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Profile for childofnature

No New Trades at this time

Some items not listed in the BZ database:

1. The Ultimate Experience 9 cdrom set
2. Thirty Days on 1 cdrom
3. Great Dane BBC on 1 cdrom
4. Hilarious Live (Swedish live performances and Atlanta '65)
5. Rarities Deluxe
6. Unbootlegged 1 - 15
7. Essential Beatles (Dr. Ebbetts Australian Stereo)
8. Live! In Montreal 9/8/64
9. Tokyo Tapes (2 discs)
10. Fab Four Interviews Box Set (4 discs)
11. Where It's At! Complete Radio Broadcast (2 discs, TAO)
12. John and Paul on the Tonight Show
13. Z is for Zapple
14. The Long and Winding Road Westwood One Radio Show (12 discs)
Fake Capitol DVD series
Many VHS tapes of Beatles footage I converted to DVD, incl. the cartoon series

Dr. Ebbetts UK Stereo '70s Blue Box:
Rubber Soul
Sgt. Pepper
The White Album
Abbey Road

Die Beatles (2005 Upgrade)
Sgt. Pepper US Mono (2005 Upgrade)
MMT German Hor-Zu (2005 Upgrade)

1. Winston O'Boogie 2
2. Bermuda Shorts
3. Come Together: A Night For John Lennon; Celebration in Words and Music
4. Harry Nilsson--Pussy Cats
5. John & Yoko--The Unedited RKO Interview "A Conspiracy of Silence Speaks Louder Than Words"
6. Between The Lines--9 discs

1. 33 1/3 A Personal Musical Dialogue
2. Joe Brown Interview + A Conversation about ATMP
3. Concert for Bangladesh/Cloud Nine (2 discs; CD Maximum)
4. Detroit '74
5. Home Jam at Hart's Barn Studio 1974
6. FM 102.1 Tribute Radio Special
7. BBC2 Tribute (2 discs)

1. Driving USA shows, 3 disc sets:
Las Vegas
San Jose
Nassau NY
Atlanta, May 12th
2. Driving USA Philadelphia show VCD
3. Live in Holland (2 discs)
4. Wings--Hull University 1972
5. Wings--Breakfast Blues
6. Rarities (8 cd set)
7. Sunny Side Up (2 discs)
8. Wings Wildlife Mono
9. Driving USA: Toronto (2 discs)
10. Back In The US Raleigh, NC October 7, 2002 (2 discs; I was on the front row for this show!)
11. Driving Tokyo (2 discs)
12. Driving Mexico (2 discs)
13. Last Night In The World (Liverpool Show, 3 discs)
14. Earls Court, London, April 21, 2003 (2 discs)
15. Chicago 09.24.02 ALD Recording, 2 discs
16. Minefield Gala (with rehearsal of new song) 09.23.03 (2 discs)
17. Wings Over Amsterdam (2 discs)
18. Driving USA Atlanta May 13, 2002 (2 discs)
19. Gothenburg Soundcheck (2 discs)

Hiroshima 6/20/95 (2 discs)

Beyond Rhyme Nor Reason (6 discs)
Syd Barrett Video Anthology: Vegetable Man, Where Are You? (DVD)

Bringing It All Back Home Outtakes
Deeds of Mercy
Dylan (Lp needledrop)
Berlin 04.11.2002

DVD Compilation
DVD Germany Oct. 8, 2004 concert
Phillipe DeBarge

1. Cambridge, MA 5/12/76 (sounds de-gapped)
2. Cleveland, OH 8/22/81
3. Joey & Marky on Howard Stern
4. Hard To Find (2 discs)
5. Summer of '89
6. Ravage of Slumber '91
7. Evanston, IL '79

1. BBC Concert 7/27/74
2. Kinks At The Fillmore (11.27-30.69 at Fillmore West).
3. Kinks Kaught At Kristmas (Rainbow Theatre, London 12/24/77).
4. Kinks Kontrasts (live and studio rarities).
5. Live At The Santa Monica Civic (1971?).
6. Live In The Pierce College Gym (Woodland Hills, CA 12/70).
7. Lola And Other Sophisticated Songs (Live "Preservation" era, Triangle).
8. On Holiday (BBC broadcasts from 1972).
9. One More For The Road (Tokyo, 2/83,Dynamite Studio).
10. Ray Davies w/Yo La Tengo: Live at Jane Street Theater (NYC, 8/25/2000, 2 disc set)
11. Kriminally Rare
12. Songs for Auntie (3 discs)
13. Missing Links
14. Secret Sessions (3 discs)
15. Dave Davies Live at Toad's Place 12/2/97 (2 discs)

Cherokee Mist
New York Fillmore East 12.31.69 (2 discs)
Byron, GA 07.04.70
London, England (Royal Albert Hall) 02.24.69 (2 discs)
First Rays of the Rising Sun (2 discs)
Crash Landing (Unreleased version)
Complete Electric Ladyland Outtakes (2 discs)
Vibratory Bologna Merge
Jimi Hendrix Experience DVD

Live at Cavestomp 11/21/98

Rarities 1966-1993

Studio Outtakes 1966-1968
Love Story DVD
Copenhagen March 1970
Fillmore East 1969
Fillmore West 1970
Double Door, Chicago Aug. 2, 2002

Rod Argent/Colin Blunstone
Village Underground, NYC May 27, 2001 (2 discs)
Manchester 2008
Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, March 8th

Live at the Beat Kitchen, Chicago, Sept. 18, 2002

I don't have any info about this particular SMiLE boot--the cover and back inserts look like a legitimate Capitol album cover (the one intened for the release, with the smile shop on the cover).

