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Profile for Rob71

Hi,looking to expand my collection by trading with others around the world.

I usually trade on-line using Google Drive, Mega or One Drive. Alternatively I can send a usb stick with anything you want from me and you can send it back with any shows I want. I can also burn to disc if preferred, but this would be a lot slower and preferably for no more than 10 discs at a time. I am happy to receive shows by whatever method suits.
Contact me if you want a copy of my list.

Trade list as at 17.10.2017 (contact me for any updates) –
Amy Winehouse 15.10.2007 Berlin, Tempodrom flac A
The Alarm 25.08.1984 Loreley Festival , Germany flac A-
The Alarm 26.05.1985 Stuttgart, Neckerstadion flac A
The Alarm 15.12.1985 ? Hammersmith Odeon flac A
The Alarm 09.05.1986 New York, Beacon Theatre flac B+
The Alarm 13.02.1986 Rotterdam, Arena flac A
The Alarm 17.03.1988 San Jose, The Cabaret flac A
The Alarm 29.06.1991 Bizarre Festival, Germany flac A-
The Alarm 31.05.2000 Glasgow, Barrowland flac A-
The Alarm 06.05.2002 Nottingham. Rock City flac A-
The Alarm 24.06.2016 Glastonbury Festival flac A
The Associates 02.11.1980 London, Marquee wav B+
The Associates 13.03.1985 Edinburgh, Queens Hall wav A
Aztec Camera 17.06.1980 Stirling, Doune Castle flac B+
Aztec Camera 08.10.1982 Glasgow, Nightmoves flac A-
Aztec Camera 18.07.1983 Toronto, El Mocambo flac B
Aztec Camera 13.10.1983 Aston University flac A
Bad Lieutenant 18.03.2010 Camden, Electric Ballroom flac A
The Bangles 03.09.1989 Saratoga Springs, NY flac A-
Bauhaus 30.11.1981 Hamburg, Markthalle flac A-
Bauhaus 07.12.1982 Chicago, Metro flac B
Bauhaus 28.05.1983 Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo (The First Period) flac A
Beady Eye 04.03.2011 Glasgow, Barrowland flac A-
Beady Eye 21.03.2011 Amsterdam, Paradiso flac A-
Beady Eye 28.06.2012 Warrington, Parr Hall flac A-
Beady Eye 29.07.2012 Icheon, South Korea flac A
Beady Eye 22.06.2013 Glasow, O2 ABC flac A-
Beady Eye 17.07.2013 Ibiza Rocks flac A-
Beady Eye 21.11.2013 London, Hammersmith Apollo flac B+
Beady Eye 25.02.2014 Amsterdam, Paradiso flac A-
Beady Eye 27.02.2014 Paris, Bataclan flac A
The Beatles 03.09.1964 Indiana, State Fair flac A-
The Beautiful South 29.11.2001 Munich - Live + Unplugged (Radio Bayern3) flac A
Biffy Clyro 19.01.2013 Zurich, Kaufleuten flac A
Biffy Clyro 21.05.2017 Rock on the Range Festival flac A
Biffy Clyro 25.06.2017 Glastonbury Festival flac A
Big Country 04.07.1983 Glasgow, Tiffany's flac A
Big Country 29.06.1986 Glasgow, Barrowland flac A-
Black Grape 09.02.1996 London, Brixton Academy (In the Name of The Father) flac A
Blondie 21.09.1977 San Francisco, Old Waldorf flac A
Blondie 19.11.1977 Amsterdam Paradiso flac A-
Blondie 11.04.1978 Boston, Paradise Theatre flac B+
Blondie 25.04.1978 Los Angeles, The Starwood (Blondi Comes Alive) flac A-
Blondie 12.11.1978 New York, Palladium flac A-
Blondie 05.07.1979 Pawtucket, Leroy Theatre flac A-
Blondie 12.01.1980 Hammersmith Odeon flac B-
Blondie 12.01.1980 Hammersmith Odeon (A Sexual Response) flac A
Blondie 01.08.2011 Liverpool, 02 Academy flac A
Blondie 27.08.2014 Glasgow, O2 ABC flac A-
Blondie 03.09.2014 Milan, Magnolia flac A-
Blondie 03.05.2017 London, Roundhouse flac A-
Blow Monkeys 29.04.1987 Liverpol, Royal Court Theatre flac A-
Blur 08.08.1997 Sudoeste Festival, Portugal flac A-
Blur 06.09.1999 London, Electric Ballroom flac A
Blur 11.06.2015 Llandudno, Venue Cymru flac A
Bob Dylan 1961-1974 Acoustc Troubadour flac A-
Bob Dylan 1962-1963 Broadside flac B+/A-
Bob Dylan 1963 New York (Bob Dylan in Concert) flac A-
Bob Dylan 08.06.1965 London (At the Beeb) flac A-
Bob Dylan 01.08.1971 Bob Dylan for Bangla Desh flac B+/A-
Bob Dylan 03.07.1988 Portland, Ballpark (By the Waterfront Docks) flac A
Bryan Adams 31.01.1985 Hollywood flac A
Bryan Adams 06.12.1991 Milan, Palatrussardi flac A-
Bryan Ferry 23.06.1977 New York, Bottom Line flac A
Bryan Ferry 04.06.2002 Belfast Castle flac A
Bryan Ferry 21.07.2011 Arles, France flac B
Bryan Ferry 03.09.2013 Paris, Grande Halle de La Villette flac A
Bryan Ferry 14.09.2015 Munich, Circus Krone flac A
The Buzzcocks 02.03.1979 Amsterdam, Paradiso flac A-
The Buzzcocks 07.09.1979 Toronto, Music Hall flac A
The Buzzcocks 25.08.1990 Reading Festival flac A-
Canned Heat + John Lee Hooker 15.04.1971 New York, Carnegie Hall flac A-
Cast 08.12.1995 Amsterdam, Melkweg (Prime Time) flac A
Charlatans UK 27.10.1990 Liverpool, Royal Court flac A-
Charlatans UK 1996-1997 Return Of The Great Contenders flac A
Charlatans UK 22.10.1999 Glasgow, Barrowland flac A
Charlatans UK 18.11.1999 Amsterdam, Melkweg flac A
Charlatans UK 29.06.2002 Glastonbury Festival flac A
Charlatans UK 07.07.2002 London, Finsbury Park flac A
The Clash 1976 -1982 D.O.A. flac A-
The Clash 09.12.1976 Manchester, Electric Circus flac A-
The Clash 04.05.1977 Swindon , The Affair flac B+
The Clash 14.05.1977 Amsterdam, De Brakke Grond flac A-
The Clash 11.07.1977 Birmingham, Top Rank (No Elvis, Beatles or Rolling Stones) flac A-
The Clash 29.09.1977 Paris, Bataclan Punk Festival flac A-
The Clash 25.10.1977 Glasgow, Apollo flac A-
The Clash 05.07.1978 Aberdeen, Music Hall flac B+
The Clash 22.07.1978 Liverpool, Eric's flac B+
The Clash 29.12.1978 London, Lyceum (Buy or Die) flac A-
The Clash 1982-1983 Give Em Enough Dope flac A
The Clash 02.02.1982 Osaka, Festival Hall (Clash Over) flac A-
The Clash 10.05.1982 Lochem flac
The Clash 29.10.1982 Los Angeles, Memorial Coliseum (Who's on First) flac A-
The Clash 22.05.1983 San Antonio, Majestic Theatre flac A-
The Clash 17.02.1984 Stockholm, Johanneshov Isstadion (Five Alive) flac A-
The Clash 14.05.1985 Edinburgh, Coasters flac B+
Cocteau Twins 18.09.1985 Columbus, Ohio flac B+
Coldplay 30.06.2000 Birmingham, Ronnie Scott's flac A-
Coldplay 05.08.2000 Tokyo, Summer Sonic flac A-
Coldplay 16.08.2000 Bizarre Festival, Germany flac A
Coldplay 30.04.2001 London, Brixton Academy flac A
Coldplay 07.08.2001 Sydney, Enmore Theatre flac A
Coldplay 15.06.2002 Cologne, Kultkomplex Caff flac A
Coldplay 28.06.2002 Glastonbury flac A
