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Profile for dumangl

My CD list follows, officials are listed for my reference purposes only and not for trade:

SMiLE 2004
SMiLE - Anne Wallace Websounds 2004 (43 min/2 tracks, orig MP3)
SMiLE (DJ Surfclown)
SMiLE Again (DJ Surfclown)
The Alternative SMiLE Collection
Dvakman's SMiLE
SMiLE Era - 1988 Mark Linett Rough Mixes
SMiLE (Luna)
SMiLE Millenium Edition
SMiLE Odeon
SMiLE Red Robin
SMiLE Sessions - Sea Of Tunes Source Tape
Secret SMiLE (discs 1-2) (orig MP3)
SMiLE Vigotone 2 discs
SMiLE Masterplan 2 discs
SMiLE - A Reconstruction (Purple Chick)
Project SMiLE CD-ROM V2.0.1 (MP3)
Heroes and Villains Sessions Parts 1 & 2 (1 disc)
Heroes and Vibrations
Vega-tables MP3
The Preiss Tape
1985 Acetates (The Beach Boys, 1985 Outtakes) (glitches)
All This Is That (SOT) 320 kbps MP3
Alternate Dumb Angel Rarities Vol. 1-5 (192 kbps MP3)
Archaeology (5 discs)
A Thing Or Two (unknown)
California Feeling (Polyphone)
Campfire Songs (MP3)
The Complete Love You Demos MP3
THE COMPLETE U.S. SINGLES 1961-1996 (Unknown) 6 DISCS
Deep Sea Treasures (Polar Bear) vol 1-2
Endless Bummer
Friends Outtakes MP3
From The Vaults (SIAE)
Good Vibrations? Beach Boys - Yhtyeen Tarina Kuunnelmana 2 discs
In the beginning/The Garage Tapes (Sea Of Tunes) 2 discs
Journal Of Dumb Angels Vol. 1&2 (interviews)
Landlocked/Adult Child - Pegboy
Lei'd in Hawaii Rehearsal (Vigotone)
Wally Heider Studios 1967 (MP3)
TheComplete Wally Heider Sessions (MP3)
LIVE MOMENTS 1962-1993 6 discs
Merry Christmas From The Beach Boys (unreleased 1976-77)
"NOOD" (Japan) 3 discs
Goodbye surfing, Hello God Vol. 1-5
Goodies 3 discs
Get The Boot
Get The Boot Vol. 1-2
Harmony Friends 2 discs
Oh Brother
Sun Surf and Balloons
The Live Box (SOT) 3 discs
LONG LOST SURF SONGS Vols. 1-6 (Silver Rarities)
Pet Sounds Millenium Edition disc 2, Phil Spector Mix
Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds (MP3)
Leggo My Ego (Spank) 3 discs
Liquid Pet Sounds
Phasing Phun Vol. 1-3
Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys Solos
Al Jardine's Red Barn Rehearsals[Jan 1993] AKA Paramount Theater Rehearsal [11-1993](EX SBD)
Psychedelic Sounds (1 disc) MP3
Rarities (Japan)
SURFIN' RARITIES VOLS. 1-6 (Silver Rarities)
Alternate Smiley Smile
Stereo Smiley Smile/Wild Honey
Smile e Smile: Fabulous & Unbooted Complete Stereo Mixes 67-69
Still Cruisin/Summer in Paradise
Time To Get Alone Vol. 1-2
Ultra Rare Trax (Unknown) 2 discs
Ultra Rare Tracks (Great White Wonder) Vol 1&2
Winds Of Change MIU Outtakes (MP3 2 incomplete tracks)
Christmas Sessions (SOT) 3 discs
Best Unsurpassed Masters (4 discs)
Today/Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) (Stereo) pop on track 5
Brian's Back (He Loves You)
The Alternate Love You (Brian Loves You)
A Vocal Element (Hang Ten) 2 discs (MP3)
Winter Blunderland (MP3)

Live In Sacramento, 1964 [08-01-1964] SOT
Live In Sacramento, 1964, Second Show! [08-01-1964] SOT
Mike Love Not War [Michigan State U, [10-22-1966] (Spank)
Aloha From Hawaii (and Hollywood) [08-25-1967]
Live In Seattle [2/28/70]
Big Sur Folk Festival [10-03-1970]
Whisky A Go-Go, Hollywood, CA [6 Nov 1970] with the FLAME! (gaps)
It's About Time [Hammersmith Odeon, London] 20 Nov 1970] AUD
The Beach Boys Meet the Grateful Dead at the Fillmore East [04/27/1071] last track defective
Beach Boys & Grateful Dead [Fillmore East, 27 Apr 1071] (complete) 3 discs
Do It Again [Syracuse, NY 05-01-1971]
Cool Water [New York, NY 05-08-1971] (Oil Well) gaps
Fillmore East [06/22/1971]
Carnegie Hall, Live [09/24/1971] good AUD 2 discs (MP3)
Georgetown U, Washington, DC [11/7/1971] fair AUD
Surfs Up at Princeton [11-13-1971] 2 discs
Live in Holland [24 Feb 1972] Grand Gala Du Disque (Dutch TV)
St. John's University 1972 [09 Mar 1972] MP3
Live In London [29 Mar 1972] (minor gaps) 2 discs
Live In Munich [09 May 1972] 2 discs (MP3 gaps)
Villa Louvigny, Luxembourg [10 May 1972] fair AUD 2 discs
Boston Commons (08-23-1972) (last tracks partial) 2 discs
Madison Square Garden [22 Nov 1972 ?](Resurfin' USA 2609)
Carnegie Hall 1972 [11/23/1972] (Hang Ten) EX SBD
Live at Colby College [05-13-1973]
Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT [24 Aug 1973] EX AUD (TAO)
Tacoma 1974 [03-16-1974] Unknown
Tampa (04-12-1974, good AUD minor gaps (2 discs)
Second Wing [Notre Dame University 04-20-74] (King Stork) 2 discs
East Coast Pipeline [Uniondale, NY, 06-14-1974] 2 discs
Madison Square Garden, New York (Beachago) [14 June 1975] EX AUD (2 discs)
Live In Anaheim 1976 [07-03-1976] 2 discs
CBS Convention LIVE [07-30-1977]
Live In Perth [03-14-78] 2 discs
New York City Calling, Springfield, NY [15 May 1979] EX SBD + 17 studio (2 discs)
Inoshima Beach, Hiroshima, Japan Jam EX FM SBD [4 Aug 1979]
Keepin' The Summer Live [Philly 04-18-1980]
Knebworth, The Rehearsals [06-20&21-1980]
Knebworth 1980 [06-21-1980]
American Birthday Party, Washington, DC [4 July 1980] EX FM
Allentown 1982 [09-05-1982] 2 discs
Beach Party [Jamaica, 11-26-1982]
Live In Biloxi, MS [06-01-1986] (2 discs)
Whisky-A-Go-Go 1986 (MP3)
Nyon Festival, Switzerland [23 July 1987] FM SBD (2 discs)
All Summer Long In Tennessee [06-06-1990] 2 discs
Carolina’s Birthday Party [Myrtle Beach, SC 7 Apr 1991] SBD 2 discs
Live In Lorelei, Germany [19 June 1993] EX FM SBD 2 discs
Paramount Theater, New York [11/26/1993] 2 discs
Sounds of Summer (Paramount Theater concert & rehearsal on 2 discs)
Live In Japan 1993 (Superstar)
Las Vegas, NV [28 Apr 1995] GD AUD 2 discs
Live In Philadelphia [4 July 1995]
NBC Today [New York, TV 07-16-1999]

THE TWOFERS (ALL) 13 discs
Pastmasters: Today!, Smiley Smile, Wild Honey, 20/20
Lost & Found (DCC)
Pet Sounds (mono & stereo)
Pet Sounds (DCC Gold)
The Pet Sounds Sessions (Capitol) discs 1 - 3)
Christmas With the Beach Boys
Summer In Paradise (UK)
Summer Love Songs
Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl (MFSL)
Endless Summer (DCC Gold)
Spirit of America (DCC Gold)
Endless Harmony
Hawthorn, CA discs 1-2
Good Vibrations Box discs 1-5 + Japanese disc 6
The Capitol Years (EMI/Toshiba) 4 discs
In Concert
Sights and Sounds of Summer
Stars And Stripes Vol 1.
Ten Years Of Harmony 2 discs
Songs From Here & Back (Hallmark)

Bridge Benefit 1999
California Heat Wave (Greek Theater, UC Berkeley, CA 2 Sept 2005) 2 discs
Live At The Greek Theater [Hollywood, CA, 13 June 2001]
A Cork In The Ocean (2 Discs)
Goodies (MP3 data)
Imagination Live
In My Room (Invasion Unlimited)
New Music From An Old Friend (Brian + VA) Target
Sweet Insanity, Millenium Edition
Sweet Insanity (MFSL Millenium Remaster)
Sweet Insanity (Vigotone) bad last track
Sweet Insanity Outtakes
The Paley Sessions Vol 1
More Wilson/Paley
Moving On (Wilson/Paley sessions)
The Hamburger Sessions, Remastered (orig MP3)
The Hamburger Sessions, Plus
Cocaine Sessions Vol 2
21 Little Ones
Come Back Brian!
Live Adelphi Theatre, London 2 discs
Live On QVC
Lucky Dog Demos
Mile Stone discs 1-2 (Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, 30 Jan 2005) 2 discs
Mile Stone discs 3-4 (Kokusai Forum Hall, Tokyo, 31 Jan 2005) 2 discs
Pet Projects: The Brian Wilson Productions
Pet Theory In The Summer (Milwaukee 29 June 2001)
Slightly American Music (with Andy Paley)
Still I Dream of You: Rare Works Of Brian Wilson
One Last SMiLE (2 discs)
SMiLE Paris Olympia 14 Mars 2004 (3 discs)
SMiLE - Royal Festival Hall, London, [24 Feb 2004] 2 discs
That Lucky Old Sun (Best Buy w bonus trax)
That Lucky Old Sun Live [10-IX-2007] 2 discs
That Lucky Old Sun [12-IX-2007] (VG 5th row stereo AUD) 2 discs
Lucky Extras & Other Rarities
Japan Tour 1999 West Side [09 Jul 1999] Osaka AUD 2 discs
Live Imagination 2nd Night [13 Jul 1999] Tokyo SBD 2 discs
Japan Tour 1999 East Side [14 Jul 1999] Tokyo AUD 2 discs
The Wilson Project with Gary Usher
You're Friend of Mine
Brian Wilson (ST) Deluxe Edition
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
Gettin'In Over My Head
Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE
Orange Crate Art
What I Really Want For Christmas

