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Profile for tiklady

Hope all of my friends have a great 2013 I hope to be back trading soon.PEACE!!!. my primary interests are beatles/solo. will consider others. i use quality dvd+r,-r, cdr. please trade honestly, fairly, standard trading rules.


beatles cdr;
studio sessions 64-69 2 discs
studio sessions 1963 2 discs
beatles stars of 63
beatles all things must pass electric set
beatles 69 rehearsals vols 1,2,3 3 discs
beatles get back journals vols 1-6, 6 discs
beatles watching rainbows l.i.b. outtakes
beatles artifacts inner revolution 1968
beatles chicago press conf(bigger than jesus)
beatles b.b.c. radio one pepper cd release party at abbey rd. 2 discs
beatles quarrymen 1960
beatles something to hide
beatles hodge podge
beatles casualties
beatles arrive w/o traveling
beatles as nature intended
beatles get back to abbey rd.
beatles artifacts, the psychedelic years 66/67
beatles artifacts, beatlemania 64/65
beatles tonight show 1968, john and paul, complete
beatles john and paul, educational t.v. int 5/15/68
beatles paris olympia theatre, 1/19/64
beatles indianapolis, 1964
beatles philadelphia, 9/02/64
beatles cavern club rehearsals, sept, 1962
beatles alternate revolver
beatles making of l.i.b. naked and panel discussion 11/13/03, 2 discs
beatles-nothings gonna change our world, bbc-4, 3 disc's
good day sunshine magazine-1993 audio edition.
good day sunshine magazine-10th anniversary audio edition.
beatles-the biography(bob spitz)9 cd's
beatles-ken douglas interviews, beatles on tour 1966.
beatles-64 press conferences, dallas, san francisco, seattle.
beatles-p.mccartney/donovan acoustic jam, .
beatles-broadcasts,w.a.b.c., w.i.n.s.,w.m.c.a., new york, 8/28/64
beatles-inside interviews
beatles-the beatle years, w/geoff emerick, here, there and everywhere, 2-cd's
beatles-get back book cd-rom
beatles-the day john met paul, b.b.c.
beatles-the ex-beatles story, b.b.c., brian matthews, 2 cd's
beatles-hit or a miss, juke box jury(6/22/63,12/07/63,7/25/64)eamonn andrews 4/11/65.
beatles-with the beatles(2008 dess upgrade)
beatles-magical mystery tour reconstructed, 4 cd's
beatles-it was 40 years ago today(Dennis Elsses)
beatles-making of the white album, 40th anniv. b.b.c. 11/08
beatles-let it be 33 1/3, steve matteo's account of the l.i.b. sessions, 3 cd's
beatles-in the studio-the white album w/george & paul, 11/30/98, 2 cd's
beatles-brunch w/the beatles-pete best, 2 cd's
beatles-beatles in scotland.
beatles-how the beatles changed the world, w/dick bartley, 2 cd's.
beatles-the beatles story, b.b.c., w/brian mathews, 13 shows on 13 discs
beatles-at the beeb, b.b.c. 2, 2 cd's
beatles-the producers, george martin, extended version, 2 cd's
beatles-bigger than jesus, 2009 b.b.c.2
beatles-rockband mixes 1&2
beatles-early beatles around the u.k. 1962-64, 2 cd's
beatles-rockband extractions vols 1 thru 7, 7 cd's
beatles-decca audition tape, speed/pitch corrected, definitive edition.
beatles-lady madonna recording sessions reconstructed.
beatles-independently...and not together.
beatles-help sessions reconstructed 1-4.
beatles-brian epstein story 1&2.
beatles related-quarrymen-santa monica, ca,writers boot camp theatre, 10/10/08
beatles-washington,d.c press conference, 1966
beatles-red hot(hobnail remaster)
beatles-three thirty blues, hamburg.(hobnail)
beatles-let it be, 40th anniv,appreciation, bbc.
