Cat Stevens
Tokyo, 6/29/74. CDR *****
Cat Stevens Majikat Earth Tour 22 February Concert 1976, DVD
BBC2 '71 concert. DVD 4-5*s+

Stray Cats
Rockpalast, July 7, 1981. DVD *****
Montreaux Jazz Festival, July 10, 1981. DVD ****

Talking Heads
Live in Japan, Tokyo 79'. CDR ?

The Beatles:
The Alternate Yellow Submarine. CDR
The Alternate Help. CDR
Live in Vancouver 1964 2cd set. Empire Stadium Aug 22. CDR
Live At The Sam Houston Coliseum 8/19/65. Both evening and afternoon shows. CDR
Les Beatles A Paris. Beatles live in Paris 1964-65. CDR
Revolution's Evolutions and other assorted tracks.
Solo in the Seventies, From Row Center show #073. CD

Live in Cleveland at the Augora '77. CDR *****

The Moody Blues
Le Torenne. DVD 3-5*s couple of glitches and looks as though they are lip sinking it.

The Tubes
Buffalo, NY 5/8/76. CDR 4-5*s+
“Death of a Plumber” Cleveland Agora 7/18/1981. CDR *****+
Completion Tour, Bremen, Germany '81. DVD
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA 8/13/93. CDR *****

1975, Dec 14: Springfield, MA, Dan Lampinski audience recording- 2 CDR 3-5*s

High, live and dirty (La Cigale, Paris 89). CDR *** Sound as if it is from a record not from a CD otherwise OK. IF were talking records its great… mostly in the first song at beginning.

Neptune, Live at Paris Elysee Montmartre, April 23, 1998. CD *****+
The Paradiso, Paradiso in Amsterdam on November 6, 1996, sourced from a radio broadcast. CD *****+

Violent Femmes 1/20/85. CDR *****+

Stevie Ray Vaughan
live from Austin TX, 1983 & 89. DVD *****

Fast Women and Slow Horses. CDR *****
Rendezvous at Midnight. CDR *****

Ordinary Bootleg - Live at the Wiltern Theater 91. CDR *****
Live Somewhere at Sometime. CDR 2-3* stars a lot of talkers screamers probable a song or two that could dubbed out... for a compilation CDR.
Clown Prince of Rock, Live in the U.S.A. 1981-91. CDR
Reunion Arena Dallas, TX, July 81. CDR *****
Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles. CDR 3-4*s

Johnny Winter:
Woodstock Revival 9/8/79 Shirley, NY. CDR *****
1970 Tube Works DVD-R 3-4*s+
Don Kirshner Palace Theater NYC, 11/7/73. DVD 3-5*s

Stellar Attraction, 12/11/74. 2 CDRs 5*s

Zappa 1970 & 1973 DVD 3-4*s


Here are some GREY AREA CDs I have to list that I will trade only to folks in the USA. Discs are made for the UK and say “NOT FOR SALE IN THE USA” they also go onto say that it is not associated or approved by musicians or thier past or present management. All are in part produced by Storming Music Company LTD. No publishing dates given.

Discs are:

Bob Dylan:
Transmissions, rare live TV broadcasts made in china. CD *****
Re-Transmissions w/enhanced video bonus tracts, made in EU. CD *****

Classic Airwaves:
Grateful Dead, broadcast of New Year’s Eve 1987. CD *****
Guns N’ Roses, best of... broadcasting live, made in EU. CD 3-4*s
Bob Marley & the Wailers, best... of broadcasting live (78). CD
Nirvana, best of broadcasting live, Made in EU. CD
Bruce Springsteen, best of... broadcasting live, Made in EU. CD
Red Hot Chilli Peppers, best... of broadcasting live, Made in EU. CD *****


I am starting to rate the sound of the CD/CDRs that I have. In relation to recording and to audience announce/interruption… like people yelling & overly clapping during song.

***** (EXCELLENT) Great sound recording (powerful but not distorting) with minimal to no audience announce/interruption… might be made in a studio.

**** (VERY GOOD) Recording might be slightly low powered or slightly muffled. And or part of the following: perceptible audience announce/interruption… during the music. Or an obvious Soundboard recording. Might have slight distortion or very very slight tape hiss.

*** (GOOD/OK) Passable if you like the band (Passable to just passable). Audience recording that is picking up a bit more of the screamers/talkers and the clap happy. And or part of the following: Low powered recording or muffled. Slight echo. Slight distortion but passable. Some tape hiss. Pop/clicks coming from Record as source.

** (NOT SO GOOD) Unless rare and very special… not worth keeping copy of.

* (POOR) Major problems, would have to be extremely rare…

NOTE: all ratings are subjective… and for the worst (one to two stars) let me know if you have a good copy (thanks to those who do). I am not rating the Musicians and how they performed. I don’t care about that unless there trashed out. Also I have become part of the CD generation so I am jaded as to records unless it is of the best transfer…

IF not rated I am in the process of doing it will be ongoing process. I rate from the first three songs of the CD and sometimes skipping forward to hear parts of some of the other songs besides the first three songs.

E-mail*** Hidden to everybody ***
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