Bamboo (CiscOdisc)
Bamboo Sessions
Carry Me Home Vol 1 - 2
Dreamer (CiscOdisc)
The Dennis Wilson Story Vol 1 - 2
Denny Live (MP3)
Denny Remembered Vol 1 - 2
KOMA & WNEW Radio interviews 1977 w. tracks from POB (MP3)
Pacific Ocean Blue (CiscOdisc)
Pacific Ocean Blue (Caribou)
POB/Bambu (Sony Legacy) 2 discs
Sound of Free: A Dennis Wilson Anthology (2 discs)
Various Denny

Carl Wilson (ST)
Complete Collection (2 Disks)
Live From The Bottom Line [13 Apr 1981]
Live at My Father's Place 4/11/1981
Live In Detroit 04-06-81
Rockin' Outtakes [Nov 1982]
Like a Brother (Beckley, Lamm, Wilson) US & Japanese

Live in Las Vegas [Nov 1999] PRO SB
Live in Plant City, FL [28 Feb. 1999] AUD

The Flame (LP sourced)
Blondie Chaplin (ST) missing track 1

Brian Wilson & Diane Rovell - WNEW Radio interview promoting Spring LP (MP3)
The Definitive Honeys Vol. III
Ecstasy (Rhino vinyl)
The Honeys (Collectors Series)
The Honeys Collection (Collectors' Choice)
The Honeys Rare Archives
It's Like Heaven MP3
The Other Sides Of The Beach Boys & Brian: The Honeys Unreleased, Mike Love/First Love (Japan)

Northern Light - Sweet Sunny Day

Going Public (Edsel)
Surfer's Pajama Party [Sigma Pi Frat House, UCLA 1963]

The Best Of Bruce & Terry
Rare Masters (M&M)
Rip Chords - Hey Little Cobra/Three Window Coupe

First Love MP3
Country Love MP3
Goodies (MP3 data)
Looking Back With Love
Unleash The Love MP3
The Beach Boys Salute NASCAR
Catch A Wave
Mike Love/Adrian Baker - A Baker's Dozen 1982 + 1991 + Endless Summer Beach Band

Listen To The Air
Rock'n'Roll City
Rock'n'Roll Again + Live 1983
Surfin' Blues 1986

Almost Summer Soundtrack

The Wilsons (ST)
Hey Santa!

California (Sony)
Shadows & Light (Indent)

The Many Moods Of Murry Wilson

Vintage Rays 3 discs


Barefoot Adventure (Sundazed) 2 discs
Best Of Gary Usher Vol. 1 (M&M)
Beyond A Shadow Of Doubt
Hot Rod U.S.A.

The Blue Marble
Present Tense

California - Passionfruit
The Complete Singles Collection (6 disks)
Magic Time (3 discs)
The Millenium Continues
2nd Millenium
Misty Mirage (His Unreleased Album) 2000 official
Friar Tuck - Friar Tuck & His Psychedelic Guitar
Lee Mallory - That’s The Way Its Gonna Be (Unreleased Album)
Tommy Roe - Greatest Hits
Tommy Roe - It’s Now Winter’s Day/Phantasy twofer needledrop
VA - California Music & Disney Girls

Eternity’s Childen ST
From Us Unto You: The Original Singles
The Lost Sessions

Adam Marsland & The Chaos Band - Long Promised Road: Songs Of Carl & Dennis Wilson
Alan Boyd - Channel Surfing, 2004
Adrian Baker - Sounds of Summer
Gidea Park (Adrian Baker) - California Gold
Gary Usher - Add Some Music To Your Day
John Hunter Phillips - Diamonds On The Beach
Mi-Ke - Taiyo No Shita No Surfin' Japan
Surfsiders - The Surfsiders Sing The Beach Boys Songbook (1965) MP3
Harmony Beach - Harmony Beach Sings The Beach Boys (EM Japan)
VA - The Beach Boys Cover Versions Vols. 1-7
VA - Caroline Now! (Marina)
VA - In My Room: A Beach Boys Tribute For The Homeless Of California (M&M)
VA - One In A Million (Denny Tribute, Endless Summer Quarterly 2004)
VA (punk) - Smiles, Vibes & Harmony: A Tribute To Brian Wilson
VA - Smiling Pets (Sony Japan)
VA - Two Steps Forward - A Brian & Dennis Wilson Tribute - (Alan Boyd/DJ Surfclown)

Beach Boys Tribute (Wiltern Theatre, 1994 FM) & Early "Christmas Party"(1984)
Imperial Mints (Rare & Live)SBD 2 discs
Mind If We Make Love To You
Rarities & Mysteries EX SBD, bad indexing
Wonderful World Of The Wondermints
Wondermints (ST)

Song Cycle
Discover America
Clang of the Yankee Reaper
Tokyo Rose

Best of Jeffrey Foskett

Archeology XXXV
California Project
It’s Alive
Santa Cruz

1961- 1979 Outtakes, Demos, Unreleased, Studio
20 Rock'n'Roll Hits (EMI)
All the Hits From Surf City to Drag City (EMI) 2 discs
As Easy As 1 2 3
Carnival Of Sound
Collectors Series Volume 8
The Complete Liberty Singles (2 discs)
Golden Hits Collection (Masters 61013 W. Germany Flat Transfer No No-Noise Mix
Port To Paradise
Surf City, the Best of Jan & Dean (EMI)
Jan Berry - 1 Jan 1 Special Edition (Jan's complete solo singles)
Jan Berry - Second Wave, 1997
Jan & Dean (Dean Torrence) - Save For A Rainy Day
Jan & Dean's Golden Summer Days: The Legendary Masked Surfers (Dean Torrence w B. Wilson/M. Love/The Honeys 1971, rel. 1996)
Best of Studio Outtakes
Command Performance 1979
Filet of Soul ... A Lost One
More Music For A Rainy Day
More Studio Outtakes & Remixes
Rough City
Anthology Album
Command Performance
Complete Early Years
Dead Man's Curve-New Girl In School
Dean Torrence Anthology: Legendary Masked Surfer Unmasked
Doré Album
Filet of Soul
Folk 'n' Roll
Gotta Take That One Last Ride
Jan & Dean Meet Batman
Legendary Masters
Pop Symphony
Ride The Wild Surf
Ride The Wild Surf (remaster)
Surf City
Take Linda Surfin'
Teen Suite
The Little Old Lady From Pasadena (remaster)
Silver Summer (Mike & Dean)

Endless Summer Soundtrack
Spirit Of Surf

Fun City USA (MP3)
Surfers Rule/Gone With The Wave (2 discs) MP3
Unreleased Masters

The Keystone, Berkeley, CA [4 Dec 1981]
Knock Me Out!/Where The Action Is
Super Psychedelics/$1,000,000 Weekend
Telstar/Ventures In Space
The Ventures' Christmas Album
Walk Don't Run Box Set (3 discs)

Bel-Aires - The Bel-Aires 1960-1963: Origins Of Surf Music
Blue Stingrays - Surf N’ Burn
Dick Dale & The Del-tones - King Of The Surf Guitar (Rhino)
Dick Dale - The Other World, ST. Louis, MO [25 Oct 1995] 2 discs
The Fantastic Baggys - Best Of The Fantastic Baggys (audiophile fan comp, 33 tracks)
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Zero Gravity
Malibooz - A Malibu Kind Of Christmas
Surf-Liners - Where's The Surf (2008)
Surf Raiders - Surfin’ Fever
Rumblers - Boss: Surf Music Classics (DCC)
Tats Yamasita - Big Wave
VA - Beach Classics (DCC)
VA - The Best of 60's Surf(Priority)
VA - Cowabunga! The Surf Box (Rhino) 4 discs
VA - Hot Rod Classics (audiophile fan comp, 34 tracks)
VA - Surf & Drag Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (Sundazed)
VA - Surf City's Greatest Hits (Quality)

Back To Mono [1958-1969] (ABKCO) 4 discs
Goldstar Sessions Vol 1-5
Ronettes - Ultimate Collection: Greatest Hits (Marginal)
Ronnie Spector - Dangerous 1976-87
Darlene Love - Sound of Love

The Complete Buddy Holly (Purple Chick) 10 discs
The Buddy I Knew (Tex-Mex Records) 7 discs (disc 5 last track bad)
From The Original Master Tapes (MCA, Steve Hoffman)
In New York (Vigotone)
Let's Go (Vigotone)
Lost and Found (Vigotone)
The 'chirping' Crickets
Buddy Holly (ST)
Holly in the Hills/Giant
The Buddy Holly Collection (MCA) 2 discs