beatles-magical mystery mixes vol 1
beatles-magical mystery mixes vol 17
beatles-magical mystery mixes vol 18
beatles magical mystery mixes vol 19
beatles-history of the beatles live 57-66(misteclaudel)2 cd's
beatles-complete please please me sessions, 2 cd's
beatles-unforgettable(hmc) 2 cd's
beatles-caught on tape, vol 1

paul mccartney cdr;
oslo, norway 9/26/89(opening nite of tour) 2 discs
ames, iowa, 7/18/90, 2 discs
l.a. forum 11/27/89, w/stevie wonder, 2 discs.
soldier field, chicago, 7/29/90.(last show of tour)
berkeley soundcheck, 3/31/90
berkeley memorial stad. 3/31/90, 2 discs
secret gig, southend on sea 7/19/91, 2 discs.
secret gig, zeleste club, barcelona, spain, 5/08/91
rockline, 10/26/90, 2 discs
rockline 5/29/89 2 discs
b.b.c. rockhour 1976
st louis soundcheck 1993
play to press.
complete up close, sullivan theatre 12/10/92, 2 discs.
wings-liverpool 1979
b.b.c. victory radio, pipes of peace
wings-circus-krone, munich, 7/18/72, 2 discs.
in appreciation w/paul gambicini 12/26/82.
wings-antwerp, 1972
put it there soudtrack.
wings-oxford univ. interview, performance 1973
paul w/leeza gibbons 6/20/93, 2 discs
breakfast w/beatles 1984, broadstreet
berkeley press conf, soundcheck 4/01/90
southbank show 1978
timothy whites rockstars, 1/24/90, 2 discs
granny's chest, u.s.s.r call-in 1/26/89
kansas city-russian alternate, unplugged rehearsals.
howard stern show
for freedom, peace and her majesty
driving rain radio special, 11/01, 2 discs
driving oakland, 4/01/02, 3 discs
driving sacramento, 10/21/02, 2 discs
wild life demo's.
charlotte, n.c. 6/15/93 f.m. broadcast 2 discs.
phoenix soundcheck.
mccartney on mccartney, b.b.c. broadcast 8 cd's.
paul is dead, houston, tx. broadcast of death reports and clues.
mccartney death hoax, 1969 t.v. trial w/f.lee bailey
janice long interview, b.b.c, 12/22/85, 3 disc's.
capitol radio, u.k. 12/23/79 wings interview
tripping the live fantastic promo interview 2/12/91(finnish t.v.)
rome/london press conference 89.
wings-rehearsals over america, 2 cd's..
rolling stone interview, 5/05/75, venus and mars,brung to ewe, ram promo spots, heres to veterans, 1968.
paul-50th birthday w/brian matthews, b.b.c., 6/18/92
paul-s.f.b.germany interview(short),"kaleidescope",b.b.c.4 interview 9/16/91(oratorio)
p.mccartney-roundhouse,10/25/07,(electric proms)2-cd's, excellent.
p.mccartney-wingspan memorial day special, 2-cd's
p.mccartney&wings-theatre antique,7/13/72
p.mccartney-japan reheasals(walrus)
p.mccartney-fireside chat w/little steven(firemen radio show from sirius,2009)
p.mccartney-howard stern, 1/14/09(mp3)
p.mccartney-venus and mars over the world
p.mccartney-wachovia center, philadelphia, pa. 9/23/05, 2 cd's
p.mccartney-wings 76 tour coverage, 3 cd's
p.mcartney-berlin,germany, 02 arena, 12/03/09, 3 cd's
p.mccartney-hamburg, germany, color line arena, 12/02/09, 2 cd's
p.mccartney-palais, omnisport bercy, paris, 12/10/09, 3-cd's
p.mccartney-cologne, germany, 12/16/09, 3 cd's.
p.mccartney-jobing arena, glendale az, 3/28/10, complete, 3 cd's
p.mccartney-trevor jones collection vols 1,2&3- 5 cd's
p.mccartney-hard rock calling, audio from broadcast stream.
p.mccartney-apollo theater, 12/13/2010, 2 cd's(sirius broadcast)
p.mccartney-porto alegre soundcheck, 11/07/2010
p.mccartney-let em out vol 6, pugin's hall 10/18/80, 2 cds.