Coldplay 31.05.2003 Los Angeles, Hollywood Bowl flac A
Coldplay 17.05.2005 New York, Beacon Theatre flac A-
Coldplay 06.02.2006 Anaheim, CA flac A-
Coldplay 11.06.2006 Isle of Wight Festival flac A
Coldplay 22.02.2007 Buenos Aries, Gran Rex flac A
Coldplay 25.07.2008 Philadelphia, Wachovia Center flac A
Coldplay 19.12.2010 Liverpool, Royal Court Theatre flac A-
Coldplay 09.07.2011 T in the Park flac A
Coldplay 01.07.2014 London, Albert Hall flac A
Coldplay 23.07.2016 Chicago, Soldier Field flac A-
Coldplay 04.06.2017 Old Trafford Cricket Ground (One Love Manchester) flac A
David Bowie Vampires of Human Flesh flac A-
David Bowie 1966 - 1970 The Forgotten Songs of David Robert Jones flac A-
David Bowie 1967 - 1972 Emerged from Shadows (BBC Sessions) flac A
David Bowie 1967 - 1972 Kiss the Viper's Fang (BBC Sessions) flac A
David Bowie 1967 - 1972 Nobody's Children (BBC Sessions) flac A
David Bowie 1971 The Shadow Man (Outtakes) flac A
David Bowie 1972 - 1979 Station to Station Volume 2 flac A
David Bowie 1973 Could You Educate Me flac B+
David Bowie 04.06.1972 Preston, Guild Hall flac B+
David Bowie 08.04.1973 Tokyo (Live in Japan CD1) flac B+
David Bowie 10.04.1973 Tokyo (Live in Japan CD2) flac A-
David Bowie 11.04.1973 Tokyo (Live in Japan CD3) flac A-
David Bowie 12.04.1973 Nagoya (Live in Japan CD4) flac B
David Bowie 14.04.1974 Hiroshima (Live in Japan CD5) flac B+
David Bowie 17.04.1973 Osaka (Live in Japan CD6) flac B+
David Bowie 20.04.1973 Tokyo (Live in Japan CD7) flac A-
David Bowie 1976 -1983 Immersed in Crowley's Uniform flac A-
David Bowie 26.02.1976 Toronto, Maple Leaf Gardens flac B+
David Bowie 23.03.1976 New York, Nassua Coliseum (Suffragette City) flac A-
David Bowie 1987 Smiling Through The Darkness flac A-
David Bowie 22.06.1996 Loreley Festival, Germany (The Last Hero) flac A
David Bowie 02.06.1997 Lodon, The Hannover Club (Song and Dance) flac A-
David Bowie 2000 LiveandWell flac A+
David Bowie 25.06.2000 Glastonbury Festival flac A+
David Bowie 2011 Toy flac A
David Byrne 24.03.1992 Brooklyn - Acoustic Evening flac A
David Byrne 03.05.1992 NDR 2 Studio, Hamburg flac A
David Byrne 20.07.1994 Glenside, Keswick Theatre flac A
David Byrne 31.05.2001 San Francisco, Fillmore flac A-
David Byrne + St Vincent 16.06.2013 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Manchester, Tenessee flac A
Deacon Blue 04.11.1987 Glasgow, School of Art flac B+
Deacon Blue 07.07.1989 Hammersmith Odeon flac A
Deborah Harry 13.07.1991 Wembley Stadium - Summer XS (The Ultimate Blonde) flac A
Del Amitri 19.12.1990 Glasgow, Barrowland flac A-
Del Amitri 01.12.1995 Austin, City Limits Studios flac A
Del Amitri 07.02.2014 London, Hammersith Apollo flac A-
Depeche Mode 16.05.1986 Hamburg flac A
The Doors Objects of Desire flac A-
The Doors 1967 - 1968 When The Music's Over flac A-
The Doors 13.09.1969 Toronto, Varsity Stadium flac A-
The Doors 21.08.1972 New York (At Central Park) flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 27.08.1979 Leigh, Open Air Festival flac B
Echo + the Bunnymen 23.03.1980 London, Lyceum flac B+
Echo + the Bunnymen 17.10.1980 Liverpool University, Mountford Hall flac B
Echo + the Bunnymen 29.11.1980 Amsterdam, Paradiso flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 24.04.1981 Nottingham, Rock City flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 18.06.1981 ENTPE, Lyon, France flac B+
Echo + the Bunnymen 27.10.1981 Portland flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 24.08.1982 New York, Peppermint Lounge flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 16.12.1982 Glasgow, Tiffany's flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 18.03.1983 Rotterdam, Arena flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 05.03.1983 Bochum, Zeche flac A
Echo + the Bunnymen 04.04.1984 Paris, Eldorado Theatre flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 03.10.1984 Oxford, Apollo flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 07.10.1984 Liverpool, Grafton flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 1987 Unknown session flac A
Echo + the Bunnymen 11.06.1987 Gothenburg, Karen flac A
Echo + the Bunnymen 25.06.1997 Paris, Maison de la Radio (Black Session) flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 27.06.1997 Glastonbury flac A
Echo + the Bunnymen 23.10.1999 Las Vegas, House of Blues flac
Echo + the Bunnymen 15.11.2005 Paris, Trabendo flac A
Echo + the Bunnymen 06.12.2010 Oxford, O2 Academy flac A
Echo + the Bunnymen 19.05.2011 San Francisco flac
Echo + the Bunnymen 09.08.2012 Lokerse Festival, Belgium flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 01.02.2013 Amsterdam, Grauzone Festival flac A
Echo + the Bunnymen 02.05.2014 Leamington Spa, Assembly flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 02.08.2014 San Francisco, Regency Ballroom flac A
Echo + the Bunnymen 18.08.2014 Silver Springs, The Fillmore flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 18.02.2015 Dublin, Olympia Theatre flac A-
Echo + the Bunnymen 27.09.2016 San Francisco, Regency Ballroom flac A
Echo + the Bunnymen 05.11.2016 Leuven, Belgium flac A
Echobelly 1995- 1997 BBC Radio 1 Sessions flac A
Electrafixion 04.02.1994 Paris, Black Session flac A
Electrafixion 04.07.1994 Glasgow, King Tut's flac A-
Electrafixion 14.11.1994 Leeds, Duchess of York flac A
Elvis Costello 04.04.1978 Glasgow, Satellite City flac B
Elvis Costello 12.04.1979 Lehigh University (I Stand Accused) flac A-
Elvis Costello 10.01.1982 Paris, Theatre des Champs-Elysees flac B+
Elvis Costello 23.11.1986 London, Royalty Theatre (Unapproved) - 11 tracks flac A-
Elvis Costello 23.11.1986 London, Royalty Theatre (This Is Tomorrow) - 24 tracks flac A-
Elvis Costello 15.05.1989 Pinkpop Festival (Acoustic Tales Live) flac B-
Elvis Costello 03.06.1991 Los Angeles (Unplugged) flac A-
Elvis Costello 14.04.1999 Liverpool, Royal Court Theatre flac A-
Elvis Costello 18.03.2017 Edinburgh, Festival Theatre flac A-
Foo Fighters 09.09.2008 Red Rocks, Morrison, CO flac A-
Garbage 05.12.1998 Fairfax, Patriot Centre flac A
The Go-Go's 07.12.1994 New York, The Academy flac A-
The Go-Go's 10.07.1999 Las Vegas, House of Blues flac A