The Alternate Revolver (Walrus Records) MP3
Another Sessions... Plus (Vigotone)
Artifacts I - CD 1 - The Early Years 1958-1963
Artifacts I - CD 2 - Beatlemania 1964-1965
Artifacts I - CD 3 - The Psychedelic Years 1966-1967
Artifacts I - CD 4 - Inner Revolution 1968
Artifacts I - CD 5 - Get Back To Abbey Road 1969-1970
From Kinfauns to Chaos disc 1
The Lost Pepperland Reel And Other Rarities (Vigotone) MP3
The Making Of Let It Be - CD 1
The Decca Tapes
Turn Me On Dead Man: The John Barrett Tapes (Vigotone) 2 discs
Upgraded Collection Highlights
Let It Be Sessions Anthology CD 1-2
Unsurpassed Masters - Yellow Dog Records Vols 1-4
Paul McCartney & Brian Wilson - Open Hearts, Clear Mines (Landmine)
Paul McCartney The Soundcheck Songs (Vol. 1 - 4) (Egg)
Paul McCartney & Denny Laine - 2 Buddies On Holly Days (Library Product)
Paul McCartney & Wings-Unsurpassed Masters disc 1-2
John Lennon & Paul McCartney-A Toot And A Snore In 74
John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band (MFSL Gold)
John Lennon – Imagine (Toshiba Gold, no No-Noise)

Abbey Road (UK Stereo) Blue Box Remaster
The Beatles (UK Stereo) (Discs 1 & 2) Blue Box Remaster
Beatles '65 (US Stereo LP - Capitol) (2005 Upgrade)
Beatles For Sale (UK Stereo LP - Parlophone)
Conozca A The Beatles! (Mexican Stereo LP - Capitol)
Die Beatles (German Stereo LP - Hör Zu)
A Hard Day's Night (UK Stereo) Blue Box Remaster
Help! (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Mexican Stereo LP - Capitol)
Help! (UK Stereo LP - Parlophone)
Let It Be (UK Stereo LP - Apple)
Magical Mystery Tour (German Stereo LP - HörZu) (2005 Upgrade)
Meet The Beatles (US Stereo LP - Capitol) (2005 Upgrade)
Please Please Me (UK Stereo LP - MFSL)
Revolver (UK Stereo) Blue Box Remaster
Rock 'N' Roll Music (US Stereo LP - Capitol)
Rubber Soul (UK Stereo) Blue Box Remaster
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (UK Stereo) Blue Box Remaster
Something New (US Stereo LP - Capitol) (2005 Upgrade)
The World's Best (German Stereo LP - S*R International)
With The Beatles (UK Stereo) Blue Box Remaster
Yesterday...And Today (US Stereo LP - Capitol) (Butcher Cover) (2005 Upgrade)
UK Singles Collection Vols. 1 & 2
Yellow Submarine MFSL

12 Arnold Grove
A True Legend
All Things Must Pass - 30th Anniversary Edition (2 discs)
All Things Must Pass - Orig US LP, Ebbetts (2 discs)
Beware Of ABKCO!
Brainwashed (Capitol)
Cloud Nine Rough Mix (Macondo Records)
The Concert For Bangla Desh Complete (Zeus) 3 discs
Everest: Soundtrack From The IMAX Film (Ark 21)
Extra Texture (Read All About It) (EMI)
Far East Man
Fort Worth Express (Disc 1) (Hindustani Music)
Love One Another (discs 1 - 2)
Pirate Songs
Somewhere In England (Pegboy) (TAO)
Songs For Patti - The Master Tape Version (Strawberry)
The Making Of All Things Must Pass (discs 1-3)
Wonderwall Music (EMI/Apple)
East & West, Yin & Yang (with Ravi Shankar)
Yin & Yang with Fugelsang (with Ravi Shankar) (Queensboro)
Chant And Be Happy (London Radha Krishna Temple) discs 1 & 2 with complete conversation
Ravi Shankar - Chants of India
Ravi Shankar - La Familia Shankar Y Amigos (Darkhorse)
Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan - In concert 1972 (2 discs)

12" Mixes & Remixes (2 discs)
At the Beeb (EMI)
Unreleased BBC Sessions (TAO)
Complete Rare Demo & Studio Live, London (made in Japan) (2 discs)
A Day at the Races (EMI)
A Kind of Magic (EMI)
A Night At The Opera (EMI)
Flash Gordon (soundtrack) (EMI)
The Game (EMI)
Jazz (EMI)
Magic Vision (TRI)
Greatest Hits (EMI)
Greatest Hits (Electra/Japan)
Greatest Hits II (EMI)
Greatest Hits III (EMI)
Hot Space (EMI)
Innuendo (EMI)
Live Killers (Jazz Tour 1979) (EMI) (2 discs)
Made In Heaven (EMI)
Magical Mystery Mixes (TJT Productions)
The Miracle (EMI)
News of the World (EMI)
Opera Omnia (Red Phantom) MP3 4 discs
Queen (EMI)
Queen II (EMI)
Queen In Nuce (Milestone)
Royal Rarities (disc 1)
Royal Rarities (disc 2) (skips on tr 7)
Royal Rarities (disc 3)
Sheer Heart Attack (EMI)
Stone Cold Classics (Hollywood)
Ultimate Collection (2 discs) (TAO)
The Ultimate Rarities Collection (Unknown)
The Unobtainable Royal Chronicle (vol. 1 - 2)
The Works (EMI)
Queen + Paul Rodgers - The Cosmos Rocks

Ghost Of A Smile (Pseudonym)
Smile For Me (1971 demos at Delane Lea Studios with Freddie)

Another World
The Collection
Furia Soundtrack

Solo Collection (10 discs)

Electric Fire
Fun In Space
Strange Frontier

Blue Rock
Mad, Bad, Dangerous To Know
Shove It

Liverpool [9 Sep 1969]

VA - Killer Queen (tribute)

In Support of Mott The Hoople, Oxford [20 Nov 1973]
Live At Golders Green Hippodrome 9/13/1973 (6 tracks)
Great King rat, St. Bernard Parish Civic Auditorium, New Orleans, LA [21 Apr 1974]
In the Lap of the Gods (complete 11/20/74 Rainbow Theater, London, ex soundboard)
In Concert '74 (Cologne, 12/6/1974, fair AUD, complete) Gypsy Eye (2 discs)
Santa Monica '75 (Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 3/29/1975) (VG mono audience, from vinyl)
Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, 12/24/1975) (EX SB, tracks 16-19 studio bonus)
We Will Rock You (Vol.1) (Hammersmith Odeon, London 12/24/1975)
The Royal Countdown Hammersmith 12/24/1975? (Jaguarondi)
Live in Osaka, 3/29/1976 "Expert Sky Cabinet"(EX AUD 2 discs
Royal Opera Comes To Japan (Tokyo 03/31/1976) 2 discs
A Day At The Court (6/6/77, Earl’s Court, EX SB) (Wardour) 2 discs
Live at Earl’s Court 6/7/77 (SBD) 2 discs
Back In New York (12/1/1977 Madison Square Garden) 2 discs
Sam Houston Colosseum, Houston, TX, 11/12/77 (VG AUD, incomplete)
News Of The World Tour Copenhagen April 13, 1978 (2 discs)
Last European News (Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria 05/02/1978) (2 diccs) Gypsy Eye
Live In Montreal (Montreal, Quebec 12/01/1978) (VG complete ST AUD) Continental 2 discs
Oakland 1978 (12/16/1978) No Obvious Label (2 discs)
Crazy In Paris (02/28/1979, Pavilion de Paris, France) (GD AUD, complete) 2 discs
Jazz Final (Makomani Ice Arena, Sapporo Japan, 5/6/1979, VG AUD) (2 discs)
Concert For The People Of Kampuchea (complete Hammersmith Odeon, London 12/26/1979, EX AUD) 2 discs
Milwaukee 1980 - Live at the Mecca, Milwaukee, WI (09/10/1980, 2 discs) (EX AUD, complete) Tucis
Standing On The Arena (Wembley Arena, London, 08 Dec 1980) Gypsy Eye (TAO, MP3) 2 discs
First Major Rock (SB Estadio Vélez Sarsfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina 02/28/1981) (2 discs)
When You Don't Wanna Hear It ... Fuckin' Go Home (Frankfurt 28 Apr 1982) (MP3, slight gaps) 2 discs
Domo Arigato (Nishinoimiya stadium, Osaka 10/24/1982) (Aulica A 2157) 2 discs
Rocking Osaka 1982 (10/25/1982 second show) Big Music
Live at Seibu Lions Stadium, Tokorozawa, Japan (11/03/1982, GD SBD) 13 tracks - incomplete
Real Dazzler (National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham England Sep/2/1984) 2 discs
Let Me Show In /The Jewels (Milan Italy, Sep/14/1984, GYPSY EYE) 2 discs
We Will Love You (Milan Italy, Sep/15/1984, SKCD) 2 discs (MP3, slight gaps)
Reina De Ipanema (Rio De Janiero Jan/11/1985) Baby Capone
Yoyogi Stadium, Tokyo, Japan 5/11/1985 EX SB, complete) (2 discs)
Queen's Last Stand (Osaka, 5/15/1985) (SB?) (2 discs) ETS
Done Under Pressure - Mannheim 6/21/1986, EX SB, (Gypsy Eye) 2 discs
Live In Vienna, Austria, 7/21/1986 (SRS Records) (2 discs)
Electric Magic, Knebworth Park, Stevenage UK 08/09/1986 (Amsterdam) 2 discs
The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, Wembley Stadium, London (04/20/1992) 3 discs
The Cross - Live At The Marquee [London, 22 Dec 1992] with Tim Staffel & Brian May (MP3) 2 discs
George Michael & Queen - Five Live