p.mccartney-let em out vol 7, pugin's hall

george harrison cdr
concert for george, aud recording 11/29/02, 3 discs
traveling wilbury's, vol 3 outtakes
long beach, 1974
traveling wilbury's vol 2
osaka, japan, 12/02/91, d.a.t. recording, 2 discs
rockline, 1989.
traveling wilburys-complete collection, 2 discs.
songs for pattie
through the years
g.harrison-w/scott muni, 7/21/92, w.n.e.w. radio.
g.harrison-k.p.p.c. fm, 11/68
g.harrison-what is life, b.b.c.2
g.harrison-westwood 1 tribute, 2 cd's

ringo starr cdr
ringo album outtakes
lake tahoe, nv 8/03/92, 2 discs
silver legacy, hotel, reno, nv, 3/20/99, 2 discs
montreaux, switz, 7/92 sdbrd, 2 discs.

john lennon cdrs
yin yang
this is not here
31st b'day party
w.p.l.s. radio 1971
dream is over p.o.b. outtakes
k.f.r.c. radio, rolling stone int. 1970.
in my life, b.b.c radio1(10 cd's)
john lennon-andy peebles, b.b.c.broadcast 1981, 4 cd's(missing pt5)
j.lennon-alternate shaved fish
j.lennon-"the life" 10 cd audiobook by philip norman.
j.lennon-l.a. radio, the night j.l. died, 2 cd's

beatles/solo dvds(+r,-r)
p.mccartney, al colosseo, rome 2003, documentary
beatles, songs, pics,&stories, n.american tour 64 vol 2
.mccartney, madrid, 5/30/04
beatles live in concert, n.american tour 64, vol3
beatles-all things must pass, daily rushes
beatles-die beatles, germany 1966
beatles-enlightenment 1968
george harrison, osaka,japan, 12/10/91
jon lennon-legends, v.h.-1 1998
john lennon-24 hrs, b.b.s. documentary 1969
p.mccartney-larry king live 2/06
julian lennon-behind the music, vh-1
george harrison-cavett, 1971(official release)
paul mccartney-madison sq. garden, 10/01/05, n.y.c.(2 disc's).
paul mccartney-movin on
paul mccartney-bob costas(later)
paul mccartney-concert for montserrat
ringo starr-beacon theater-2/17/99
ringo starr-radio city music hall-6/20/92
ringo starr-mesa, az, 5/05/97
paul mccartney-philly soundcheck, 7/15/90
george harrison-japan, 12/17/91
paul mccartney-l.a. forum 11/23-29 compilation
paul mccartney-kansas city, 5/31/93
paul mccartney-anaheim, ca, 4/17/93(starts w/coming up)
ringo starr-buffalo, n.y., 1989.
paul mccartney-m.s.g., 12/12/89.
paul mccartney-1975-2005 compilation
john lennon-m.t.v. in my life-1986
ringo starr-91/92 compilation
paul mccartney-new world tour "wish list" best of.
beatles-brian epstein biography
john lennon-1940-1980, 1&2 news reports
john lennon-late show special, 10/07/88
paul mccartney-world tour news 1990, knebworth, berkeley
paul mccartney-macca in beertown-cool, local t.v. special about pauls 1993 concert in milwaukee.
beatles in portland-the complete story, 2 discs.
beatles-the beatles liverpool(2 disc's).
beatles-smothers brothers show, 10/06/68 & 10/13/68,complete episodes w/beatles&g.harrison.
yoko ono-lifetime biography
john lennon-time and again.
george harrison-princes trust 1987
george harrison-angelsII behind the light.
the beatles hamburg & the hamburg sound.
john lennon-late show special 10/07/88.
paul mccartney-oprah, 11/24/97
beatles-love, fab production, news highlights of the vegas premier
beatles-hollywood backstage(amc)/rare lost plymouth int, bbc 1964
john lennon-u.s. vs john lennon
mccartney-mccartney&wings in europe and u.k. 1976
beatles-live in concert 1964-66
beatles-yesterday&today in the far east 1966, 1&2
beatles-get back masters.