The Go-Go's 07.08.2004 Tokyo, Summersonic Festival flac A-
The Go-Go's 25.08.2016 Phoenix, Comerica Theatre flac A-
Goodbye Mr Mackenzie 24.04.1989 Glasgow, Barrowland flac A-
Green Day 28.05.1992 East Orange, WFMU Studios flac A
Green Day 03.10.2004 Potsdam ,Radio Fritz flac A
Green Day 30.08.2012 Berlin, Kindl-Buhne Wuhlheide flac A
Guns N Roses 04.09.1987 San Diego, Open Air Theatre (Some Kinda Orange) flac A-
Guns N Roses 02.02.1988 New York, The Ritz flac A-
Half Man Half Biscuit 06.01.2017 Coventry, The Empire flac A-
Happy Mondays 20.07.1990 Hollywood Palladium (Hollywood Babylon) flac A-
Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions 24.05.2010 London, Bush Hall flac A
The House of Love 05.04.1987 Camden, Black Horse flac B+
The House of Love 02.06.1990 Chicago, Metro flac A
Howlin Wolf 16.03.1964 Bremen, Germany flac A-
Howlin Wolf 23.02.1969 Chicago, Key Largo's flac B+
Ian McCulloch 01.11.1989 Glasgow, Barrowland flac A-
Ian McCulloch 19.07.2002 Glasgow, Mitchell Theatre flac A-
Ian McCulloch 22.05.2010 Liverpool St Georges Hall flac A-
Ian McNabb 10.06.2016 Darwen, Library Theatre flac A-
Icicle Works 01.05.1984 Boston flac A
Icicle Works 01.10.1986 Liverpool flac A
Icicle Works 20.03.1990 Liverpool, Royal Court Theatre flac B+
Inspiral Carpets 03.03.1994 Hilversum, Vara Studios flac A-
Inspiral Carpets 24.06.1994 Arezzo, Piazza Leonard da Vinci flac A-
Indigo Girls + Michael Stipe 25.09.1988 Athens Music Festival wav B+
INXS 27.06.1984 Cleveland, Ohio (WMMS Radio) flac A-
INXS 03.12.1987 Edinburgh, Playhouse flac A-
The Jam 15.10.1977 New York, CBGB's flac A-
The Jam 16.02.1979 Reading University (David Watts and Polkadots) flac A-
The Jam 07.07.1980 Tokyo, Seinenken Hall flac A
The Jam 14.03.1981 Amsterdam, Paradiso flac A-
The Jam 20.05.1982 Boston, Orpheus Club flac
James 30.10.1988 Paris, La Cigale flac A-
James 07.12.1991 Rennes, Salles Omnisports (Transmusicales) flac B+
James 23.04.1992 Paris, Bataclan flac B+
James 26.04.2007 London, Brixton Academy flac A-
James 24.10.2011 Birmingham Symphony Hall flac A-
James 25.10.2011 Glasgow Royal Concert Hall flac A-
The Jesus + Mary Chain 20.12.1985 San Diego, North Park Community College flac A-
The Jesus + Mary Chain 04.10.1987 Vienna, U4 Club flac A
The Jesus + Mary Chain 15.10.1987 Paris, Elysee Montmarte flac A-
The Jesus + Mary Chain 06.11.1987 New York, The Ritz flac B+
The Jesus + Mary Chain 24.03.2017 Glasgow, Barrowland flac A
Joe Strummer 24.08.1999 Dublin, Olympia flac A-
Joe Strummer 17.10.2001 Seattle, Key Arena flac A
Johnny Marr + the Healers 27.03.2003 Nantes, L'Olympic flac A
Johnny Marr 26.03.2013 Detroit, Magic Stick flac A-
Johnny Marr 07.07.2013 Macclesfield, Jodrell Bank flac A
Johnny Marr 24.10.2014 Bath, Pavilion flac A
John Squire 28.01.2003 Glasgow, Barrowland flac A-
Justin Currie & the Pallbearers 31.05.2017 Liverpool, Hangar 34 flac A
Kaiser Chiefs 24.06.2017 Glastonbury Festival flac A
Keane 09.03.2004 London, ULU flac A-
Keith Richards ?? Booze + Pills + Powders flac B+
Keith Richards 1983 The Complete Honeymoon Tapes…So Far flac B+
Keith Richards + Chuck Berry 15.10.1986 St Louis, Fox Theatre (Dress Rehearsals) flac A-
The Killers 31.01.2005 Sydney wav A
The Killers 08.09.2012 Baden-Baden, Akademiebühne flac A
The Killers 19.07.2013 SuperRock Festival, Portugal flac A-
The Killers 25.06.2017 Glastonbury Festival flac A-
Kings of Leon 19.12.2010 Sheffield, Motorpoint Arena flac A
Kings of Leon 06.06.2014 Rock am Ring, Nurburg, Germany flac A
Kings of Leon 28.05.2017 Hull (Radio 1 Big Weekend Festival) flac A
The Kinks 1972 + 1977 The Kinks on Holiday (Gold Standard) flac A-
The Kinks 14.07.1974 London, Hippodrome (Here Comes the Groove) ape A
The Kinks 24.12.1977 London, Rainbow Theatre flac A
Kirk Brandon 13.04.2013 Bristol, Thelka flac A-
The La's 18.05.1989 Belfast, Limelight flac B+
The La's 25.06.2005 London, Shepherd's Bush Empire flac A-
Liam Gallagher 10.06.2017 Dublin, Olympia Theatre flac A
Liam Gallagher 18.08.2017 Sonicmania - Chiba, Japan flac A-
Lloyd Cole 24.10.1995 Nantes, L'Olympic flac A-
Lloyd Cole 26.03.1991 Nantes, Onyx flac A
Lloyd Cole 26.03.2017 Lowestoft, The Aquarium flac A-
Lloyd Cole + Commotions 07.08.1986 Nimes , La Arenes flac B+
Manic Street Preachers 1993-1994 BBC Radio Sessions flac A
Manic Street Preachers 08.12.2014 Glasgow, Barrowland flac A-
Mazzy Star 26.10.1993 Paris, Black Session flac B+
Mazzy Star 18.06.1994 Bristol, The Fleece flac A
Mazzy Star 02.10.1994 Bridge School Benefit, Mountain View flac A-
Mazzy Star 12.11.1994 Chicago, Metro flac A
Mazzy Star 01.06.2000 Oslo, John Dee Club flac A-
Mazzy Star 15.07.2012 Optimus Oeiras Alive Festival, Portugal flac A-
Mazzy Star 07.11.2013 Los Angeles, The Wiltern Theatre flac A-
Mick Jagger 20.10.1987 Los Angeles, Couintry Club (Bloody Night in LA) flac B+
Mick Jagger 23.03.1988 Tokyo, Dome (Stage Fright) flac A-
Mick Taylor 29.04.1988 Armonk, The Krypton flac A-
Mick Taylor 24.11.2001 Acoustic Session, Radio 192 Hilversum flac A
Mike Peters 26.05.2014 Oslo, Herr Nilsen flac A-
Mike Scott 29.11.1997 Amsterdam, Melkwg flac A-
Morrisey 22.12.1988 Wolverhampton flac
Muddy Waters 10.11.1968 West Berlin flac B+
Muse 18.06.2017 Firefly Festival, Dover, Delaware flac A
New Order 16.08.1984 Hull, City Hall flac A-
New Order 19.07.1986 Manchester, GMex flac A-
New Order 28.01.2006 Manchester Arena - Cancer Charity Event flac A-
Nirvana 1990 - 1992 Complete Radio Sessions flac A
Nirvana 05.11.1991 Amsterdam, Paradiso (Seventh Heaven) flac A
Nirvana 22.02.1994 Rome, Palaghiaccio (XXII II MCMXCIV) flac A
Noel Gallagher 25.03.2010 London, Albert Hall flac A
Noel Gallagher 28.02.2012 Glasgow, Grand Old Opry flac A
Noel Gallagher 14.08.2012 Camden, Dingwalls - Warchild gig flac A
Noel Gallagher 07.12.2015 London, BBC Radio Theatre flac A
Noel Gallagher 30.03.2017 London, Albert Hall (Teenage Cancer Trust) flac A
Noel Gallagher's HFB 27.10.2011 Edinburgh, Usher Hall flac A
Noel Gallagher's HFB 03.11.2011 Lonson, BBC Radio Theatre flac A
Noel Gallagher's HFB 28.11.2011 Milan, Alcatraz flac A
Noel Gallagher's HFB 24.03.2015 Brussels, Club 69 flac A