The Ash Grove, Los Angeles, CA [23 May 1969] VG SBD
The Ash Grove, Los Angeles, CA [1970] MP3
Ballad Of Easy Rider (Legacy 1997)
Bath Festival, UK [28 Jun 1970] AUD MP3
Boston Tea Party (Yellow Dog Records)
Box Set (1990) Sony (4 discs)
Byrd Parts: Oddities, Curios & Essentials (1964-1980)
Byrd Parts 2: More Oddities, Curios & Essentials (1962-1986)
Byrdmaniax (Legacy 2000)
Byrds (Reunion Album)
The Byrds Play Dylan (2002 Remastered Columbia ck85430)
Hits, Trips & Changes (audiophile needledrops from stereo vinyl TTT/5D/EMH, 24 tracks)
Cleveland, OH [26 Nov 1970] MP3
The Columbia Singles '65-'67(Sundazed double LP)
Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde (Sony remastered)
Farther Along (Legacy 2000)
Fifth Dimension (Columbia)
Go West: Complete Fillmore West Concerts [4 Jan 1970] EX SBD 2 discs
Greatest Hits
Freedom Hall,Louisville,KY [20 Apr 1970] EX SBD
Live At The Boarding House, San Francisco [02 Feb 1978] EX SBD
Live At The Fillmore [Feb 1969] (Legacy 2000)
Live at the Piper Club, Roma, May 2, 1968 (w/Gram Parsons/Doug Dillard)
Loyola U, Baltimore, MD [15 Apr 1970]
Mr. Tambourine Man (Legacy 1996)
Mr. Tambourine Man (audiophile original Stereo LP needledrop + bonus tracks)
Mr. Tambourine Man (MFSL mono + Legacy bonus tracks)
Mr. Tambourine Man (original stereo CD CK9172 + bonus tracks)
New Paltz [1970] MP3
The Notorious Byrd Brothers
Pacific Memorial Stadium, Stockton CA [20 Sep 1970] VG SBD
The Preflyte Sessions (Sundazed) 2 discs
Radiohuset, Stockholm, Sweden [20 Apr 1967] EX FM SBD 17 min
The Roundhouse, London UK (w/ Gram Parsons) [6 May 1968] incomplete, MP3
Rollin' Down The Road [Louisville 1970] Rattlesnake
San Diego [5 Jan 1989] VG AUD slight gaps
Sweetheart Of the Rodeo (Expanded)
Sweetheart Of the Rodeo (Legacy) 2 discs
Tambourines & 12 Strings, Collection of Demos
Turn! Turn! Turn! (Legacy)
Turn! Turn! Turn! (original CD 9254)
Untitled/Unissued (Columbia) 2 discs
Younger Than Yesterday
Younger Than Yesterday Rehearsals
McGuinn, Clark & Hillman (ST) (One Way 2001)
Firefall - Royal Oak Music Theater, MI [18 Apr 1979]
Firefall - The Warehouse, New Orleans [31 Dec 1978] MP3
Flyte (Clark, Hillman, Pederson) - Live At The Palomino [8 Dec. 1982] MP3
Gene Parsons, Battin, Kleinow - Santa Cruz, CA [1983] MP3
John York - Kulak’s Woodshed [9 Oct 2003] MP3
Skip Battin - Happy Rock Café, Milan, Italy [13 April 1983] MP3

THE BOX SET (7 discs)
Gene Clark & Friends - 3 T’s, Evansville, IN, [16 May 1985] EX SBD
Dillard and Clark - The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard and Clark

The Best Of Clarence White, unreleased solo album + bonus EX SBD
Tuff & Stringy: Sessions 1966-68 (Big Deal)
Bush, Lathum & White: Rare Performance (rehearsals Chicago, 1964) MP3
Clarence White & White Brothers (1967) Rehearsals & Live (2 discs) MP3
The Country Boys - Practice Sessions, Leroy Mack's House 1962 MP3
The Kentucky Colonels - Appalachian Swing [1964] MP3
The Kentucky Colonels - Bill Lathum Presents: Live In Stereo [Vancouver, BC 15 Jan 1965]
The Kentucky Colonels - Sessions 1962-1967 MP3
Muleskinner - Muleskinner Live
Muleskinner - A Potpourri Of Bluegrass Jam
Nashville West - Nashville West (ST) Live at Nashville West 1967 (MP3
New Kentucky Colonels - Holland 1973 (MP3)
New Kentucky Colonels - The Last Reunion Los Angeles 12 Jan. 1971 (MP3)

Back From Rio (1991)
Back From Rio (fan remaster, better sound)
Cardiff Rose (2004)
Electric Lady Land [18 July 1991, New York] FM
Peace On You (2004)
Plugged and Unplugged
Roger McGuinn & Band (2004)
Roger McGuinn and The Peaceseekers [London 24 Jul 1984] MP3
Roger McGuinn & R.E.M [Athens, GA 1988] MP3

Bryn Mawr, PA [1975] VG SBD
Coffee Break Concert, Cleveland, OH [Oct 1976] WMMS FM
Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, CA [5 May 1983] EX SBD
Ebbets Field, Denver, CO [8 May 1975] FM with hiss
Ivanhoe Theater, Chicago, IL [10 Nov 1977] EX FM SBD
Mountain View Park, Wind Gap, PA [12 June 2004] EX SBD
Nashville, TN [27 Apr 1997] WPFK FM
NPR Songwriters Sessions, Tennessee FM [23 Sept. 2002] EX SBD
Station Inn, Nashville, TN [13 Sept. 2002] EX SBD
Ever Call Ready (ST)/Down home Praise (ST) (OOP vinyl) twofer

Desert Rose Band (ST)
Pages Of Life
Running (OOP)
True Love (OOP)
Dallas Taylor Benefit, Santa Monica, CA (+ Don Henley set) [31 Mar 1990] VG AUD
Grass Valley CA Bluegrass Festival [3 Aug 1986] EX SBD (2 discs)
Hansom Dam, Country Scene, Lakeview Terrace, CA [04 Apr 1987]
Live From Gilley's [Pasadena TX, 2 Jan 1989]/On Stage, Westwood One [20 Feb 1990] EX SBD
Marin County Fairgrounds, San Rafael, CA [01July 1988] early & late shows (2 discs)
Mean Fiddler, London [17 Jun 1990]
The Palace, Hollywood CA [21 Sept 1987 Westwood One FM] EX SBD
Roses At The Ritz [1989] EX SBD minor gaps
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, CA [09 Aug 1989]

A Song For You (unknown 2000)
Another Side Of This Life (1965-1966 Lost Recordings) Sundazed
The Complete Reprise Sessions (Rhino) 3 discs
GP/Grievous Angel (Reprise)
The GP Rehearsals (1972) VG AUD
Cosmic American Music: The Rehearsal Tapes 1972 (Magnum America 1995) Demos for GP
Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Rhino) disc 2 only
Under Your Spell Again (2 discs)
Yours Truly Anonymous
International Submarine Band - Safe At Home
Shilohs - Live in Derrytown [1964] MP3
Various Artists - Return of The Grievous Angel (Gram Parsons Tribute LP) MP3

Live 1973 (Rhino) Ultrasonic Recording Studios, NY [13 Mar 1973] EX FM SBD
Legendary Live, Oliver’s Boston [19-20 Mar 1973] Weeping Goat VG SBD (2 discs)
Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, [June 1973]with FBB

Amsterdam, Holland [28 Nov 1970] DAO SBD
Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco [6 Apr 1969]
Live At The Avalon Ballroon 1969 [4 Apr 1969, 6 Apr 1969] 2 discs
Airborne/Flying Again (Acadia Records) twofer
Country Rock
Ellis Auditorium, Memphis, TN [10/04/1970] MP3
Farther Along (A&M)
The Gilded Palace Of Sin/Burrito Deluxe
Hot Burritos: Anthology 1969-1972 (A&M) 2 discs
Louisiana (Desperado 1999)
The Record Plant, Hollywood, CA [19 Sep 1971] KMET FM EX SBD
Saddle Up The Palomino [8 June 1969] Palomino Club Complete + Altamont [6 Dec 1969] 2 discs
Sigma Sound Studios, Phila, PA [22 Aug 1971] VG SBD WMMR FM minor gaps
Sons Of The Golden West (Grateful Dead Records 1999)
Steel Burrito - Seattle Pop Festival [27 June 1969] + Cow Pasture, Winona, AZ [1 May 1970] SBD

American Dream
Big Sur Folk Festival, Sept 13-14, 1969 de-hummed & remastered (2 discs)
Crosby, Stills & Nash Box Set (4 discs)
Déjà Vu (1st Remaster)
Demos of the First Two Albums
Fillmore East, June 4 1970 (ex soundboard) (2 discs) gaps on disc 1, track 6
Five Way Street (The Third Eye) 2 discs
Long Time Gone (The Swingin' Pig) 2 discs
Santa Monica, CA [31 Mar 1990] 2 discs
So Far: Greatest Hits From Original Master Tapes (Atlantic826482-Germany)
The Archives Of CSNY (Unknown)
David Crosby : If I Could Only Remember The Outtakes (2 discs-28 tracks) unknown
Crosby Stills & Nash - Rarities - Vol 1 (1967-1971)

200 More Miles - Live Performances 1985-1994 (2 discs)
The Caution Horses
Miles From Our Home
Studio: Selected Studio Recordings 1986-1995
The Platinum and Gold Collection (RCA)
The Trinity Session (BMG)

The Best of the Cowsills (Umvd)
The Cowsills/We Can Fly (Cowchip)
Captain Sad And His Ship Of Fools/II x II (Cowchip)
In Concert/On My Side (Cowchip)
In Concert (Razor & Tie, Hoffman)
The Cowsills (Razor & Tie, Hoffman)
The Cowsills + The Lincoln Park Zoo
Rare Singles
Bill Cowsill - Nervous Breakthrough
Susan Cowsill - Live At Maxwell's
Continental Drifters - Vermilion (MP3)