beatles-from these small beginnings. 1, 2 &3.
john lennon-in his life.
beatles-everything liverpool.
george harrison-A&E biography
beatles-all my loving/all you need is
p.mccartney-time and again
beatles-pop gear.
beatles-larry king live 6/26/06, 1year anniv. of "love". paul, ringo, yoko, olivia.
beatles-rock milestones-magical mystery tour review.
beatles-abbey road story.
mccartney-wingspan video companion. 2 dvd's.
beatles-royal command performance 11/04/63.
beatles-ready,steady,go performances.
p.mccartney-up in smoke(1980 bust).
beatles-on the beeb mcp.
pete best-best of the beatles.
j.lennon-lennon revealed, complete 68 int w/larry kane
j.lennon-hours and times.
j.lennon-john lennons new york city(2 dvd's)
p.mccartney-wings over st.paul(mcp)
beatles-capitol tape
beatles-memory pieces
beatles-the concise beatles london(richard porter)
j.lennon-inside john lennon(unauthorized)
beatles-in the flesh
j.lennon-I knew john lennon-b.b.c. 2000(excellent)
beatles-1969 grammy awards show(fair quality).
beatles related-across the universe.
p.mccartney-olympia theater, paris 2007,A&E broadcast.
beatles-destination hamburg.
g.harrison-back on cloud nine
stuart sutcliffe-the lost beatles
beatles-tomorrow show w/tom snyder, john, paul, tom,&ringo(2 dvd's)
j.lennon-A&E american justice, the john lennon assasination.
j.lennon-the killing of john lennon.
beatles-composing the beatles songbook(1957-1965)
beatles-magical mystery tour memories.
beatles-beatles merseyside.
p.mccartney-desparatley seeking paul mccartney
beatles-"from us to you", television and film appearances 1962-63(this is great),2 disc's
p.mccartney-in performance
beatles-timewatch,b.b.c., behind beatlemania, 2007
p.mccartney-electric arguments
p.mccartney-summer tour 2008 vol 1, shea, kiev
beatles-1966(crime crow)
beatles-greatest attraction in the world(misterclaudel)
p.mccartney-the end of the end,2008(fab)
beatles-la storia,i grande concerti
beatles-in spain, t.v.e.
j.lennon-in performance
beatles-let it be revisited, the big picture(british lions)
beatles-composing beatles songbook 1966-1970
p.mccartney-fireman 2009
p.mccartney-smokin the joint-cell phone video/audio highlight captures from las vegas, 4/19/09
p.mccartney-d.letterman show, complete marquee performance only. 7/15/09
p.mccartney-halifax, n.s., 7/11/09 p.p.v. broadcast(i saw her standing there not included in broadcast)
p.mccartney-coachella, 4/17/09, 2 dvds
beatles-odds&sods but upgrades, vol4
beatles-on record,b.b.c.4 broadcast, 9/05/09
beatles-two of us, dvd
beatles-entertainmant tonight. 1 hr special
j.lennon-complete john sinclair rally
p.mccartney-wings in the 70's
p.mccartney-n.american tour 2009 vols 1, 2,&3
beatles-sgt peppers magical mystery tour
p.mccartney-david lettermen show.
p.mccartney-royal albert hall, 11/12/09, children in need show.
beatles-washington d.c., feb 1964, hiwax 16mm print upgrade.
p.mccartney-good evening new york city, abc broadcast, 11/09
p.mccartney&wings-back to the egg, t.v. special.
j.lennon-i read the news today.
pete best-oprah, 9/06/93
p.mccartney-wings over aussie(includes some nice acoustic soundcheck,1975)
p.mccartney-wings across 2 counties
r.starr-Y-Not on t.v.(j.fallon show, 1/10)
p.mccartney-up and coming@jobing arena, glendale,az. 3/28/10. excellent youtube captures(missing lady madonna, day tripper)
p.mccartney-spanish t.v.89, beatles c,b,s, vault clips, solo stuff
p.mccartney-flaming pie e.p.k.