Noel Gallagher's HFB 16.04.2015 Budokan, Japan flac A
Noel Gallagher's HFB 30.04.2016 Bournemouth, BIC flac A
Noel Gallagher's HFB 23.08.2016 Belfast, Titanic Venue (Belsonic 2016) flac A-
Noel Gallagher's HFB 02.09.2016 Swansea, Singleton Park flac B+
Noel Gallagher's HFB 12.07.2017 Berlin, Olympiastadion flac A-
Noel Gallagher's HFB 16.07.2017 Rome, Olympic Stadium flac A-
Noel Gallagher's HFB 09.09.2017 Manchester, Arena (We Are Manchester Benefit) wav A
Oasis Dreams is a Record Machine flac A
Oasis 1992-1993 The Lost Tapes flac A
Oasis 1994 Live in Holland flac A
Oasis 1994-1995 The Acoustic Sessions flac A-
Oasis 1994-1995 Step into 1996 flac A-
Oasis 1994-1995 Working Class Hero (The God-like Genius of Noel Gallagher) flac A
Oasis 1994-1995 Hot in the City flac A
Oasis 1994 - 2002 Diamonds in the Sky - The Definitive Acoustic Colleciton 1994-2002 flac A
Oasis 24.03.1994 London, 100 Club flac A-
Oasis 26.06.1994 Glastonbury flac A
Oasis 13.08.1994 Hultsfred Festival, Sweden (Slide Away) flac A
Oasis 13.08.1994 Hultsfred Festival, Sweden (Swedish Radio 94 + More) flac A
Oasis 21.08.1994 Borderline, London flac A
Oasis 29.09.1994 Los Angeles, Whiskey (Whiskey A Go Go) flac A
Oasis 25.11.1994 Amsterdam, Paradiso (Live in Holland) flac A
Oasis 11.12.1994 Wolverhampton, Civic Hall (Cigarettes & Alcohol) flac A
Oasis 13 + 18.12.1994 All the Young Blues (London, Manchester) flac A-
Oasis 29.12.1994 Brighton Centre flac A-
Oasis 1995 Forever Alone flac A-
Oasis 1995 Working Class Hero (The Good-Like Genius Of Noel Gallagher) flac A
Oasis 25.02.1995 Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom (Listen Up) flac A
Oasis 22.07.1995 Dublin, Slane Castle flac A
Oasis 1996 Tartan Dream flac A
Oasis 20.11.1995 Stockholm, Globen Annexet flac A
Oasis 07.03.1996 Fairfax, Patriot Centre (Taller Than Jesus - Limited Edition) flac A
Oasis 27.04.1996 Manchester, Maine Road flac A
Oasis 04.08.1996 Loch Lomond flac A-
Oasis 20.08.1996 London, Royal Festival Hall (MTV Unliammed Definititive Edition) flac A
Oasis 16.09.1997 Newcastle, Arena flac A-
Oasis 08.10.1997 New York, Hammerstein Ballroom (NYC Bootleg) flac A
Oasis 27.11.1997 Den Bosch, Brabbanthallen flac A
Oasis 05.12.1997 Dublin, The Point (Noel Gets to the Point - Definitive Edition) flac B+
Oasis 07 + 08.12.1997 Glasgow, SECC (Surprise Tension + Danger - Message in a Bottle) flac A
Oasis 1999 London, Supernova Heights & Wheeler End Studios (SOTSOG Demos) flac A
Oasis 05.03.2000 Yokoham Arena, Japan flac A
Oasis 30.06.2002 Belfast, Odyssey Arena (Rehabsolutely Fabulous) flac A
Oasis 13.07.2002 T in the Park (My Generation) flac A
Oasis 05.03.2003 Dublin, The Point (Bring it On Dublin) flac A
Oasis 23.06.2004 Poole Lighthouse flac A
Oasis 14.08.2005 Summer Sonic, Tokyo flac A-
Oasis 02.11.2006 Camden, Koko Club flac A-
Oasis 14.08.2008 London, Black Island Studios (Standing on the Edge of the Noise) flac A
Oasis 26.10.2008 London, The Roundhouse (The Magical Mystery) flac A
Oasis 18.07.2009 Bern, Gurtenfestival flac A-
OMD 03.10.1984 London, Hammersmith, Odeon wav A-
Paul Weller 13.10.1992 London, Albert Hall (Groove a Little) flac A
Paul Weller 20.11.1993 Manchester, Apollo Theatre flac A-
Paul Weller 08.12.1998 Amsterdam, Paradiso flac A
Paul Weller 04.04.1999 Dusseldorf flac A
Paul Weller 02.07.2000 Rock Werchter, Belgium flac A-
Paul Weller 24.11.2002 Vienna, Gasometer flac A
Paul Weller 24.07.2004 Yokohama flac A
Paul Weller 15.12.2005 London, ULU flac A-
Paul Weller 23.04.2006 Berlin, Huxleys Neue Welt flac A
Paul Weller 25.11.2009 Derby, Assembly Rooms flac A-
Paul Weller 04.02.2011 Newcastle, Metro flac A-
Paul Weller 19.10.2012 Los Angeles, Greek Theatre flac A
Paul Weller 17.11.2015 Dublin, Olympia Theatre flac A
Paul Weller 05.04.2017 Doncaster, Dome Leisure Centre flac A-
Paul Weller 05.06.2017 Brussels, Ancienne Belgique flac A
Paul Weller 14.09.2017 Barcelona, Razzmatazz flac A
Peter Hook + the Light 11.12.2010 Los Angeles, Music Box flac A
The Police 1978 - 1979 Lost BBC Studio Tapes flac A-
The Police 02.08.1983 Montreal flac A
Primal Scream 2012-2013 Radio Broadcasts - Ireland flac A-
Public Image Limited 08.11.1983 Bristol, The Sudio flac A
Radiohead 26.11.2003 London, Earls Court flac A-
Radiohead 01.04.2008 BBC Radio Theatre flac A
R.E.M. 04.10.1980 Athens GA, Tyrone's Bar flac A-
R.E.M. 1981 - 1982 Down South (Vinyl Rip) flac A-
R.E.M. 12.05.1981 Athens GA, Tyrone's Bar (That Beat in Time) flac A
R.E.M. 24.04.1982 Madison, Merlins (Carnival of Sorts) flac A-
R.E.M. 25.10.1982 Hoboken NJ, Maxwell's flac B+
R.E.M. 26.04.1983 New York, Spize Farmingdale flac B+
R.E.M. 21.05.1983 St Paul, Navy Island flac A-
R.E.M. 09.07.1983 Toronto, Larry's Hideaway flac A
R.E.M. 10.04.1984 Eindhoven, De Effenaar flac A-
R.E.M. 27.06.1984 Seattle flac
R.E.M. 15.09.1984 Oklahoma City, The Bowery flac A-
R.E.M. 21.11.1984 Nottingham, Rock City flac A
R.E.M. 23.11.1984 Norwich, East Anglia University flac A-
R.E.M. 25.06.1985 Edinburgh, Coasters flac A-
R.E.M. 07.07.1985 Werchter, Belgium flac A
R.E.M. 20.01.1986 Athens, 40 Watt Club flac A-
R.E.M. 1988 Green Demos flac A-
R.E.M. 20.04.1989 Philadelphia, The Spectrum flac A
R.E.M. 15.05.1989 Pinkpop Festival flac A
R.E.M. 15.09.1989 Mansfield MA Great Woods flac A-
R.E.M. 13.11.1989 Atlanta, Fox Theatre flac A-
R.E.M. 12.03.1991 2 Meter Sessie, Holland Radio Session flac A
R.E.M. 13.03.1991 BBC Radio 1, Maida Vale Studios, London flac A
R.E.M. 19.11.1992 Athens, Georgia, 40 Watt Club (Automatically Live) flac A-
R.E.M. 30.07.1995 Milton Keynes, National Bowl flac A
R.E.M. 31.08.2003 Missoula, Montana (The Evening Team) flac A
Ride 08.08.2015 Katowice, Off Festival flac A
Ride 24.03.2017 Glasgow, Barrowland (6 Music Festival) flac A
Rolling Stones 1961-1967 Reelin' and Rockin' flac B to A-
Rolling Stones 1963-1965 BBC Radio Sessions flac A-
Rolling Stones 1964-1967 Ready Steady Stones flac B+
Rolling Stones 1964-1967 Shades of Orange (Vinyl Rip) flac A-
Rolling Stones 1964 + 1965 The Chess Sessions flac A-
Rolling Stones 1964 + 1965 Chess Sessions Outtakes flac A-
Rolling Stones 1965 -1967 Have You Heard the Outtakes, Recorded in the Shadows flac A