The Forgotten Songs Of David Robert Jones (SPQR)
Plastic Soul (MainStream)
The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars (Millenium Remaster)
Vampires Of Human Flesh (Midnight Beat)

Alternate Golden Records, Volume 3: The Little Sister Sessions
Elvis's Greatest Shit (Dog Vomit)
Finding the Way Home (2 discs)
King Of Rock & Roll Complete 1950’s Remastered (RCA) 5 discs
The King Remembered (inverviews)
The Sun Sessions (BMG)
There's Always Me, Vol 1-4 (8 discs)

The Celts
A Day Without Rain (Reprise)
Enya (Atlantic)
The Memory of Trees (Reprise)
Shepherd Moon
Silent Night (Reprise maxi single)

Anam (Atlantic)
Fuaim (Atlantic)
Magical Ring

The Celtic Harp (RCA)
The Chieftains: An Irish Evening (RCA)
The Long Black Veil (RCA)

High Flyin' Bird (Oil Well)
Jefferson Airplane Loves You (3 discs)
Surrealistic Pillow (24K Gold Collector's Edition)
Take Off

CD Maximum Volumes 1-5, 10, 14, 17, 18, 21, 22, 25-31
Acoustic Motherfuckers (minor skip or pop on tracks 1, 8, 10)
Ahmet Ertegun, Thank You Kindly (Coast2Coast)
Alternates (Outsider Bird Records)
Beat Beat Beat At The Beeb Vol. 1-2
Beggard's Breakfast
Better Than the Real Rebirth 1989 Rehersals (Vague) 2 discs
Bridges To Babylon
Brussels Affair Defintive Editon (discs 1-2)
The Black Box (Discs 1 - 4) (2 minor skips on disc 4, track 4)
Certain Chicks
The Chess Sessions
Closer Than Close (Sister Morphine)
The Complete Woodstock Tapes (Red Devil) 4 disks
Could You Walk On Water (Sister Morphine) discs 1-2
Dancing So Free
Dirtiest Work (King Kong Records)
Exile On Main Street (Rolling Stones Records)
Exile On Main Street Outtakes (different from "Exile Outtakes")
Tropical Disease (Exile On Main Street Demos)
From Rags To Excess (Torn and Frayed Production) 2 discs MP3
Get You Leed Lungs Out - Revisited (The Swingin' Pig)
Get Your Leeds Lungs Out
Goats Head Soup (Virgin)
Gorgeous Girls: Redux 1 - 4 (Sister Morphine)
Have You Heard The Outtakes Baby, Recorded In The Shadow? (Invasion Unlimited)
Hot Rocks 1964-1971 (Millennium MFSL Box Collection) 2 discs
More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies)
Itchy Fingers
It's Only Rock & Roll (Rolling Stones Records)
The Killer B's
Live Licks (EMI) (2 discs)
Live'R Than You'll Ever Be (Sister Morphine)
Made In The Shade 1978
Mega Rare Trax (unknown)
Mixes (In The Mix)
Olympic Recording Sessions, June 1968
Only When It's Frozen (Torn and Frayed Production) 2 discs
Paris Outtakes Vol.1-2
Rewind 1971 - 1984 (RSTONES7901762/Japan) best original mixes
Rock The Palais
Satanic Sessions (Midnight Beat) (discs 1 - 4)
Satanic Sessions Vol. 2 (Midnight Beat) (discs 1 - 4)
Short And Curlies (Torn and Frayed Production) 2 discs
Some Girls Sessions
Steel Wheels (Virgin)
Sticky Fingers - The Alternate Album (Decca)
Stripped Companion
Super Bowl 2/5/2006
Tattoo Too (Rattle Snake) 2 discs
Time Trip (Scorpio) Vol. 1-5
Voodoo Brew (discs 1 - 4)
Voodoo Stew (Discs 1 - 4)
Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out
Some Girls
Sympathy For The Devil/Beggar's Banquet Outtakes (Sister Morphine)
Their Satanic Majesties Request (ABKCO)

#1 Record/Radio City (Fantasy)
I Got Kinda Lost (Parthenon) 4 discs
In Space
Nobody Can Dance
Third/Sister Lovers

1969 - Winter-time Trip (Dandelion)
A Quick One (Remaster) MCA
Accept No Substitute (Big)
Always On Top (Pop)
The Tommy Demos
Tommy (MCA)
The Lifehouse Chronicles (Eel Pie) discs 1 - 6
Lifehouse & Quadrophenia Demos (Primadonna) 2 discs
From Lifehouse to Leeds
Instant Party (Hiwatt) 2 discs
It's Face Demos
Life With the Moons
Live at Leeds - Original Recording Remastered (MCA)
Live At Leeds Complete (Speed Corrected) 2 discs
Live In Amsterdam (Dancin' Frog) 2 discs
Maximum BBC
Pete Townshend - 14th April 1974 Roundhouse, London (EX AUD)
Pete Townshend - Acoustic Magic (Mod)
Pete Townshend - All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes
Pete Townshend - Wild Action
Quadrophenia (MFSL Gold) (discs 1 - 2)
Scoop 3 (2 discs)
The Who Sings My Generation (Deluxe 2 discs)
Toronto 1975 (2 discs)
The Who Sell Out - (MCA rem 23 tracks)
The Who Sell Out-Mono (Dr. Ebbetts)
Shakin' All Over
Music Must Change
Odds & Sods (MCA)
Tales From the Who
Tangled Up In Who (Hiwatt) 2 discs
Who Are You (MFSL Gold)
Who Put The Better Boot In 1976 (Shagadellic)
Who's Next - Deluxe Edition (MCA) (disc 1 - 2)
Who's Next - Steve Hoffman mastered version (1 disc)

All They Had To Do Was Dream (Rhino R21S-70214)
Best Of The Everly Brothers: Rare Solo Releases (CURB715187747227)
Born Yesterday (Mercury 8261422/W. Germany)
Cadence Classics - Their 20 Greatest Hits
The Complete Cadence Recordings (1957-1960 Remastered Varese 3020662172) (2 discs)
Devoted to You - Love Songs
EB 84 (Mercury8224312) 1st Ed. W. German rel. w. McCartney on “Wings Of A Nightingale”
The Everly Brothers Best (DCC Gold GZS1141)
Heartaches & Harmonies (Rhino) 4 discs
Like Strangers (Encore 3739)
Live At The Paris Olympia,1963 (gaps between tracks)
Some Hearts (Mercury 8325202)
Songs Our Daddy Taught Us
Karaplans Studio Sessions Sweden [22 Apr 1965] SBD
Walk Right Back (Warner Archives 1960-1969 Remastered Warner 9451642) (2 discs)
Valley Forge, PA [29 July 1993] EX SBD

All Over The Place (bonus tracks)
Different Light
Everything (bonus tracks)
Doll Revolution
Bristol UK [4 Feb 1986] AUD
Catch A Rising Star, NYC [8/6/1986] FM
Concert For MS, Syria Mosque, PA [29 Oct 1986] MTV EX SBD
Crash And Burn R.I.P.
Early Tracks Plus (MP3)
Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA [03 Jul 1987]
Live In Berlin [Columbiahalle. 8 Apr 2003]
Patti's Favourite: Pittsburg [13 Dec 1986]
The Ritz, NY [28 Sep 1984]
Shibuya, Japan [21 May 2003] EX SBD
Washington, DC [30 Sep 1984]

Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH [19 Jul 1976]
Agora Ballroom [10 Mar 1977] MP3
Born To Be Bad Tapes
Live At The Whiskey [1975]

Crash Wisdom [12 May 1994]
Elton Duck - Unreleased Album

Rare & Uncompiled MP3
When You're A Boy
Under The Covers Vol 1 (w Matthew Sweet)

Greek Theater, Los Angeles [8 Aug 1984]
Return To The Valley Of The Go-Go's (2 discs)
Belinda Carlisle - Belinda (ST) IRS Japan

She's So Unusual (original mix)
True Colors (original mix) Japan
Twelve Deadly Sins...And Then Some
Blue Angel (ST)

From The Top Box Set (discs 1-3 only)
Live In Japan, Osaka [Jun 1974]
Singles 1969-1981

1965 Revisited (discs 1-14)
All Hallow's Eve & More (Discs 1 - 2) Midnight Beat
A Night To Remember (Amsterdam) 2 discs
The Banjo Tape & NYC Town Hall (Yellow Dog)
Blood On the Tapes
Blood On the Tracks (first version acetate, 10 tracks, 53:45 min)
Bob Dylan Meets George Harrison And Johnny Cash (Living Legend)
NASHVILLE 1969 With Johnny Cash (Yellow Dog)
The Early Years (Vol. 1 & 2)Minnesota Party Tape, May 1961 (Liberated Winged Wheel)
Greatest Hits
Just The Girls (Watchtower) 2 discs
Bringing It All Back Home
Nashville, TN June 28, 2005 (2 discs)
Plymouth Rock & Rolling Thunder, (Plymouth, MA 10/31/1975 & Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT 11/11/1975) 15 tracks
Possum Belly Overalls
Rough Cuts 'Infidels Sessions' (Black Night Crash) 2 discs
Secret Tapes of Lucky Boo (Dylan's contribution to Wilburys 1988-1990 mostly alternate versions)
Watching the River Flow (Tarantula)
Bob Dylan & Friends - Bobfest Rehearsals October 1992 (Yellow Cat Records) 2 discs
Bob Dylan & Tom Petty - Duelling Banjos (Papillon) Last track bad on my copy
Bob Dylan & Tom Petty, True Confessions For Carol (Disc 1-2)
Traveling Wilburys - Complete Collection (disc 1-2)
Traveling Wilburys - The Unreleased Masters (Discs 1-2)
Traveling Wilburys - 2 Originals (Wilbury Brothers) - the 2 official albums (Vol 1 & 3) on one disc

