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Dear Prudence

Demo- Esher Demo


Sub-VersionEsher Demo
Recording dateMay 1968
Mixing Date 
Broadcast Date 
Rec. locationGeorge's House, Esher, England
CommentsLate May 1968
Approx. Length 
Listen To 
Audio(no audio available)
Participants(no info available)
Found onSong  The Beatles: Acoustic Masterpieces - The Esher Demos      (Birthday Records -- BR 029)
Song  The Beatles: Artifacts I - CD 4 - Inner Revolution 1968      (Big Music -- BIG 4021)
Song  John Lennon: Christmas Present - CD 1      (White Fly -- WF 001/1)
Song  John Lennon: Dedicated To John Lennon (Part 2)      (Unknown)
Song  The Beatles: Documents Vol.5      (Document Records -- DR 031)
Song  The Beatles: Finest Collectors (Disk 2)      (The Only One -- TOO-972)
Song  The Beatles: From Kinfauns To Chaos (Disc 1)      (Vigotone -- VIGO 183)
Song  The Beatles: Kinfauns      (Silent Sea -- SS 004)
Song  The Beatles: Kinfauns      (Secret Trax -- ST 99001)
Song  The Beatles: Off White      (Unknown -- WHT 868)
Song  The Beatles: Something To Hide      (Condor -- Condor 1992)
Song  The Beatles: Something To Hide (CD)      (Condor -- Condor 1992)
Song  John Lennon: Studio Tracks Vol. 9      (Chapter One -- CO 25200)
Song  The Beatles: The 1968 Demos      (Vigotone -- Vigo-100)
Song  The Beatles: The 1968 Demos      (The Genuine Pig -- TGP-CD-094)
Song  The Beatles: The 1968 Demos      (Howdy Records -- CD-555-04)
Song  The Beatles: The Acoustic Submarine (CD 2)      (Teddy Bear -- TB 662)
Song  The Beatles: The Acoustic White Album Sessions 1968      (Unknown -- BEAT 1)
Song  The Beatles: The Acoustic White Album Sessions 1968 (Picture Disc)      (Unknown)
Song  The Beatles: The Beatles Disc 1      (Planet Records -- P010)
Song  John Lennon: The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 3 & 4 (CD1)      (Walrus Records -- Walrus 010)
Song  John Lennon: The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 5 & 6 (CD1)      (Walrus Records -- Walrus 014)
Song  The Beatles: The Esher Demos      (The Godfatherecords -- G.R. 261)
Song  John Lennon: The Lost Lennon Tapes (Vinyl) Vol. 5      (Bag Records -- BAG 5077)
Song  John Lennon: The Lost Lennon Tapes (Vinyl) Vol. 9      (Bag Records -- BAG 5081)
Song  John Lennon: The Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 02      (Living Legend -- LLRCD 046)
Song  John Lennon: The Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 03      (Living Legend -- LLRCD 047)
Song  John Lennon: The Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 04      (Living Legend -- LLR CD 054)
SongIdentified track The Beatles: Unplugged      (Odeon (Fake) -- TH001)
Song  The Beatles: Unplugged      (Invasion Unlimited -- IU 9541-1)
Song  The Beatles: Unsurpassed Demos      (Yellow Dog Records -- YD 008)
Song  The Beatles: White Album Demos      (The Early Years -- 02-CD-3314)
Song  The Beatles: White Album Outtakes - CD 1      (Unknown)
Song  The Beatles: White Album Sessions (CD 1)      (Chapter One -- CO25151)

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