Rolling Stones 13.09.1965 Hamburg, Ernst Merck Halle flac B
Rolling Stones 1965-1971 Diverse Harmonics flac A-
Rolling Stones 1966-1979 Accidents Will Happen flac A
Rolling Stones 28.07.1966 Honolulu, International Sports Centre flac A-
Rolling Stones 08.04.1967 Milan, Palalido flac B+
Rolling Stones 1968-1973 Unplugged flac A
Rolling Stones 1968/ 1969 Olympic Recording Sessions flac A
Rolling Stones 1969 Get Yer Alternate Ya-Ya's Out flac A-
Rolling Stones 29.11.1969 Boston, Boston Garden flac B+
Rolling Stones 02.09.1970 Live in Helsinki 1970 flac B+
Rolling Stones 1972-1973 Keep Your Motor Running flac A
Rolling Stones 1972-1979 Fast Talking flac A-
Rolling Stones 24 + 25.06.1972 Fort Worth (Lonestar Shooters) flac A-
Rolling Stones 24 + 25.06.1972 Forth Worth/ Houston (Dragon Slayers) flac A-
Rolling Stones 04.07.1972 Washington, JFK (Jack Daniels on Tour - Vinyl Rip) flac A-
Rolling Stones 05.07.1972 Norfolk, The Scope (Going Back to the Roots) flac B+
Rolling Stones 18.07.1972 Boston, Boston Garden flac B+
Rolling Stones 24 + 26.07.1972 New York, Madison Square Garden (A Slice of Rock'n'Roll) flac B+
Rolling Stones 1973 Europe '73 : The Ultimate Live Document flac A
Rolling Stones 12.09.1973 Manchester, King's Hall-Belle Vue flac B+
Rolling Stones 16.09.1973 Glasgow, Apollo flac A-
Rolling Stones 1975-1981 Sheep Dip Blues flac A
Rolling Stones 11.06.1975 Boston Garden (Luxury In Boston) flac A-
Rolling Stones 29.04.1976 Franfkurt, Festhalle (Absolutely Too Stoned to Roll - Vinyl Rip) flac A-
Rolling Stones 12.05.1976 Glasgow, Apollo (Nasty Habits in Glasgow) flac A-
Rolling Stones 04.06.1976 Paris, Pavillion de Paris flac A-
Rolling Stones 07.06.1976 Paris, Les Abattoirs (Down and Out in Paris) flac A-
Rolling Stones 11.06.1976 Barcelona. Plaza de Toros flac B+
Rolling Stones 15.06.1976 Zurich, Halenstadion (Get Off of My Stone) flac B+
Rolling Stones 21.08.1976 Knebworth Fair (Stoned Stones) flac B+
Rolling Stones 03.10.1981 Boulder, Colorado (Pave Boulder '81) flac A-
Rolling Stones 03.11.1981 Louisville A Go Go - Louisville, Kentucky flac A-
Rolling Stones 29.06.1982 Frankfurt, Festhalle (All the Girls in Frankfurt) flac A-
Rolling Stones 19.12.1989 Atlantic City flac A
Rolling Stones 31.10.1994 Voodoo at Halloween - Oakland, CA flac A
Rolling Stones 1995 Stripped Away flac A
Rolling Stones 08.06.1999 London, Shepherd's Bush (Cow Skins and Pig Shoes) flac A-
Rolling Stones 08.06.2007 Nijmengen, Goffert Park flac A-
Roxy Music 1972/73 BBC Sounds of the 70s Sessions flac A
Roxy Music 28.10.1974 Newcastle, City Hall flac A
Roxy Music 27.01.1976 Stockholm, Konserthuset flac A
Roxy Music 04.04.1979 Richfield, Ohio flac A-
Roxy Music 17.05.1979 Hammersmith Odeon - BBC in Concert flac
Roxy Music 20.04.1979 Oakland, Coliseum flac A
Roxy Music 02.08.1980 London, Wembley Arena flac A
Roxy Music 11.06.2001 Glasgow SECC - BBC Live Session flac A
Silencers 21.03.1989 Hamburg, Markthalle flac
Silencers ??.??.1990 Reims, La Cartonnerie flac A
Simple Minds 30.07.1979 Leeds, Forde Green Hotel flac A-
Simple Minds 22.03.1980 Apeldoorn, Gigant flac A-
Simple Minds 06.09.1981 Stafford, New Bingley Hall flac A-
Simple Minds 16.06.1982 Utrecht, Vredenburg flac A-
Simple Minds 14.10.1982 Sydney, Manly Vale Hotel (Theme For A Great City) flac A
Simple Minds 28.11.1982 Manchester, Apollo flac A
Simple Minds 12.12.1982 Leicester, de Montford Hall flac A
Simple Minds 17.12.1982 Dundee, Caird Hall flac A-
Simple Minds 07.03.1983 Nijmegen, De Vereeniging flac A
Simple Minds 12.03.1983 Lyon, Palais D'hiver flac A-
Simple Minds 27.05.1984 Irvington (Under the Crystal Lights) flac A
Simple Minds 08.07.1984 Werchter, Belgium (Under the Crystal Lights) flac A
Simple Minds 04.01.1985 Glasgow Barrowlands flac A-
Simple Minds 20.11.1985 Seattle, Paramount Theatre flac A-
Simple Minds 04.04.1986 New Orleans, Lakefront Arena (To The Crucial Top) flac A-
Simple Minds 13.07.1986 Milan, San Siro flac B+
Simple Minds 22.05.1989 Milan, Pilatrussardi (Steve and Nelson Day) flac A-
Simple Minds 16.06.1989 Dortmund, Westfalenhalle flac A
Simple Minds 19.06.1989 Paris, Bercy flac B+
Simple Minds 22.08.1991 London, Wembley Arena flac A-
Simple Minds 24.08.1991 Milton Keynes Bowl flac A
Simple Minds 02.03.1995 Hollywood, House of Blues (95 Sunset Strip Bootleg) flac A
Simple Minds 10.09.1995 Glasgow Royal Concet Hall flac A
Simple Minds 10.06.1998 Naples, Stadio Comunale San Ciro (Neapolitan Skies) flac A-
Simple Minds 07.06.2010 Villeurbanne, Transbordeur flac A-
Simple Minds 11.06.2011 Thetford Forest flac A
Simple Minds 24.11.2013 Paris, Zenith flac A-
Simple Minds 13.06.2014 Bergenfest, Norway flac A-
Simple Minds 18.03.2015 Oslo, Sentrum Scene flac A-
Simple Minds 15.08.2015 Lorient, Festival Interceltique flac A
Simple Minds 10.11.2016 London, Hackney Empire flac A
Simple Minds 25.02.2017 McLaren Vale, South Australia flac A-
Simple Minds 08.05.2017 Bordeaux, Patinoire de Meriadeck flac A
Siouxie and the Banshees 24.05.1986 Chicago, Riviera Theatre (The Sweetest Chill) flac A-
The Sisters of Mercy 26.02.1991 Lisbon, Coliseu Recreios flac A-
The Sisters of Mercy 07.03.2009 Paris, Le Bataclan flac A-
Skids 25.05.1978 Skye, St Albans Hotel flac B+
Skids 03.06.1978 Edinburgh, Meadows Festival flac B+
Skids 10.03.1979 London, Paris Theatre wav A
Skids 17.03.1979 Liverpool, Eric's flac B
Skids 29.10.1979 Newcastle, City Hall flac B+
Skids 02.10.1980 Glasgow, Apollo flac A-
Skids 03.10.1980 Edinburgh, Odeon flac B
Skids 21.10.1980 London, Hammersmith Odeon wav B+
Skids 22.11.1980 Stockholm, Rockpalais flac B+
Skids 02.02.1981 London, Chelsea College flac A-
The Smiths 21.04.1984 Amsterdam (I Stole and then I Lied) flac A
The Smiths 27.02.1985 Chippenham. Goldiggers flac A-
The Smiths 25.09.1985 Glasgow Barrowland flac A-
The Smiths 16.07.1986 Glasgow Barrowland flac B+
Spear of Destiny 06.06.1983 Hamburg, Markthalle flac A
Spear of Destiny 24.10.1983 Manchester, Ashton Metro flac
Spear of Destiny 13.12.1983 Glasgow Penthouse flac
Spear of Destiny 14.09.1984 Paris, Eldorado flac A-
Spear of Destiny 27.11.1984 Oxford Roadshow flac A-
Spear of Destiny 17.05.1985 Bristol, Studio Ballroom flac B+