Kinky Reggae (Zillion)
Lively Up Yourself (Zillion)
Lively Up Yourself (CMC) (6 tracks different from the Zillion disc)
Rainbow Country (Zillion)
Trench Town Rock (CMC)

20 Nights At The Fillmore (Digital Reproductions) (discs 1 - 3)
Damn the Torpedos
Full Moon Fever
Greatest Hits
Hard Promises
Into the Great Wide Open
The Last DJ
Southern Accents
You're Gonna Get It
Mudcrutch (ST)

16 Biggest Hits
American I - V (5 discs)
American Outtakes
Austin City Limits 1987 (TAO)
Corn Exchange Early Show (Disc 2 only)
Country Style USA Radio Shows (1958) (from US Armed Forces LPs)
The Essential Johnny Cash (2 discs)
The Essential Sun Singles
Final Show, July 5, 03, Carter Folds, Hiltons, VA (EX AUD)
Johnny Cash is coming to town/Boom Chicka Boom (twofer)
Live at Glastonbury 94
Now There Was a Song
Orange Blossom Special
Personal File (2 discs)
Newport, RI [07/25/1965], also includes show with Carter family EX SBD
Rockabilly Blues
The Sun Years (1990)
The Sun/Columbia Outtakes '54-'69
Unearthed Vol. 1-5
Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash - 16 Biggest Hits
Wembley 1986 (with the Carter Family) 2 discs

Best Of The Best Of The Original Carter Family (King)
The Carter Family Vol 1 (1927-34) JSP 5 discs
The Carter Family Vol 2 (1935-41) JSP 5 discs
1939 XET Border Radio, Mexico SBD 2 discs

Press On (Dualtone)
Wildwood Flower (Dualtone)

Little Love Letters
Musical Shapes
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
fan mix (9 of her best songs, 23 minutes)

Behind The Mask (WB)
Boston Tea Party [Feb 1970] EX SBD (3 discs)
B-sides & Rarities
The Chain Of Attachment [Los Angeles 21 Oct. 1982]
The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions (disc 2)
Fleetwood Mac (ST) Remaster w bonus tracks (Reprise)
Mirage Sessions EX SBD
Rumours (remastered - 2 discs w outtakes) (WB)
Rumours Outtakes SBD
Tango In The Night (WB)
Tango Sessions (SBD) 2 discs
Tusk (WB)
Tusk Rehearsals [1979] 2 discs
The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac (2002 Remastered WB) 2 discs
Who's the New Girl

Buckingham Nicks (ST) + Leftovers 1970-’74
Leftovers 1970-’74: Coffee Plant Demos + Live In Alabama [1974] EX SBD
2nd Album Outtakes (AKA The Complete Coffee Plant Demos)
Lindsey Buckingham - Gift of Screams (unreleased 1999)
Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna

In The Land Of Salvation And Sin (Elektra)
Let It Rock: Greatest Hits (Electra)
Open All Night (Elektra)

American Beauty (Millenium Remaster/MFSL LP Mix)
"Sleepy Valley Hogstompers" San Carlos, CA [6/11/62]
Workingman’s Dead (Rhino remaster)

The Air That I Breathe: The Very Best Of
BBC Sessions 1964-1967
The Hollies (EMI)
The Long Road Home 1963-2003: The 40th Anniversary Collection (6 discs)
Stay With The Hollies (Mono & Stereo) EMI

Joy: A Holiday Collection
Pieces Of You

The Definitive Lynyrd Skynyrd Collection (MCA) 3 discs
Gold & Platinum Vol 1&2 (MCAD 26898-Japan)
Living Room Rehearsals 1976
The Unreleased KBFH Show [6 Nov 1975 Cardiff, Wales]

Earth Song Ocean Song (Apple)
The Lost Songs (3 discs) Unknown
Post Card (Apple)

Acoustic Nights (London & New York [1993] SBD?
Live At the Wireless 1982
White Men Black Hearts

2001: Live In Las Vegas!
2002 Live In Toronto
Christmas Album (Black Night)
Davy Jones Must Die!
Headquarters Sessions (Rhino) 3 discs
Here We Come Again (1987 Tour Rehearsal)
Justus Redux (3 discs)
Listen To The Band (Rhino) 4 discs
Live In Japan 1968
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn And Jones Ltd. Deluxe Edition (3 discs)
SOLO RARITIES VOLS. 1 - 10 (vol 6 has defects)
This Is... Monkees Country! (Dirty Dog Bootlegs) Vol 1-2
Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart (Starbourne)
Dolenz Jones Boyce And Hart - Concert In Japan
Davy Jones - David Jones '65 - '71

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'/Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash
From A Radio Engine To The Photon Wing
Infinite Rider On The Big Dogma
Listen To The Band
Live At The Lone Star Roadhouse
Live BBC Radio 11-27-75
Magnetic South/Loose Salute
Michael Nesmith (ST)
Nevada Fighter/Tantamount To Treason
Pretty Much Live In London [28 Feb 1974] VG AUD MP3, gaps
The Prison
The Wichita Train Whistle Sings

Last Lonely Eagles, Taft Theater, Cincinnati, OH, 31 Oct 1971
Mystic Theater, Petaluma, CA [8 Apr 2006] VG AUD (2 discs)
SUNY, 30 Oct 1970
Wasted Tasters 1971-75 (Raven RVCD 36, Australia)

Complete Radio Sessions
In Utero
Nevermind (David Geffen)
Roma (Kiss The Stone)
Play The Fucking Guitar, Man!! (Scarface)

American Dream: Complete Imperial & Verve 1957 - 1962 (Bear Family) 6 discs
Garden Party/Windfall (twofer) UK
Rick Nelson And The Stone Canyon Band (1969-1976) UK
Very Thought Of You/Spotlight On Rick (twofer bonus tracks) UK
Playing To Win (w bonus tracks)

The All-Time Greatest Hits of Roy Orbison (DCC Gold)
Lonely and Blue (Sony)
Mystery Girl (MP3)

Riding On A Rocket EP
Get The Wow pt. 1&2 EPs
We Are Very Happy You Came EP
Knife Collectors EP
Favorites (Japan) EP
Let’s Knife (Japan)
Let’s Knife (Karaoke)
Do The Knife (Japan)
Brand New Knife (Japan)
Super Mix (Japan)
It’s a New Find (Japan)

Back To Back/In The army Now
Blue For You/If You Can't Stand The Heat
Dog Of Two Head/Rockin’ All Over The World
Rocking All Over The Years

Breakfast in America
Crime Of The Century
The Very Best Of Supertramp (AM3970902/France) Original Mix
Wembley Arena 1975 EX SBD

A 1 A (MCA)
Christmas Island
Songs You Know By Heart

Artist Collection (RCA)
The Essential Dolly Parton
The Grass is Blue
Halos And Horns (Sugarhill)
Dolly Parton - Heartbreaker (Buddah)
Honky Tonk Angel (Pegas)
Treasures (Rising Tide)
Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton - Always, Always/Two Of A Kind (American Beat)
The Essential Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton

Anthology (Rhino R76705) (2 discs)
The Boarding House, San Francisco ( Ex SBD) 11/30/1975
Emmylou Harris & The Nash Ramblers - Live At The Ryman
Telluride Bluegrass Festival 06/21/2003 (2 discs)
London 11/25/75 (Soundboard, DAO some commentary missing between tracks)
Portraits (Reprise Archives) 3 discs
Singing With Emmylou (Raven AUS)
Trio (Warner)
Trio 2 (Warner)
with Linda Ronstadt - Western Wall: The Tucson Sessions (Esp)

Greatest Hits (vol. 1-2) (DCC Gold)
Mad Love Live (LR)
Record Plant [18 Nov 1973] EX SBD
Round Midnight (Asylum/Japan) (2 discs)
Universal Ampitheater, Los Angeles [24 Aug 1980] EX SBD

Adieu False Heart
Get Closer

Already Gone Live, Boston Garden [26 Jul 1974] PRO SBD
Eagles (ST)
On The Border
Selected Works: 1972-1999 (4 discs)
Very Best of the Eagles (WSM, 2 discs)
BBC [20 Mar 1973] EX SBD
Good Day In Hell (w. Jackson Brown/Linda Ronstadt) [1974] EX SBD
Longbranch Pennywhistle (ST) (Frey, Souther)

Cowboys & Englishmen/Blue & Gray
Hudson Gardens, Littleton, CO, 3 July 2001 (Ex SBD) 2 discs
Under The Gun

Happy Together
It Ain’t Me Babe
Stray Tracks (rarities)
Turtle Soup
The Turtles Present The Battle Of The Bands
Wooden Head
You Baby
The Crossfires - Out Of Control

The Best of Flo & Eddie
Denver, CO [9 Jun 1974]
New York City [26 Aug 1976]

Apostrophe (')/Over-Nite Sensation
Freak Out
Sheik Yerbouti

Cabala (CD1) Unknown
Coda (Millennium Rem.)
Houses Of The Holy (Millennium Rem.)
In Through The Out Door (Millennium Rem.)
Led Zeppelin (Millennium Rem.)
Led Zeppelin II (Millennium Rem.)
Presence (Millennium Rem.)
The Song Remains The Same (Millennium Rem.) 2 discs