p.mccartney-complete charlotte, uncut show. 1993
p.mccartney-hollywood bowl, earth day, 4/16/93
g.harrison-true history of the traveling wilbury's(excellent)
j.lennon-nowhere boy,2010 movie of john's early life.
p.mccartney-isle of wight festival,6/13/10, ITV2, interview, 6 songs.
p.mccartney-good evening europe promo
p.mccartney-london, 02, 12/22/09.
beatles-the 60's decade.
beatles-rarities 63-70.
p.mccartney-hard rock calling, london,6/10, stream broadcast.
r.starr-ringo's 70th birthday bash.
p.mccartney-what is wingspan.
beatles-the empire strikes back(hobnail)
beatles related-voorman and friends.
beatles related-all you need is klaus.
quarrymen-it was 50 years ago today, bbc
p.mccartney-chaos & creation dvd
beatles-get back,beatles reunion 1995
p.mccartney-later, w/j.holland, 10/26/10
p.mccartney-band on the run, b.b.c, 2010
beatles-lucky stars on merseyside 63
p.mccartney-late night w/j fallon, 12/10/2010
j.lennon-losing lennon, cnn
beatles-i was there when the beatles played the cavern-50th anniv. bbc
beatles-let it be 35mm widescreen, nagra soundtrack(hobnail)
beatles-shea stadium,1979 bbc broadcast w/film and original soundtrack(hobnail)
p.mccartney-s.n.l., 12/2010
beatles related-Arena, bbc show featuring george martin
p.mccartney-rio, 5/22/2011, 2 dvd's(gaviganj)
beatles-cathode ray collection, vol 1
p.mccartney-the love we make, 2011 showtime concert for n.y. special
p.mccartney-mgm, las vegas 6/12, 2 dvds

misc dvd's;
bad company-behind the music-8/28/99
crosby, stills, nash, & young-storytellers-2000
bad company-desert sky pavillion, az, 8/07-99, re-union tour
rolling stones-ed sullivan,64/69
van halen-dave years, rarities
grand funk railroad-madison square garden, 1972
peter frampton-live 1975-77
rolling stones-fenway park, boston,8/21/05, 2 disc's.
saturday night live-joe cocker, rutles
simon&garfunkel-concert in central park
three dog night-symphony
bee gees-one night only
free-best of free
d.bowie-ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars movie
elvis-comeback special 1968
deep purple-claifornia jam
bee gees-larry king live,2/02.(one of the last interviews given w/all 3 brothers)
bee gees-soundstage.
bob dylan-A&E biography
van halen-chicago, 10/16/07, reunion tour, 2 dvd's
bob dylan-1965 san francisco press conference.
mott the hoople-under review.
rolling stones-touring history, 2 dvd's
midnight special-1978,t.nugent,c.trick,g.earring,reo speedwagon,acdc. complete w/commercials.
queen w/paul rodgers-fancourt s.africa 3/19/05(pro shot),brighton academy,3/28/06(aud)
rolling stones-shine a light.
queen-under review,the freddie mercury story-1946-1991
elvis-sept 9,1956, ed sullivan show
elvis-oct 28,1956, ed sullivan show, complete.
elvis-jan 6, 1957, ed sullivan show, complete.
chicago-live by request,A&E, 2002
bee gee's-storytellers
bee gee's-t.v. compilation
free-free forever(2 dvd's)
rutles-can't buy me lunch
pink floyd-the pink floyd&sid barrett story
spinal tap-the return of spinal tap
led zeppelin-A to Zeppelin,the story of led zeppelin
bee gees-an audience with the bee gees, 1998
simon&garfunkle-rare tv collection
rain-a tribute to the beatles, p.b.s. special.
the who-superbowl XLIV collection.
rolling stones-stones in exile, (excellent documentary)
billy joel-t.v. archive 74-81.
rolling stones-rare and unseen
the firm-the making of live in peace video.