Spear of Destiny 06.10.1985 Sheffield flac B+
Spear of Destiny 26.04.1987 Liverpool Royal Court Theatre flac B
Spear of Destiny 30.10.1988 Newcastle flac
Spear of Destiny 17.11.1990 London, Marquee flac B
Spear of Destiny 27.03.2012 Leamington Spa flac
Spear of Destiny 02.12.2012 London, O2 Academy flac A
Spear of Destiny 11.05.2013 Westworld XI flac A
Spear of Destiny 06.05.2016 Crewe, The Box flac
Spear of Destiny 07.09.2016 Leicester, Musician flac
Spear of Destiny 08.09.2016 Norwich flac
Stereophonics 29.06.2002 Glastonbury Festival flac A-
Stereophonics 07.07.2003 Paris, Bercy flac A
Stereophonics 07.04.2005 Paris, La Moroquinerie flac A
Stereophonics 07.06.2008 Rock am Ring wav A
Stone Roses 03.06.1989 Walsall, Junction 10 Club (Stoned in Walsall) flac A-
Stone Roses 15.05.1990 Copenhagen, The Station flac A-
Stone Roses 27.05.1990 Wigan, Spike Island wav B+
Stone Roses 23.12.1995 Manchester, Apollo flac A-
Stone Roses 12.06.2012 Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall flac A-
Stone Roses 22.04.2017 Tokyo, Budokan flac A
The Stranglers 15.06.1983 Eindexamen Festival, Holland flac A-
The Style Council 29.04.1987 London, Albert Hall flac A
Talking Heads 1975 CBS Demos Sessions wav A
Talking Heads 08/07/1979 Tokyo, Nihon Seinenkan flac A
Talking Heads 08.08.1979 Boston, Berkeley Performing Centre flac A
Talking Heads 14.11.1980 Boston, Orpheum Theatre flac A-
Talk Talk 08.05.1986 Hammersmith Odeon (Talking Colours) flac A
Talk Talk 2002 Magical Mystery Mixes flac A
The Teardrop Explodes 07.03.1982 Southport Theatre flac A-
Tears for Fears 18.04.1983 London, Hammersmith Palais flac A
The The 05.06.1993 London, Brixton Academy (Europe 1993) flac A
Texas 10.03.1992 Geneva, Thonex flac A-
Texas 24.03.1992 Paris, Zenith flac A-
Texas 28.04.1997 Madrid, La Riviera (Planet Live! Texas Live In Madrid) flac A-
Texas 03.04.2001 Angers, Amphitea 4000 flac A-
Texas 09.06.2017 Glasgow, Barrowland flac A
That Petrol Emotion 18.10.1990 Liverpool University flac A-
That Petrol Emotion 12.12.2009 Brooklyn, Bell House flac A-
Theatre of Hate 03.12.2014 Leeds, Brudenell Social Club flac A-
Theatre of Hate 05.05.2017 Crewe, The Box (Westworld Weekend) flac A-
The Undertones 1977 + 1979 Unearthed (Derry 1977 + Belfast 1979) flac B+
The Undertones 19.05.1981 Hemel Hempstead, Pavilion flac A
U2 1978-1979 Children Of The Revolution...The First Recordings 1978 - 1979 flac A-
U2 14.10.1980 Hilversum, KRO Studios flac A-
U2 13.11.1980 Sheffield, Limit Club flac B+
U2 23.01.1981 Belfast, Queens University flac B+
U2 1983 -1984 War & Unforgettable Fire Demos wav A-
U2 22.03.1983 London, Hammersmith Palais flac A-
U2 29.05.1983 Boston, Orpheum Theatre (The Complete Boston '83 Tapes) flac A
U2 09.11.1984 Manchester, Apollo flac B+
U2 04.02.1985 Milan, Teatro Tenda (Thank U Too for the Fire) flac A-
U2 27.03.1985 Montreal Forum flac A-
U2 01.04.1985 New York, Madison Square Garden flac A-
U2 02.04.1987 Tempe, Arizona (Dream Beneath a Desert Sky) flac A-
U2 28.11.1987 Murfreesboro, Tennessee flac B+
U2 31.12.1989 Dublin, Point Depot (Happy New Year) flac A
U2 23.09.1997 Sarajevo, Kosovo Stadium flac A
U2 08.11.1997 St Loius, TWA Dome flac A-
U2 2008 - 2009 Future Needs a Big Kiss flac A
U2 17.05.2017 Santa Clara, CA flac A-
U2 08.07.2017 London, Twickenham Stadium flac A-
Van Morrision 1968-1971 Unplugged in the Studio wav A
The Verve 18.07.1992 Manchester University flac A-
The Verve 1993 - 1997 Radio Sessions flac A-
The Verve 18.07.1995 San Francisco, Slims flac A-
The Verve 13.08.1994 Hultsfred Festival, Sweden flac A
The Verve 01.06.1998 Pinkpop Festival, Holland flac A-
The Verve 29.06.2008 Glastonbury Festival flac A
The Waterboys 1982 - 1984 The Pagan Place Sessions flac B/A-
The Waterboys 12.06.1984 Paris, Le Zenith flac A-
The Waterboys 23.06.1984 Glastonbury Festival flac B+
The Waterboys 1986-1995 This is The Sea Live (Big Music Vol 3) flac A-
The Waterboys 19.05.1986 Pinkpop Festival, Geleen flac A
The Waterboys 18.06.1989 Glastonbury Festival flac B+
The Waterboys 07.11.2001 Glasgow, Barrowland (Big Music Vol 8 - The Hogmany Recording) flac A
The Waterboys 14.07.2006 St Albans, Alban Arena flac A
The Waterboys 08.07.2012 Weert, Bospop flac A
The Waterboys 31.10.2015 Cork, Opera House flac A-
The Waterboys 02.07.2017 Manchester, Castlefield Bowl flac A-
The Wedding Present 12.12.2010 Cambridge, The Junction flac A-
The Who 1972-1973 Quadrophenia Demos wav A-
The Who 12.11.1973 London, Lyceum (Danger Over Head Live Wires) flac B+
The Who 04.12.1973 Philadelphia, The Spectrum (Tales from the Who) wav A
The Wonder Stuff 02.05.1987 Lancaster, Sugarhouse flac B+
The Wonder Stuff 03.11.1988 Eurorock Festival, Holland flac A
The Wonder Stuff 22.11.1988 Munich, Manege flac A-
The Wonder Stuff 16.06.1989 Glastonbury Festival flac A-
The Wonder Stuff 30.09.1990 Chicago, Metro flac A
The Wonder Stuff 21.10.1991 West Hollywood, Roxy Theatre flac A-
The Wonder Stuff 19.03.1992 Leicester University flac A-

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Beady EyeApollo 2011 (Live 2011-03-06 In Manchester)CD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Big Country1984-03-23 Dallas-Unknown Publisher_12 May 2017CDN/A
Blondie2002-08-11 Anaheim, CA:The Grove Of AnaheimUnknown01 Jun 2017CDN/A
Blondie2014-09-14 - London UK Hyde Park (CD)Unknown01 Jun 2017CDN/A
Blondie2015-06-27 Madison Square Garden, NYCUnknown01 Jun 2017CDN/A
BlondieAll The Children Are DrunkDeep Six01 Jun 2017CDN/A
BlondieFade Away And RadiateMighty Atom Records01 Jun 2017CDN/A
BlondieHeart Of GlassGrapefruit01 Jun 2017CDN/A
BlondieLittle DollBarbie01 Jun 2017CDN/A
BlondieLive 1978-11-12 New York-Unknown Publisher_01 Jun 2017CDN/A
BlondieLive At The Walnut TheatreUnknown01 Jun 2017CDN/A
BlondieLooks Good In BlueBrand New Beat Records01 Jun 2017CDN/A
BlondieMidnight BlondeSilver Rarities01 Jun 2017CDN/A
BlondieResoredShout To The Top Records Ltd.01 Jun 2017CDN/A
BuzzcocksClub 57Pontiac12 May 2017CDN/A
BuzzcocksHammersmith Odeon 1979Unknown12 May 2017CDN/A
BuzzcocksHammersmith Odeon 1979Unknown12 May 2017CDN/A
BuzzcocksHammersmith Odeon 1979Unknown12 May 2017CDN/A