13th Floor Elevators - Paradise Found
ABBA - Arrival (Polydor 821 319 2 W. Germany)
AC/DC - Angus Cha Cha (Hammersmith Odeon, 11 Feb 1979 complete (Oh Boy) 2 discs
AC/DC - Back In Black
Alan Parsons Project - Definitive Collection (2 discs)
Alan Parsons Project - Tales Of Mystery & Imagination (MFSL)
The Amazing Blondel - The Amazing Blondel & A Few Faces (Edsel) 1 disc
America - The Complete Greatest Hits
Archies - Sugar, Sugar (from quad LP)
Atomic Kitten - Atomic Kitten (ST)
B-52's - B-52's (ST)
Bad Company (ST)
Badfinger - No Dice (DCC Gold)
Badfinger - Straight Up (DCC Gold)
The Band - The Last Waltz (Rhino) 4 discs
Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction MCA18227/Germany
Bay City Rollers - Definitive Collection
Beat Farmers - Tales Of The New West
Bee Gees - Tales From The Brothers Gibb, A History In Song 1967-1990 4 discs
Big Country - Philadelphia 1986 & Glasgow 2000 1 disc
Blasters - Live At The Hollywood Palace [4/1/1983] GD AUD
Blondie - Blondie (ST)
Blondie - Looks Good In Blue
Bodeans - The Best Of The Bodeans: Slash And Burn (2001)
Bodeans - Go Slow Down (1993)
Boston - Greatest Hits
Boy George And Culture Club - At worst...The Best Of
Bread - BBC II [22 Nov 1978]
Buffalo Springfield - Box Set (Rhino) 4 discs
Burt Ward - Boy Wonder, I Love You Sessions
Carole King - Rarities: Early Singles
Carole King - Royal Albert Hall, 1991
Carl Perkins - Original Sun Greatest Hits (Rhino)
The Cars - Musikladen TV Show [07 June 1979] EX SBD
The Cars – Greatest Hits (DCC Gold GZS1123)
Cheap Trick - In Paradise
Chicago - The Very Best Of Chicago (Rhino) 2 discs
The Corrs - Dreams Reworked (great 22 track fan comp)
The Corrs - Home
Charles Manson - Lie: The Love & Terror Cult
Chuck Berry - Rock 'N' Roll Rarities (Steve Hoffman mastered)
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River (Fantasy Discos) also (DCC Gold)
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Last Exit
Crowded House - The Final Sessions
The Cure - Full Moon Concert, Leysin, Switzerland [6 July 1990] Swinging Pig, EX SBD 2 discs
The Cure - The Paleur, Rome, Italy [4 June 1989] EX SBD 2 discs
Dave Clark Five - The History Of The Dave Clark Five (1993) 2 discs
Def Leppard - Vault: 1980-1995 Greatest Hits (Mercury)
Del Shannon - Complete Career Anthology 1961-1990 VOL 1 (Raven)
Dire Straits - European Tour 1992 (The Swingin' Pig) 2 discs
Donnas - Spend The Night
Doors - The Doors (DCC Gold GZS1023/JAPAN)
Doors - Live At The Aquarius Theatre: First Performance (2 discs)
Drive By Truckers - Bowery Ballroom, NY City, 2nd show [1 Jan 2005] EX SBD audience cut (3 discs)
Duane Allman - An Anthology (2 discs)
ELO - Zoom Tour Live [May 2001] 2 discs
Elton John – Greatest Hits (DCC Gold)
Elvis Costello - The Very Best Of Elvis Costello (Rycodisc)
Emitt Rhodes - Rarities (Lullaby)
Dave Edmunds - From Small Things
Deep Purple - The Battle (Deep purple) 2 discs
Doobie Brothers - Best Of The Doobie Brothers (DCC)
Doobie Brothers - Oakland Coliseum [28 Dec 1978] EX SBD
Dwight Twilley Band - Twilley Don't Mind
Equipe 84 - Equipe 84 (ST) Italian 60’s Sound Beat
Eric Clapton (Derek & The Dominos) - Layla (MFSL Ultradisc 2 Gold)
Fairport Convention - From Past Archives 1967-1984 Unknown
Sandy Denny - Dark The Night And The BBC Sessions 1966-1972
Sandy Denny (The Bunch) - Rock On
Faces - King Biscuit Flower Hour, Anaheim 30 Dec 1973
Fanny - Charity Ball
Fanny - Fanny Hill
The Four Freshman - Collectors Series 1991
Frankie Valle & The Four Seasons - Anthology
Free Design - Kites Are Fun
The Fugs - First Album
The Fugs - Second Album
Gary Zekley & Don Grady - The Sonic Adventures Of Zekley & Grady (2 discs)
Gordon Lightfoot - Gord’s Gold
Gov’t Mule - The Deep End Vols. 1 & 2 (ATO)
The Grassroots - Let’s Live For Today (1988)
Guess Who - The Way They Were
Guns N' Roses - Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan [7 Dec. 1983] EX SBD 2 discs
Hawkwind - Space Rock From London
Heart - Dreamboat Annie (DCC)
Heart - Heart (MFSL Gold)
The Head Cat - Fool's Paradise (Rockabilly Records)
Jimi Hendrix - On The Killing Floor (2 discs)
Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings - Tibetan Bells (Remastered)(Vajra)
The High Llamas - Hawaii W. Bonus Disc (V2 Records) 2 discs
Housewreckers - For A Few Wrecks More (orig. MP3)
The Incredible String Band - God’s Holiday, Vol. 1 - The Past And The Future And Similar Tenses (No Label)
INXS - The Greatest Hits (Atlantic)
Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida (Special Edition with Bonus Track (Rhino - R27219)
Iron Butterfly - Light and Heavy
James Taylor - Sweet Baby James
Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart BBC Sessions (expanded) (Liberated Head)
Jellyfish - Demos and Live (19 Tracks) SBD
Jethro Tull - Aqualung (MFSL Millenium Remaster)
Jethro Tull - Upper Darby Hall, USA (24 Nov 1987) 2 discs
Jim Croce – 24 Karat Gold In A Bottle (DCC Gold)
Joan Jett - Fit To Be Tied; Great Hits By Joan Jett
Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love (Capitol)
Kate Bush - The Whole Story (Capitol)
The Kingston Trio - Capitol Collector's Series
The Kinks - Face To Face (Castle Classics)
The Kinks - The Great Lost Kinks Album
Lewis Taylor - The Lost Album (Hacktone)
Little River Band - Greatest Hits (2000 Remastered) Capitol CDB521911
Loreena McKennitt - The Visit (WB)
Love - Forever Changes (expanded)
Love - The Last Wall Of The Castle (Deep Six)
Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe in Outtakes
Madonna - The Immaculate Collection
The Mamas and the Papas - 16 Greatest Hits (MP3)
The Mamas and the Papas - All The Leaves Are Brown: The Golden Era Collection (2 discs)
John Phillips - The Wolfking Of L.A. (Varese)
Marshall Tucker Band - Marshall Tucker Band (ST)
Mary Black - Babes In The Woods
Melanie - WQSR Coffee Break [Sep 1978]
Merry Clayton - Mix MP3
Michael Jackson - Looking Back To Yesterday + bonus w F Mercury MP3
Moody Blues - Voices In The Sky: Best Of The ....
Mott The Hoople - All The Young Dudes
Muffs - The Muffs (ST)/Blonder And Blonder (twofer)
Neil Young - Harvest
Neil Young - On The Beach
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Twenty Years of Dirt: The Best of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Warner)
Otis Redding - The Dock Of The Bay(Elektra / Wea)
Partridge Family - The Definitive Collection (20-Bit Rem From OMT (Arista)
Pat Benetar - The Very Best Pat Benetar Album Ever
Patti Smith - LA, Roxy Theatre [30 Jan 1976]
Paul Anka - 21 Golden Hits
Peppermint Rainbow - Will You Be Staying After Sunday
Peter & Gordon - I Go To Pieces/True Love Ways (twofer)
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon (Millennium Remasters) UHQR Stereo
The Pretenders - The Singles (1987)
R.E.M. - REMNANTS (discs 1-12)
R.E.M. - Automatic For the People
Ramones - Anthology (Rhino) 2 discs
Rascals - The Ultimate Rascals (Warner, Barry Diament)
Raspberries - Armed Forces Radio [21 Jan 1973]
Raspberries - Public Hall, Cleveland 1973
REO Speedwagon - The Hits Epic EK44202
Rick Springfield - Behind The Music
Ritchie Valens - Rockin' All Night: The Very Best Of Ritchie Valens (Del Fi)
Robert Gordon - Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Raising Sand (Rounder)
The Romantics - Super Hits (Sony 1998)
Rush - 2112
The Rutles - A Hard Days Rut! (Popmeister)
Ry Cooder - Record Plant [23 Jul 1974]
Sade - Live Deluxe (1984, USA) (perfACT 97004)
Scorpions - Bad For Good
Scorpions - First Sting U.S.A.
Searchers - It's The Searchers/Take Me for What I'm Worth (MFSL 2fer)
Searchers - Meet The Searchers/Sounds Like Searchers (MFSL 2fer)
Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols (Virgin/Japan)
Simon & Garfunkel - 59th Street Bridge Songs
Sly & The Family Stones - Greatest Hits (from quad LP)
Smithereens - Blown To Smithereens: The Best Of The Smithereens (1995)
Smithereens - Green Thoughts (1988)
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - anthology (1995) 2 discs
Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On: Best Of (ATCO)
Steely Dan - Record Plant [20 Mar 1974]
Steppenwolf - Steppenwolf MCA/Japan
Stray Cats - Rock This Town
Suzi Quattro - Your Mama Won't Like Me
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart - The Songs Of Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart (Varese)
Toto - Hold The Line: The Very Best Of Toto - Remastered (Columbia/Holland) 2 discs
U2 - Best Of 1980 - 1990 (Island)
The Velvet Underground - Live At End Cole Ave (Aulica - Never End) 2 discs
The White Stripes - Wireless Festival [14 June 2007] SBD MP3, small gaps
William Shatner - The Transformed Man
Van Halen - Van Halen (DCC)
Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos (SBD)
Yes - Alternate Yessongs (2 discs)
Yothu Yindi (Aborigine) - One Blood (Mushroom Records)
Zombies - Greatest Hits DCC Silver Remaster DZS052