the who-cleveland, ohio, 12-09-1975
queen-old grey whistle test, lengendary concert 1975
elton john-live in concert, bbc 1970

misc cdr
bad company-l.a. forum, 6/20/75
rolling stones-bedspring symphony
bad company-boblingen, germany, 6/08/74
van halen-buffalo, n.y., 6/14/04
police, sacramento, ca., 9/28/82(2 cd's)
foreigner-dallas, tx, 1982(king bisquit)
foreigner-in the studio, 1st album
pink floyd-in the studio, dark side of the moon
def leppard-in the studio, pyromania
led zeppelin-chicago, 1973(3 disc's)
led zeppelin-rotterdam, holland, 6/21/80
bad company-washington, d.c. 1979
led zeppelin-filmore west, 1/09/69
bad company-boston music hall, 6/01/75
steppenwolf-sweden, 1972.
rolling stones-chicago,2005,60,000 soldier bang 1&2.
c,s,n,&y.-hershey, p.a., 8/25/06(3 disc's)
rolling stones-exile on main st outtakes.
led zeppelin-III outtakes
deep purple-machine head, outtakes/session
david bowie-ziggy stardust farewell concert,hammersmith,3/07/73 2 cd's.
julian lennon-live 1/05/85, w/yoko on imagine.
everly brothers-bye bye love, reunion concert, royal albert hall 1983.
paul rodgers-troubador, hollywood,1994 w/slash 2 cd's
jackie lomax-is this what you want. needle drop.
paul rodgers-up close, 2 cd's
van halen-greensboro, n.c., 6/11/04, 2 cd's.
elvis presley-rockin in buffalo, 1976
alan parsons-live project, sparks, nv, 4/09/04, 2 cd's.
chicago-louisville,10/17/74, 2 cd's
foreigner-mantra studio's, chicago 1977
cheap trick-chicago, 1977
cheap trick-providence, 3/24/80(king bisquet).
rolling stones-shea stadium, 10/89, 2 cd's
c,s,n,&y-demo's of 1st & 2nd albums
bad company-maple leaf garden, toronto, 4/18/76, 2 cd's
e.l.o.-live at the b,b,c,, 1974, 2 cd's
rolling stones-get satisfaction if you want it
c.c.r.-crackin up
three dog night-boston gardens, 7-31-71, 2 cd's
rolling stones-still im gonna miss you
van halen-thats all folks, 2 disc's
van halen-gazzari's 1974(mp3)
cheap trick-bun e's basement bootleg
van halen-young and wild
van halev-n.y., palladium, 4/28/78
bad company-syracuse, n.y., 4/17/76
free-santa monica,ca 1971, f.m.
ac/dc-towson university, 10/16/79,sbd
journey-infinty demo's
bad company-san francisco, 9/19/75
david lee roth-san francisco, 12/12/86, w/steve vai, billy sheehan, 2 cd's
guess who-ambassador theatre, st louis, mo. 6/05/74, k.s.h.e. fm broadcast. 2 cd's
guess who-electric ladyland studio, n.y.c., 1/16/75
crazy world of arthur brown-b.b.c. sessions 1969
journey-raised on radioshow, 10/15/86,
c,s,n,y,-harvey's, lake tahoe, 7/22/06, 3 cd's
rolling stones-complete ed sullivan appearances
the who-seattle colisseum, 10/14/76
pete townshend-chicago, house of blues
eric clapton-god was here, mid 70's sdbd's various locations, 2 cd's
rolling stones-buffalo's rock n roll animals, rich stadium, 1981, 2 cd's
rolling stones-happy birthday keith, 2 cd's, sdbd.
rolling stones-el mocombo, toronto,1977
badfinger-for petes sake, demo's 68-75, 2 cd's.
badfinger-buffalo, 8/06/72
yoko ono-in her own words, bbc6, john's 70th b'day
elvis-flamingo, l.v., closing night 2/1970
led zeppelin-bringer of war, 2 cd's
rolling stones-black box-remastered, 4 cd's
keith richards-a stone alone(77 toronto sessions)
rolling stones-s.n.l performances
bad company-san francisco, ca. 9-19-75
bad company-glasgow,scotland, the appolo, 3/06/79, 2 cd's
bad company-chicago stadium, 4/23/76, 2 cd's
simon/garfunkel- hollywood bowl 8/23/68

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