BuzzcocksMidnight SpecialUnknown12 May 2017CDN/A
David BowieAlmost Acoustic BowieCD-R08 May 2017CD-RN/A
David ByrneGeorgia Theater, Athens 2001- Disc OneUnknown11 May 2017CDN/A
David ByrneGeorgia Theater, Athens 2001- Disc TwoUnknown11 May 2017CDN/A
David ByrneWelcome Back David (Disc 2)Unknown11 May 2017CDN/A
David ByrneWelcome Back David (Disc 1)Unknown11 May 2017CDN/A
Echo And The BunnymenBarbed Wire And Camouflage (Live 1980-09-07 In London)Top Performance26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Echo And The BunnymenParadiso 1980 (Live 1980-11-??)CD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Echo And The BunnymenRotterdam 83 (Live 1983-03-18)CD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Echo And The BunnymenThe End's Endfest (Live 2004-09-25 In Auburn)North West Tapers26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysArenaCD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysBarcelonaCD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysBirmingham, NEC - 26/3/1989CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysCities In The ParkCD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysDüsseldorf, Germany 26/2/1991CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysGlasgow Barrowlands, 10/12/1989CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysGlastonbury 1990CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysHollywood BabylonYouth Records07 Sep 2017Lossless copyN/A
Happy MondaysKGH BlackburnCD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysKilburn 92Unknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysLeeds Warehouse 28/2/1989CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysLondon Kilburn National 18/10/1992CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysLondon ULU 10/2/1989CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysPerformances 1989CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysPills 'N' Thrills And Reality TVCD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Happy MondaysSheffield University 2/3/1989CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Inspiral CarpetsAt The LSECD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Inspiral CarpetsChicago 91CD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Inspiral CarpetsGlasgow TramwayCD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Inspiral CarpetsLa LocomotiveCD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Inspiral CarpetsLive At Tut'sCD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Inspiral CarpetsMarqueeCD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Inspiral CarpetsTown & CountryCD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
JamesHoxton 16CD-R08 May 2017CDN/A
JamesMarquee ClubCD-R08 May 2017CDN/A
JamesRoxy (Disc 1)CD-R08 May 2017CDN/A
JamesRoxy (Disc 2)CD-R08 May 2017CDN/A
JamesWOMADCD-R08 May 2017CDN/A
Manic Street Preachers9X Live '97Unknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersBlack RosesUnknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersDear Beautiful Cheap (Disc 1)CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersDear Beautiful Cheap (Disc 2)CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersGlastonbury 99Unknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersHorse And GroomCD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersIf You Want Blood...Unknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersJust Call Me SlashUnknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersLeicester University 30.01.1992CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersLive In The Hague, 21/8/94Unknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersLive Nancy, France 26.9.94Unknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersManic MillenniumUnknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersNo Sunset Just SilenceKiss The Stone07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersParr HallCD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Manic Street PreachersThe Astoria 20/12/94Unknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
OasisBlack On White (Live 1994)Kiss The Stone26 Apr 2017CDN/A
OasisBuenos Aires 2001 (Live 2001-01-18)Unknown26 Apr 2017CDN/A
OasisCardiff Supernova (Live 1996-03-19 In Cardiff) (Disc 1)Reevzie26 Apr 2017CDN/A
OasisGlasgow Green (Live 2000-08-26) (Disc 1)Unknown26 Apr 2017CDN/A
OasisGlasgow Green (Live 2000-08-26) (Disc 2)Unknown26 Apr 2017CDN/A
OasisLive At The BBC 1993-2005 (Disc 1)No Label29 Sep 2017CDN/A
OasisLive At The BBC 1993-2005 (Disc 2)No Label29 Sep 2017CDN/A
OasisPull The Plug (Live 1996-08-23 In London)Unknown26 Apr 2017CDN/A
OasisThe Acoustic SessionsKiss The Stone26 Apr 2017CDN/A
OasisUndruggedOxygen Monada26 Apr 2017CDN/A
OasisUnpluggedForbidden Fruit26 Apr 2017CDN/A
OasisUnplugged Vol. 2Forbidden Fruit26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Paul WellerAnytime You Want MeNikko Records07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Paul WellerBelsonic Festival Belfast 2010 (Disc 1)CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Paul WellerBelsonic Festival Belfast 2010 (Disc 2)CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Paul WellerComplete My ConfidenceUnknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Paul WellerDaydreamUnknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Paul WellerHaldern Pop Music FestivalUnknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Paul WellerLast Gig Of The MillenniumSwitch On07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Paul WellerMods 'n' Rock UsSilver Wolf07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Paul WellerSessions 96/97Unknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Paul WellerThe Big Weekend, Cardiff - 10th August 1996-Unknown Publisher_07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Paul WellerWake Up The Milky Way (Disc 1)CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Paul WellerWake Up The Milky Way (Disc 2)CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Paul WellerWorking Crass HeroDat Label07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Paul Weller MovementThe Docks, Hamburg, Germanynone07 Sep 2017CDN/A