Bubblegum Classics Vols 1-2: (Varese Saraband)
Celtic Twilight (Hearts of Space, 1994)
Channeling the Center from Within II (Experimenting in 5.1) TDL-002
The Best Of The Girl Groups Vol 1 (Rhino R270988)
The Disco Box (Rhino) 4 discs
More Girl Group Greats (Rhino)
Hair (Original Broadway Cast)
Jesus Christ Superstar (Original London)
Nuggets (4 discs)
Nuggets II (4 discs)
Children Of Nuggets (4 discs)
San Francisco Nuggets (4 discs)
Night Moves - The Best of the 80's & 90's (DCC) vol. 6
The Songs We Were Singing (Vols. 1-4)
The Vocal Group Collection (Platters, etc.)
Rock Instrumental Classics Vol 1: The 50's, Vol 2: The 60's (Rhino)
Roots of Rock N Roll (Simply The Best) 3 discs
Songs from the Andes (Media Partners)
The Spirit Of America (American Natives) (Azzurra)
Tibet (Galaxy) Tibetan Monk chants (2 discs)
The Tibetan Lamas - Music From the Tibetan Temples (Azzurra)
Tribute To The Byrds “Mr. Tambourine Man” (audiophile fan comp, 26 tracks)
US Soft Pop Rarities (OOP)

Forget About It (Rounder)
Alison Krauss - Now That I've Found You: A collection (Rounder)
Live Louisville, KY [04/29-30/2002] 2 discs

So Long, So Wrong (Rounder)
Two Highways (Rounder)
Live At The Telluride Bluegrass Festival (04/26/2001) 2 discs

16 Gems
Grand Ole Opry Transcriptions, 1946-1965 (2 discs)
Live From Mountain Stage (Blue Plate)
The Music Of Bill Monroe From 1936 To 1994 (MCA) 4 discs
Univ. of Wisconsin [19 Feb 1967] VG SBD 2 discs

There is a Time
The Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, CA, 1965 (EX SBD) 2 discs
Pickin’ & Fiddlin’/ Wheatstraw Suite/Copperfields (threefer, 2 discs)

Best of Dwight Yoakam
Last Chance For A Thousand Years (Reprise)
This Time

Collector's Box Set, 1951-59 (King) 4 discs
1959-1963 (Gusto) 4 discs

Cup Of Loneliness: The Classic Mercury Years 2 discs
The Essential George Jones: The Spirit of Country (Sony) 2 discs
The Grand Tour/Alone Again (twofer)
The Battle/Memories Of Us (twofer)
And Along came Jones
I Am What I Am
Hank, Bob & Me

Tears Of Fire Vol 1-3

40 Greatest Hits (2 discs)
7/13/52 Sunset Park, West Grove, PA
Alone With His Guitar
The Complete Hank Williams (10 discs)
Health & Happiness Shows 1949 (1 disc)
Mother's Best radio shows (15 discs)
WSFA Transcripts 1942

20 Of The Best
Recordings 1927 - 1933: All The Classic Sides (JSP) 5 discs
The Unheard Jimmie Rodgers Vol.2

1996 (Curb)
40 #1 Hits (Capitol) 2 discs
If I Could Only Fly (Anti)
Oh Boy Presents Merle Haggard
Super Hits Vol. 1-3
The Very Best Of Merle Haggard (capitol)

Canadian Amp
Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
Furnace Room Lullaby
The Tigers Have Spoken
The Virginian

12 Greatest Hits (Decca)
The Patsy Cline Collection (MCA) 4 discs
Tulsa, OK [29 July 1961] VG SBD

Greatest Hits, 1993
Honky Tonk Angel
If My Heart Had Windows

Shenandoah Valley Bowl, Edinburg, VA, 6/3/56 EX SBD
Angel Band (The Classic Mercury Recordings)
Complete Columbia Stanley Brothers
The Early Starday King Years 1958-1961 (King)4 discs

Live at McCabe's Guitar Store (DCN)
Watermelon Park, Berryville, VA [July 1969] EX SBD

Bramble Rose
Live At Union Hall [Brooklyn, NY 11 Jan 2008]

Live At Panther Hall (1966)
Early Years
Country Willie (His Own Songs)
Red Headed Stranger (Columbia/Legacy)

Ballads Of Sacco & Vanzetti
The Best Of The War Years
Columbia River Collection
Dust Bowl Ballads
Sings Folk Songs

Asleep At The Wheel - The Very Best Since 1970 (Madacy)
Bascom Lamar Lunsford - Ballads, Banjo Tunes, And Sacred Songs Of Western NC
Bill Haley and The Saddlemen - The Early Years
Bob Wills - Take Me Back To Tulsa (4 disc box set) Proper
Buck Owens - The Buck Owens Collection (1959-1990) 3 disc box set (Rhino)
Don Rich & The Buckaroos - Country Pickin': The Don Rich Anthology (Sundazed)
Byron Berline - Jumpin' the Strings
Byron Berline - Fiddle and A Song
Country Gentlemen - On The Road (And More)
Cowboy - Reach For The Sky - 1971 (MP3)
The Delmore Brothers - The Delmore Brothers 1933-1941 (JSP 4 disc box set)
Don Williams (with Pozo Seco Singers) - Where Do We Go From Here (Hallmark)
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver - Just Over in Heaven
Dixie Chicks - Live 9/13/99
Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces
Deana Carter - Did I Shave My Legs For This (Capitol)
Del McCoury Band - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville 12/31/2004 (2 discs)
Doc Watson - The Best of Doc Watson 1964-1968 (Vanguard)
Doc Watson & Merle Travis -Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield [17 Sept 1976] EX SBD
Eddy Arnold - Eddy's Song (Proper UK Boxed Sets) 4 discs
Flatt and Scruggs 6/1953 WSM Radio, Martha White Shows (2 discs)
Gene Autry - His Greatest Hits
Highway 101 - Bing Bang Boom
Highway 101 - Highway 101 (ST)
Highwaymen - Greek Theater, UC Berkeley [4 jun 1996] 2 discs
The Isaacs - Pieces of Our Past
J. D. Souther - The Bottom Line, NY EX SBD FM [11 Nov 1979]
James Burton - Ginza Tokyo, Japan [6 July 2003] EX SBD (2 discs)
James Burton & Ralph Mooney - Corn Pickin’ and slick Slidin’ (1968 Lp) MP3
Juice Newton - Juice
Junior Brown - Mixed Bag (Curb)
k. d. lang - Absolute Torch And Twang
k. d. lang - Shadowland
The Knitters (Exene & John Doe) - Fan comp from the 2 Knitters albums (11 tracks)
Kris Kristoferson - Me and Bobby McGee (plus 4 bonus tracks)
The Louvin Brothers - New River Ranch, Rising Sun, MD [04/29/1956] EX SBD
The Louvin Brothers - When I Stop Dreaming (Razor & Tie, Hoffman)
Martina McBride - Greatest Hits (RCA)
Mary Chapin Carpenter - State Of The Heart
Mindy McCready - Ten Thousand Angels
Nanci Griffith - The Last of the True Believers
Nicolette Larson - The Roxy [20 Dec 1978]
Osborne Brothers - Hyden (Pinecastle)
Pearl Harbour & The Explosions - Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost Too
Pure Prairie League - America South Ampitheater [Antioch TN, 3 Jun 2000]
Pure Prairie League - Two Lane Highway
Rascal Flatts - Feels Like Today (Lyric Street)
Rascal Flatts - Melt (Lyric Street)
Recycled Cajuns - Live in the French Quarter
Rosie Flores - Rockabilly Filly (with Wanda Jackson & Janis Martin)
Roy Acuff - King Of Country Music (Proper Records) 4 discs
Sara Evans - Three Chords and the Truth
SHeDAISY - Knock On The Sky
Sheryl Crow - The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow (A & M)
Uncle Earl - She Waits For Night
Uncle Earl - Waterloo Tennessee (Rounder)
The Gosdin Brothers (with Clarence White) - Sound Of Goodbye
Vern Gosdin - Out Of My Heart (Sony)
Vern Gosdin - Super Hits (Columbia)
Wanda Jackson - Queen of Rockabilly (30 tracks)
Waylon Jennings - The Journey: Destiny's Child (Bear Family) 6 discs
Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant - Stratosphere Boogie (MP3)
Yo-Yo Ma et al - Appalachian Journey
Yo-Yo Ma et al - Appalachian Waltz

50 Years of Bluegrass Hits (CMH) (3 disks)
50 Years of Country (1950 -1965) (2 discs)
The Absolute Best of Bluegrass Gospel
Appalachian Breakdown
Best of Can't You Hear Me Callin', Bluegrass: 80 Years of American Music
Bluegrass Bonanza 1927-1950 (Proper) 4 discs
Country & Western Original Masters 1928 – 1951 (Documents)10 discs
Cowboy Songs On Folkways
The Definitive Bluegrass Collection (CMH) 2 discs
Down Home Gospel
The Great Dobro Sessions (Sugar Hill)
As Good as it Gets - Cajun (Disky) 2 discs
As Good as it Gets - Hillbilly (Disky) 2 discs
Heaven Bound - The Best of Bluegrass Gospel (2 discs)
Livin', Lovin', Losin', Songs of the Louvin Brothers
Mountain Gospel: The Sacred Roots Of Country Music (JSP) 4 discs
O Brother, Where Art Thou - soundtrack
Swing West Vol 1-3 (Razor & Tie)
Time-Life's Treasury of Bluegrass Vol 1-2 (4 discs)
When I Get There (bluegrass gospel)

CLASSICAL: 220 + discs
BOLLYWOOD: 40 + mp3 Original Soundtrack albums
JAZZ/BIG BAND: 12 discs

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