City Lights Detroit 11/30/82
Cosmos 3cd
Deposition 3cd
Dreams 1 3cd Demos And Outtakes 82-97 Thunderball
Exploding All Over Europe 3cd
Fantasia 3cd
Funky Party 2-Nite
Jack U Off
Live Sexy 2cd
Providence 2/10/83
Purple Rain Rehearsals 1985
The Club 2cd
Welcome 2 New World

Some Girls Outtakes
Beggars Banquet Outtakes
OUTASITE! DVD Compilation
On DVD 1964-1965
On DVD 1964-1969
Big Beat '65 (with Roy Orbison, The New Beats, etc.)
Big C***sucker Blues (2 DVDs, bonus footage, Excellent quality!)
Past and Present 1982 Radio Show (8 discs) Mutual Broadcasting System, Canada
Got To Be Worked On! (mp3 sourced)
Live at the Marquee DVD

The Complete Amsterdam 1969 (Seymour Records, 2006) 2 discs
Higher Education
Washington 2002

Fillmore West 10/16/69 and Dusseldorf 1970

1964 NME Pollwinners Concert
1965 NME Pollwinners Concert
Colour Me Pop: Small Faces and the Move (and one of just the Move's appearance in much better quality)
Digital Video Archives Vol. 1 Pop Rock & Prog
Digital Video Archives Vol. 2 Garage & Psych

DVD Compilation: DC5 Live, Hold On--1967
Bits and Pieces (DVD of television and movie performances)

1. Bremen 4/26/77
2. Black Rider Outtakes
3. Rats & Angry Flowers
4. #4
5. Drunk On The Moon

Coachella 4/27/03

2 cdrom Fun Pack

What's Going Ahn?
Beale St. Green

Sonic Rendevous Band--City Slang

The Factory: The Complete Factory Story ("Path Through The Forest" group)
The Eyes: The Arrival of The Eyes, Complete Recordings
Cyril Jordan and the Moondogs: CD Land Palo Alto, CA George Harrison Tribute

James Paul McCartney
Secret Website Show
Every Little Thing (4 vcds)
The Beatles #1 Companion 1962-1966
The Beatles #1 Companion 1967-1970
Ready, Steady, Go! (Beatles appearances)
George Harrison: Dark Horse Anthology (4 discs)
George Harrison: Live 1991 (2 discs--very poor audience tape!)
Paul McCartney: Back to the Egg Special
Paul McCartney: Rockestra
Paul McCarntey: One Hand Clapping
John Lennon: Interview with a Legend (Tom Snyder appearance)
John Lennon: Old Grey Whistle Test
The Beatles: Looking Back (2 discs)
The Beatles: Days in the Lives
The Beatles: Long and Winding Road
Kinks Live 1973
Kate Bush TV special
Macca videos
Many made-for-tv movies, specials, etc. such as Beatles Wives, Behind the Music, Linda McCartney Story, Two of Us, Beatles Revolution, Birth of the Beatles, talk shows...VHS transferred to DVD myself: Beatles in Germany, Rockshow, Complete Beatles Cartoons, Let It Be, Los Beatles, and many more!

Some of my VHS Tapes:
1. The Beatles Hollywood Bowl Raw Footage: Anthology Number 2 1964 - 1965
2. The Beatles At Shea Stadium: Anthology Number 3 1965 part 2
3. The Beatles Down Under World Tour 1 Vol. 2
4. The Beatles Washington Coliseum (First US Visit: NY, Miami, DC) Number Two: 1964 Part 1 (incl. What's Happening documentary)
5. The Beatles New Musical Express 1964 - 1966 (Also known as Telecasts 1963-1966 because it includes Big Night Out, Shindig, NME and more)
6. The Beatles Yesterday and Today 1966
7. The Beatles Concert at Budokan 1966: Alternate Edits of Two Concerts Number Four 1966 Part Two
8. The Beatles Inter Tel Promotional Videos
9. The Beatles Complete Cartoon Series (8 VHS Tapes)
10. Let It Be
11. All Things Must Pass (Daily Rushes--outtakes from LIB)
12. Long and Winding Road (promos, two tapes)
13. The Beatles in Germany 1966 (includes Damals documentary, as well as concert, arrivals, etc.)
14. Los Beatles 1965 (Spain, Italy)
15. Nothing is Real 1967
16. Yellow Submarine
17. Anthology Number 6: 1968
18. The Beatles LIVE! (A hodge podge set of tv performances)
19. The Beatles Ed Sullivan Anthology (1964 - 1970; includes the promos they sent)
20. Rockshow
21. Paul McCartney Promos 1970 - 1978
22. Paul McCartney Promos 1979 - 1987

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