R.E.M.Losing My Religion Vol. 4Banana07 Sep 2017CDN/A
RazorlightLowlands 2006CD-R07 Sep 2017CDN/A
REMBlue - The Acoustic ConcertGreat Live Records07 Sep 2017CDN/A
REMLosing My Religion Vol. 1Banana07 Sep 2017CDN/A
REMLosing My Religion Vol. 2Banana07 Sep 2017CDN/A
REMLosing My Religion Vol. 3Banana07 Sep 2017CDN/A
REMUnplugged CompletelyKiss My Ass Records07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Richard AshcroftUp Close At The MermaidCD-R01 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicBerlin Beauty QueensUnknown08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicLive 1972-06-30 London, Empire Pool WembleyUnknown08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicLive 1972-11-20 Guildford, Civic Hall (Roxy Music '72)Unknown08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicLive 1973-05-07 Munich (The Pride And The Pain)Gold Standard08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicLive 1973-10-19 Leeds (Stranded In Leeds)Unknown08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicLive 1973-10-27 Liverpool, Empire Theatre (Just As Nice)Unknown08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicLive 1973-12-01 Vienna, Konzerthaus (Real Cool Time LP)Unknown08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicLive 1974-06-02 New York, Academy Of Music (Stranded In New York)Unknown08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicLive 1974-10-24 Glasgow, Apollo (On Tour '74)Unknown08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicLong, Lonely Shadow (Disc 1)Ennui08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicLong, Lonely Shadow (Disc 2)Ennui08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicSwedish Manifesto '79 (CD1)Unknown08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicSwedish Manifesto '79 (CD2)Unknown08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicThe Avalon Tapes 1981-1982Unknown08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Roxy MusicThe Lost BBC SessionUnknown08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Snow PatrolSeattle 05CD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Snow PatrolSeattle 07 (Disc 1)CD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Snow PatrolSeattle 07 (Disc 2)CD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Snow PatrolVancouver 2004CD-R26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Talk TalkLive Utrecht 84ACE BOOTLEG PRODUCTION26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Talk TalkManhattan (Belgium)ACE BOOTLEG PRODUCTION26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Talk TalkParis 1984ACE BOOTLEG PRODUCTION26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Talk TalkSalamanca '86ACE BOOTLEG PRODUCTION26 Apr 2017CDN/A
Talking HeadsLive At Sun Palace 1981Unknown01 Jun 2017CDN/A
Talking HeadsMilano 1980 (Disc 1)CD-R01 Jun 2017CDN/A
Talking HeadsMilano 1980 (Disc 2)CD-R01 Jun 2017CDN/A
Talking HeadsNatures WayUnknown01 Jun 2017CDN/A
Talking HeadsOcean State Performing Arts Center, Providence, RI - 7 November 1980 (Disc 1)Dan Lampinski01 Jun 2017CDN/A
Talking HeadsOcean State Performing Arts Center, Providence, RI - 7 November 1980 (Disc 2)Dan Lampinski01 Jun 2017CDN/A
Talking HeadsRotterdam 1980CD-R01 Jun 2017CDN/A
Talking HeadsSharp Objects Vol. 1Unknown01 Jun 2017CDN/A
Talking HeadsStop Making NoiseThree Cool Cats01 Jun 2017CDN/A
TexasLive 1989-05-22 Paris-Unknown Publisher_12 May 2017CDN/A
TexasLive 2001-04-24 Bordeaux-Unknown Publisher_12 May 2017CDN/A
The AssociatesGigantCD-R01 Sep 2017CDN/A
The AssociatesICA 1980CD-R01 Sep 2017CDN/A
The AssociatesLiveCD-R01 Sep 2017CDN/A
The ClashAcoustic Daze3D-Reality17 Aug 2017Lossless copyN/A
The VerveAstoria, London 1993N/A01 Jun 2017CDN/A
The VerveFiddler's Green 1994N/A01 Jun 2017CDN/A
The VerveFrankfurtMacro Moose Records01 Jun 2017CDN/A
The VerveGlasgow '98Unknown10 May 2017CDN/A
The VerveLive At Wigan Haigh Hall 24.5.98 (Disc 1)Unknown01 Jun 2017CDN/A
The VerveLive At Wigan Haigh Hall 24.5.98 (Disc 2)Unknown01 Jun 2017CDN/A
The VervePinkpop PeopleN/A10 May 2017CDN/A
The VerveThe Acoustic SessionsKiss The Stone01 Jun 2017CDN/A
The VerveThe Phoenix, Toronto 01-08-1995Unknown01 Jun 2017CDN/A
The VerveTinley Park 1994CD-R01 Jun 2017CDN/A
U2Another Time, Another PlaceThe Swingin' Pig07 Sep 2017CDN/A
U2Heaven Turns To Hell (Disc 1)Unknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
U2Heaven Turns To Hell (Disc 2)Unknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
U2Last Night At The RitzFlashback07 Sep 2017CDN/A
U2Outside It's Las VegasTriangle Records07 Sep 2017CDN/A
U2Rock's Hottest Ticket - Cd1Red Phantom07 Sep 2017CDN/A
U2Rock's Hottest Ticket - Cd2Red Phantom07 Sep 2017CDN/A
U2This Is Our Moment, This Is Our Time (Disc 2)Unknown07 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentAll The Songs Sound The SameCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentAstoriaCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentBlack SessionCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentCharlie GeorgeCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentClyde BestCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentEnzo ScifoCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentGeordielandCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentGeorge Best, Glasgow QMU, 25 October 2007CD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentGordon BanksCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentHultsfredCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentIan HollowayCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentJimmy CaseCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentJohan CruyffCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentJohn WarkCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentJohnny GilesCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentLeeds Uni 10th December 1988CD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A
Wedding PresentLiquidCD-R08 Sep 2017CDN/A

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